How to Write Your Best PhD Dissertation: Basic Steps and Useful Tips

phd dissertation

So, you want to get you PhD. Congratulations on this bold undertaking! As you probably already know, the PhD dissertation is the final project that you need to do to take your doctoral degree. And you are also probably aware that writing a dissertation for PhD is not a simple task. In fact, this paper is the most difficult writing assignment most students will even have to complete in their life. Because you want your doctoral degree and want to win your PhD by dissertation, we are happy to help you with a basic step-by-step guide on how to complete this arduous project. Also, we will show you how to mount a good PhD dissertation defense and provide you with some of the best tips and tricks. Because you will most probably need some help, we also discuss the options you have at your disposal if you require PhD dissertation writing assistance.

Writing a Dissertation for PhD: Picking the Topic

What is PhD dissertation? For the purpose of this blog post, we assume you already know. Of course, we assume that you already know that you should begin your PhD dissertation by writing a winning dissertation proposal. However, before you even write the proposal, college students need to find a good topic. And this is not something you should take lightly. Finding the perfect topic is far more difficult than you think. You must find a topic that you know as much as possible about and that presents a real interest to the scientific community. Also, make sure the topic of your dissertation is not something trivial and that it is narrow and focused. Be original and you will impress the evaluation committee. Picking the right topic is a very important part of composing a PhD dissertation or thesis. You can find ideas by reading other dissertations, by searching for topics online, and even by asking your professor or other experts in your field for some help.

How to Write PhD Dissertation: Basic Steps

Now that you have a good topic for your PhD dissertation or thesis, it’s time to start writing. It all starts with research, of course. Here are the basic steps to writing a PhD dissertation:

  1. Write an exceptional thesis statement that will pique the interest of anyone reading your paper.
  2. Conduct the research and gather all the facts. Organize everything in a logical manner.
  3. Construct an outline that also contains all the objectives of your PhD dissertation.
  4. Write the body of the dissertation first, including the Methodology, Research and Findings sections.
  5. Write a strong introduction that contains the literature review section.
  6. Write a conclusion that summarizes everything and presents a strong call to action.
  7. Write the bibliography section, making sure everything is properly referenced and cited.

Of course, an important part of writing a dissertation for PhD is proofreading and editing all the content. You can do it yourself or get some help from professional proofreaders and editors. Remember that the average PhD thesis length is 100 to 200 pages. Don’t make it too long or too short, otherwise you risk getting penalized.

Defending a PhD Dissertation Correctly

Now that you know how to write PhD dissertation, it’s time to learn how to defend it. You will need to sustain an oral presentation and an oral examination during the defense phase. The evaluation committee will ask you various questions about your dissertation and about the facts presented within. You need to be able to respond and show the committee that you understand the subject matter, that your research matters, and that you actually know what you are talking about. Don’t worry; nobody is out to get you during the PhD dissertation defense. However the defense is a very important milestone if you want to get your PhD by dissertation.

Tips and Tricks for Writing a PhD Dissertation Quickly

We know how difficult it can be to write a dissertation for PhD. It takes months, even years in some cases. Here are some tips that will help you pull it off:

  • Start as early as possible to have enough time for research, writing and editing.
  • Don’t be afraid to take some time off. Regardless of the PhD thesis length, you deserve a couple days of rest at times.
  • Write an exceptional dissertation proposal and then use it as an outline for your actual dissertation.
  • Do NOT attempt to copy anything from publicly available sources.
  • Always seek feedback from your supervisor after writing each major section.
  • Realize that defending a PhD dissertation means you need to know exactly what is written in the paper.
  • Get all the help you can get!

Getting Assistance With Your PhD Dissertation

Writing a PhD dissertation is a long and difficult project. As such, you will probably need some help. There are academic writing companies online that can provide this much-needed assistance. They can help you with an outline, with some interesting information or valuable sources, or with editing and proofreading. In any case, experienced academic writers are able to help you write your PhD dissertation sooner and better. So don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it.

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