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150+ Food Research Paper Topics Ideas for Students

When writing a research paper on food, there are many angles to explore to choose great research topics about food. You can write argumentative essay topics on food processing methods or search for social media research topics. Moreover, the food industry is advancing, and food styles are changing – another inspiration for an outstanding research topic about food. In other words, if you are looking for your ideal topic for food research, there are many places to look.

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100+ Medical Research Paper Topics for Students

The medical field is vast and rich, so choosing a medical topic for a research paper is easy. However, the abundance of medical topics to research can also make choosing the “best” one a daunting task. Medical research topics are about drugs and their interactions and those expounding on the root causes of diseases. There are a variety of topics in medicine to discuss, spanning the different angles of the field, including medical social issues research topics.

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55 Macroeconomics Research Paper Topics

Macroeconomics is a field of economics that deals with performance, structure, behavior, and decision-making in the aggregate economy. It also focuses on inflation, economic growth, national income levels, unemployment, and poverty rates. In simpler terms, macroeconomics concentrates on the economic factors and challenges affecting an entire region or nation instead of a household or an individual.

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100+ Best Research Titles About COVID-19 Examples

The covid-19 pandemic has been the most devastating thing to happen in humanity in the past decade or two. It caused global panic and changed people’s lives in multiple aspects. Therefore, it is the perfect research topic for high school, postgraduate, and undergraduate students.

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The Most Interesting ABM Research Topics For Students

ABM is an acronym for Accounting, Business, and Management. This strand is one of the academic tracks in the K-12 program, which aims to teach vital concepts and skills related to business and finance. This strand provides future leaders and entrepreneurs with an opportunity to learn essential career skills.

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100+ Best Google Scholar Research Topics

Google Scholar provides a simple and unique way to search for scholarly literature. In a nutshell, it is a search engine for educational applications, especially dissertation and thesis research. Unfortunately, writing a dissertation, thesis, or research paper that is researchable on google scholar can be challenging, especially when finding a good topic.

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100+ Quantitative Research Topics For Students

Quantitative research is a research strategy focusing on quantified data collection and analysis processes. This research strategy emphasizes testing theories on various subjects. It also includes collecting and analyzing non-numerical data.

Quantitative research is a common approach in the natural and social sciences, like marketing, business, sociology, chemistry, biology, economics, and psychology. So, if you are fond of statistics and figures, a quantitative research title would be an excellent option for your research proposal or project.

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80+ Great Research Titles Examples in Various Academic Fields

Coming up with a research title for an academic paper is one of the most challenging parts of the writing process. Even though there is an unlimited quantity of research titles to write about, knowing which one is best for you can be hard. We have done the research for you and compiled eighty examples of research titles to write on. Additionally, we have divided the research titles examples into sections to make them easier to choose.

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Qualitative Research Topics & Ideas For Students

Do you have difficulty finding a qualitative research title for your project? If you are, you need not worry because you are not alone. However, there are many unique qualitative titles you can explore for your research. You just need a few qualitative research title examples to get you started.

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100+ Social Issues Research Paper Topics

There are many issues in society to write about, making social issue essay topics some of the most fun. However, choosing a social topic for an essay isn’t as easy as it sounds, especially when there are several social essay topics. The secret to choosing the best among the many social topics is knowing what makes the best social topics for an essay, the best.

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80+ Science Research Paper Topics Ideas For Students

Essay writing is an integral part of education at any level, middle school, high school, or college. Some of the most common essays are on science research topics, and they are also quite interesting. However, choosing research paper topics isn’t as straightforward as you’d like. You’ll need to carry out a survey on and draw inspiration from several scientific research topics before finally choosing one.

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100+ Good Informative Speech Topics for College Students

Public speaking is a phase many students will go through before completing their academic careers. However, students find it challenging to stand before their class and speak. This action prompts students to browse educational websites, searching for informative speech topics that will help them out.

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55 Brilliant Research Topics For STEM Students

Primarily, STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. It’s a study program that weaves all four disciplines for cross-disciplinary knowledge to solve scientific problems. STEM touches across a broad array of subjects as STEM students are required to gain mastery of four disciplines.

As a project-based discipline, STEM has different stages of learning. The program operates like other disciplines, and as such, STEM students embrace knowledge depending on their level. Since it’s a discipline centered around innovation, students undertake projects regularly.

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110+ Exceptional Education Research Topics Ideas

Topics for education research usually comprise school research topics, research problems in education, qualitative research topics in education, and concept paper topics about education to mention a few.

If you’re looking for research titles about education,  you’re reading the right post! This article contains 110 of the best education research topics that will come in handy when you need to choose one for your research.

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100+ Excellent Ideas For Research Paper Topics

Research writing is one of the basic components of learning. You’ll be required to present written research at every stage in your academic pursuit. The research is a partial fulfillment of your course of study.

Research writing is written from middle grade to doctorate level. The only difference is the nature and structure of the research. But, before writing research, the first step is finding a research topic. Many students note that choosing the right topic is the most challenging part.

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How Long Does It Take To Write a Dissertation?

If push comes to shove, can you learn how to finish a dissertation; writing a Ph.D. dissertation is exacting? The whole process calls for determination, dedication, and perseverance, especially when family and work obligations are on the side. A clear perception of “how long does it take to write a Ph.D. dissertation” helps you manage the time you have efficiently.

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How to Cite a Thesis or Dissertation In APA

If you’re writing a dissertation or APA thesis, here’s a guide on how to cite a thesis or dissertation in APA. APA reference dissertation carries major points and will bring down your overall grade if done wrong. Moreover, plagiarism is a serious offense in academia, and APA citing a dissertation wrong is synonymous with plagiarism.

This article talks about citing a thesis APA, including how to cite a thesis paper and other related topics. So, keep reading if you want to know how to APA cite a dissertation.

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100 Great Computer Science Research Topics Ideas for 2022

Being a computer student in 2022 is not easy. Besides studying a constantly evolving subject, you have to come up with great computer science research topics at some point in your academic life. If you’re reading this article, you’re among many other students that have also come to this realization.

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80 Brilliant Art Research Paper Topics & Ideas

Art is a course of study that requires both interest and passion. While a lot of things might interest you in art, artists mostly focus on specific aspects. Therefore, when choosing art research topics for your next paper writing, it would be best to choose a topic you are interested in. This piece contains 80 random topics in art you can consider.

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