Creating Compelling Process Analysis Essay With No Effort

process analysis essay

A good process essay or any other essay for that matter, won’t be easy to write if you don’t understand the purpose for creating it.

The understanding of how to write an essay includes understanding the essay writing process – writing something of value and in a specific order. Process analysis essay examples will present you with an expository essay – describing a process or action. You will tell the reader what tools they need, and then you write instructions on what to do with them.

When a student understands the purpose of writing an essay, it will be easy to get down to the outline and to start writing.

Writing an essay and knowing how to write a good introduction paragraph is impossible without examples. When students see a sample, they see what elements the essay should include.

So What Is A Process Essay?

An article writer is usually familiar with the process essay as it is essentially a ‘how-to’ essay – informing the reader how to do something. A process essay definition informs readers how something should be done. This kind of essay takes a beginner or inexperienced person through the entire process of getting something done.

With a process essay, you’re writing about how something is done in an easy step-by-step manner, ensuring the steps are in chronological order.

That is an expository essay which exposes something in a clear way so that others know what to do following the step-by-step guide.

With a how-to essay, you will need to sequence every stage of how to do something in a logical, clear way so that the person, following the steps, can be sure of the success.

Keep Things Simple

When writing a process essay, consider your audience and their reading skills levels. You need to make use of simple language so that your readers can understand you easily.

Assume that your readers have no knowledge of the topic. Process essay examples could, for instance, be ‘how to groom your dog at home.’

Before you start writing and explaining how to go about such a money-saving chore, you’ll explain to your audience what tools they will need to groom their pet –

  • Brush or comb
  • Clippers – either manual or electric
  • Dog-friendly shampoo
  • Large bowl or basin
  • Warm water
  • Dry towel
  • Nail clippers

Next, write down every step you can think of that the reader will need to know about grooming their pet at home. You’ll also need to include warnings about difficulties and dangers the reader may face.

Once you’ve got your rough steps, start numbering the steps, and sort them into the right sequence.

Remember that you can include pictures or videos so as to back-up or support the steps you’ve suggested.

If you’ve used technical terms or included unfamiliar tools, explain to your readers what they are and where they can find such tools or equipment. That’s not right to write about stuff that you yourself aren’t familiar with.

Make An Outline

As soon as you have done research for your essay, write down notes as to what you want to be included in the text. If you know how to groom a dog and rely on memory to write your essay, you could easily miss out on one or two important steps. By creating a short outline of your essay, you can make sure that all information is included.

How To Write A Process Essay?

There are usually three parts of an essay, and it is the same for the how-to essay. So, if you want it to be effective and make sense, simply follow the traditional essay structure, after determining who your target audience is.


Tell the readers about the aim of your essay. You need to know how to write a good introduction paragraph because many readers can judge the rest of the content of your essay by the introduction. All involved details can be explained later, not here. The introduction is always far shorter than the body of the essay. You’re just informing the reader why they will benefit from the knowledge in the essay.


Include a few paragraphs. You don’t want this part to be so lengthy that the reader feels compelled to leave information out. Your essay’s body should have all the details for the procedure to be followed with ease and completed with satisfaction.


That is the shortest part of the essay, that will reveal the result of the process. It’s also where you’ll summarize the main idea of the guide. You’ll give a restatement of your thesis that reinforces the importance of the procedure.

Topics For Process Essay

Process essay ideas could be anything, for instance:

  • How to cook an exotic meal
  • How to insert contact lenses
  • How to plant a tree
  • How to arrange flowers
  • How to make a campfire
  • How to make paper toys
  • How to load a gun
  • How to make a wooden bed
  • How to write an essay
  • How to win the Lotto
  • How to sew on a button
  • How to whiten your teeth
  • How to ride a horse
  • How to fly without fear
  • How to shine up a mirror
  • How to defrost your fridge
  • How to clean your gutters
  • How to seal cracks in a wall
  • How to make wax candles

If you were to type in the words ‘funny process essay topics, you’d get topics such as ‘how to stand on your head,’ ‘how to be a clown at a party’, and many more weird, wacky ideas. Learning how to write an essay is a good skill you’ll use throughout life. You’ll not just hand in the perfect essay for the purpose of scoring points for an exam; you will also be equipped with important writing skills.

The most recommended parts of how to do an essay are the introduction, the body, as well as the conclusion. A good introduction is short, riveting and with a thesis statement and maybe even a question to be answered. The body usually has about three paragraphs and is made up of a specific key point or idea. The conclusion summarizes all the key points of the essay.

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