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Dissertation Introduction

The primary objective of this study is to investigate the universal/archetypal features that the Chinese culture exhibit within several enormous online games with the aim of explaining shared human values that are voiced in an exclusive Chinese expression of typical human values to a western. This research inspects the influence of typical cultural attributes on game aesthetics that is vital for establishments that are keen with exploring business in the global market. Because globalization may be a type of major trend in the contemporary society during cultural formations, cultural barriers may exist to block the distribution of games in the global market to a certain extend in the course of game development. There was a heated debate concerning a female character in various cultural styles on the internet (Liudunyinsu, 2008). The said female character known as Faith who was a heroine in the Mirror’s Edge that was authored by Sweden’s D.I.C.E studio (2009). Her emergence led to a lot of controversy about the type of female character that could achieve the expectations from all the sides of cultural backgrounds. When Mirror’s edge was introduced to Japan, the local players were not contented with the design of this particular character. This made some of the Japanese players to adapt this female character according to their individual prospects. We could view clear distinctive features of varying preferences on the beauty of women from figures one and two. After adapting the character, all the sides of the players expressed their independent opinions. No side was satisfied with the design of the other side. These discussions expressed the existent cultural barriers regarding female beauty. Exploring the concern of how cultural features that influence game aesthetics could elucidate the future course of both whole game industry and single game corporation. Therefore, there is need to have a high level of culture understanding that is necessary for meeting the expectations of the players. As an outcome, these cultural hinderances affect game aesthetics in particular ways.

The study’s platform is set in China that is a long history nation and has several mythologies that could be a reflection of traditional culture and the cultural development process in one way or another. These cultural studies could provide us with a solid basis for understanding the root of the Chinese culture and human values. The most recent form studies of bring together culture and game art open the door that allow exploring of new opportunities that bring fresh knowledge in this field. At the same moment, the investigation of Chinese culture could provide a small impression to westerners for getting to understand the exclusive cultural form that possesses a philosophy of life that is quite different, lifestyle, attitudes, values, and ideologies from westerners. In the meantime, it is clear that these myths affect aesthetics and game design significantly. Several myths are greatly applied in art and game design. For instance, the myths characters became the primary adopted features in some of the game designs such as the Dragons, Druid, and many more I both the eastern and western cultures. Why does such a situation exist? Are there similar features that exist between games and mythology so that these two elements could be combined concordantly? In the survey, the games and journey trip to the West were copied from it as a fruitful case to examine for establishing the answers that are acceptable. In addition, the fast development speed of the online game industry provides the study an added advantage to disclose this examination.

According to the globalization trend, applying various cultural contexts in the game aesthetics after the study could open bigger game marketplace. In addition, the game industry attracts much and more attention from the modern society that comprises of the market place and the academic field. Individuals desire to gain benefits from the cutting edge and fresh game industry like education and industry.

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The main research question is ‘how universal/archetypal characteristics are being reflected in internet games based on the culture of China? Afterwards, two more questions, what types of archetypal could be transformed into universal for more spectators in internet games? And is the typical characteristic of the culture of China.

In order to respond to these questions, there will be an involvement of multidiscipline study. These are art, culture studies, marketing, and the newest one being computer game study. Depends on research questions and aims, the objectives are listed below;

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