Biology Degree Jobs: Opportunities Available Today

biology degree jobs

Biology is one of the essential subjects in education, considering that it is the study of all living organisms. Without biology, we wouldn’t be able to know the importance of plants, animals, insects, and all living organisms, as well as their interdependence. Of course, this would spell doom now that medicine production and understanding how to cure diseases heavily depends on biology. If you want to kick start your career as a biological technician, here are a few tips you can have a look at that will help you edge closer to landing high paying jobs.

The Prerequisites for a Biology Degree

Before you opt into biology degree jobs, you have to acquire basic education, which enables you to understand the essential concepts of this subject. This knowledge you get from a certified university or college once you are through with high school education. Even then, you need to have taken biology, chemistry, and math as part of your essential subjects during your high school years. And do you know the importance of taking these subjects? They give you a softer landing once you enroll for a degree in biology. As such, you do not have to spend lots of time trying to master general courses, which edges you closer to jobs with a biology degree even faster.

A grade above a B+ is essential or you to get a slot in your favorite college. Remember that interest plays a big part if you want to succeed once you land jobs with a biology degree.

Available Biology Courses

Generally, biology is a broad subject. So, mastering it in its entirety is difficult now that the learner may be required to take in information from various subsections. And thanks to these many courses, people with different interests have the chance of pursuing their dreams without necessarily following a script. So, if you are speculating, ‘what degree should I get,’ here is a list with some biology courses to get you started.

  • Zoology – The study of animals
  • Neurobiology – Also known as neuroscience, neurology is the aspect of biology that specialized in understanding the nervous system and the cells that are used to form this system
  • Microbiology – This is the study of tiny organisms that are part of the environment such as viruses, bacteria, protozoa, and fungi
  • Marine Biology – This sub-sect of biology deals with the study of the sea, the animals, and vegetation that lives in it
  • Genetics – Everything regarding genes and heredity falls under this biology subsection
  • Forensic science – Biology majors integrate their study to forensic work to link people, items, or venues to a crime
  • Environmental Biology – Students learn how the environment influences people, organisms, and species
  • Ecology – In case you want to know how organisms relate with one another and with their environment, enroll for an ecology degree
  • Cell and Molecular Biology – This course helps you to understand how life operates at both the cellular and molecular levels
  • Biophysics – You learn how to apply physics concepts into biology
  • Anatomy – This is the study of organisms and their various parts

While we have listed several biology major options, you can access more variations as long as they are offered in your school. Also, whether you get selected to join a university or college to study biology depends on how well you performed in your final year high school exams.

Universities That Offer Biology Major Degrees

You can further your education in a traditional university setting where you go to an actual lecture hall and interact with other students in pursuit for your degree in biology jobs. Of course, this means you need to apply for a position at the university. In case you do not make it to your university of choice, you will receive letters from the best colleges for biology that are willing to take you up.

Also, new learning platforms that allow individuals to take up biology degrees over the internet have come up. And while they have equally rigorous routines, online universities are more convenient since you can learn from anywhere. You need to be focused and committed to learning since this learning option has a lot of freedom. Doctoral dissertation help may save your time and effort here.

Jobs That You Can Get With a Biology Degree

Once you complete your degree in biology, it is time to go into the job market and find yourself biology degree jobs. Some of these professions, like environmental biology jobs, are easily available now that everything depends on the environment to survive. Entry level jobs for biology degrees are what you will have to put up with in your first few years of work. However, after years of amassing experience, the jobs you can get with a biology degree increase significantly. Some of these best-paying jobs include:

  1. Research assistant
  2. Genetics doctor
  3. Biological technician
  4. Lecturer
  5. Health specialist
  6. Health service manager
  7. Health services assistant
  8. Quality control manager
  9. Agricultural technician
  10. Microbiologist

These are some of the jobs to get with a biology degree. In case you want more options, search the internet for them.

How Much Money Can I Earn With a Degree in Biology

How much you make depends on your education and experience. An entry level job cannot earn you as much as when you have seven years of experience or more. Some of these jobs pay much better than others considering that they have more work details. For instance, a microbiology salary is at least $69, 960 per year, at the entry level. And this amount is what bachelor’s degree holders receive. If you increase your knowledge, the amount goes up. With the internet, finding work becomes easier now that you only have to search for biology degree jobs near me and a list of available options pop up instantly.

Our Take

Lucrative jobs for biology degree require a person with a bachelor’s degree at least. However, this is not to meant that others with diplomas can’t find a slot in this cutthroat field. Even so, they have to expand their education to a degree for them to get jobs with a biology degree. Search the internet and advertisement platforms to find your preferred biology degree jobs. Follow us and learn why college makes you depressed.

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