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Why You Must Nail Your Dissertation Conclusion to Succeed

Are you stuck on how to write the ending of your dissertation? That’s something many students have a hard time with these days. The main reason is because most people are so preoccupied with the main body and introduction that little attention is given to the ending. There’s also the desire of wanting to be finished with the project as well as the underestimating of what a good ending needs. We’re here to remind you that your dissertation conclusion warrants as much attention to detail as any other part (including the prospectus). So why is this part of your paper so important? Let’s find out!

So why is the dissertation conclusion important anyway?

Every conclusion of dissertation wraps up everything that you’ve been arguing thus far. It helps any reader (especially your college professor) feel like the paper has been finished without any open threads or arguments left astray. It puts their minds at ease while they find themselves either agreeing or disagreeing with your findings (but never at doubt as to what they are.) At the same time it helps you check off everything that you’ve wanted to say. It allows you to confirm for yourself (and double-check) that you’ve said everything you’ve wanted to say. Any solid dissertation conclusion example will have arguments that have been properly mentioned again and explained. Put bluntly: only a solid conclusion will get you the grade and results you seek. So now that you understand why it needs to be well done...let’s go into how to write one.

Writing a dissertation conclusion is simple once you know how

So what would make for a solid dissertation conclusion sample? It would need to include a summary of all your points as well as a reminder of your references and evidence. On top of that you need to give a quick outline for future colleagues who wish to either conduct research similar to yours or take the next step from it. Again, as a PhD student your job is also to make your peers and mentors feel like this paper is a contribution to the academic community. This is crucial because it is one of the criteria that your program is expecting of you. So yes there is a lot that needs to be included...but remember that your conclusion shouldn’t be very long. It should be just that: a conclusion. You’d want it to be approximately 4 to 5 pages. Make sure it rounds up your dissertation. It mustn’t either be a repeat of your paper (there’s a fine difference) nor must it present new arguments regardless of how small they are. You can find many conclusion examples on the web but if you’re still having a hard time with this part of your paper...why not get help from a professional writer?

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