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Get These Dissertation Prospectus Basics Right

Are you in the middle of writing a dissertation prospectus? Then we caught you at the right time because this is arguably the most important part of your project. In fact if you can pull of a rock solid dissertation prospectus then the rest of your work is arguably easier. This is because of the structure and purpose of this part of your project. You see, the prospectus is responsible for making sure that your upcoming paper

Unfortunately too many students dismiss this part as being the “warm up” for the rest of the project. This is counterproductive. Let’s look at how you can avoid these three major pitfalls so that you too know how to write a proper prospectus.

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Right dissertation prospectus format

Although it’s easy to get caught up in covering too many topics, don’t. Yes you might think that although you’ve just picked one topic in one industry, chances are that your paper risks coming across as too vague. The reason is that students end up trying to convince the audience with too much, too soon. Leave your arguments for your main paper. Stick to a simple dissertation prospectus format and leave it at that. Have only one main argument and back it up with your most convincing sources and that’s all. Remember that a typical dissertation prospectus template is 3000 to 4000 words long. Anything more is best kept for the introduction or elsewhere.

Dissertation prospectus guide done by experts

The second biggest mistake with writing a prospectus is that there aren’t enough listed sources or references. Make sure you understand that yes, you want to keep your bibliography list short. At the same time you want to make sure that you have enough sources (more than a regular college paper would ask.) Understand that your argument needs to come across as one that stems naturally from other experts in your field. If you points are too abstract without much to go on then the person grading your paper will automatically dismiss your arguments (after having wasted time looking for the sources.) This is definitely something you want to avoid (and yes there are many examples of these types of prospecti available.)

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The third biggest pitfall that people make is that they aren’t sure how to write for their audience. Either that or they aren’t sure who their audience is. They think that it’s for peers when in fact it’s mainly for professors who will be grading and assessing your knowledge on the topic (other PhD holders.) When it’s time to help PhD students to graduate they need to make sure that you have the language and sophistication that they have (or the potential to do so.) This starts with the prospectus. That’s why at we can provide you with professional writers who can set the tone for your paper exactly as it needs to be. To prove it to you we can craft a dissertation prospectus sample that will dazzle you and impress your professors.

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Get more than just help with your work. Pick that mentor from our team who will guide you through the process and ensure your success. The best part of having to buy a paper from us is that we have a vested interest in you making it. After all, if you’re happy then we’re happy too! If this is the kind of relationship you want then check out our samples. You’ll most assuredly find a dissertation prospectus example that will impress you...and make you want to get more!

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