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The Literature Review

Cyberbullying is an occurrence that has turned into a new social phenomenon in the contemporary society. In most cases, it leaves learners in a position where they are not able to run away from the bullies. This leaves them with a helpless and lonely feeling. Cassidy, Jackson and Faucher (2014) undertook a survey on 1925 learners in four universities in Canada that established that 24.1% of students had suffered from bullying in the last 12 months. This shocking revelation reveals that approximately one out of four individuals have been victims of bullying. This is an interesting statistic even though the figures are very different when you compare with studies that were done among younger learners. According to Wegge, Vandebosch, and Eggermont (2014), 1485 students aged between 13 to 14 years had considerably less learners reported to be victims of cyberbullying. These findings are similar to what Van Ceemput and Vanderbosh (2009) established among 2052 learners falling in the age brackets of 12 to 18. The survey concluded that 11.1% of these students were victims of cyberbullying. This research comes to a conclusion that the acts of cyberbullying appear to be more dominant among learners as they advance in age. According to Wegge et al, 30.8% of learners were traditional bullying victims. This raises the concern of why is it less widespread among the young students. There is a possibility that they have less access to cyberbullying tools than their counterparts at the university level. The other possibility is that they have not advanced technologically like the older ones. This continues to bring up questions about the cyberbullying issues as well as the reasons that motivate the offenders to harm their colleagues and what classifies them.

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