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Online Thesis Proofreading Services

Your thesis is the linchpin of your career. Not only is it the determining factor on whether or not you earn your degree, but it will also be referenced by future employers and funding agencies throughout your career as part of the discernment process in hiring or funding you. We at understand the importance of having your dissertation proofread because many of our editors and proofreaders have gone through the process themselves. It is not just a business to us; it is a professional service that we know is crucial to your career. Finding a good thesis proofreading service, however, requires more than locating one that offers great rates and a fast turnaround, you want all of that and so much more.

What is Thesis Proofreading?

We tend to think of proofreading as the process of looking through a finished dissertation and finding all the basic grammatical mistakes. But dissertation proofreading involves more than that. It is a process one should engage at early stages of drafting a project, as before you even start worrying about grammar, there are considerations about logic and content flow to be made. We at emphasize that even on our rush projects, keeping in touch with you throughout the whole process is essential; we do that to make sure that the logic and flow are straightforward. If our editors question a section of logic in your dissertation, you can be assured that it would have been questioned by the committee, too. Proofreading allows you to correct inconsistencies before your thesis is reviewed. After that , thesis proofreaders begin to look for grammatical issues and make sure that your entire paper is consistent with the style guidelines required. The number one reason a dissertation is rejected is that it lacks compliance with style.

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What is Involved?

In a perfect world, you would contract with us for dissertation proofreading early into your first revision edit. Things rarely go as planned , especially when it comes to completing your dissertation. This is why has 24/7 service hours. Our native English speaking writers and proofreaders are available to start work for you at a moment’s notice. While editing and proofreading may take you a long time to perform, it is our business and we are accustomed to working at speed to deliver results.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

Don’t just believe us when we say that we are reliable; listen to what customers are saying about our work as a thesis proofreading service. Our clients have consistently given us high ratings for our service, professionalism and dedication. The errors our professional editors have detected in dissertations have sometimes been so subtle, they would have gone completely unnoticed until it was too late. Don’t get in the position of finding out where you left the logic out when you are standing to defend your thesis; contact us today and get us working on your dissertation to make sure it’s concise, consistent and correct.

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