80 Brilliant Art Research Paper Topics & Ideas

Art research paper topics

Art is a course of study that requires both interest and passion. While a lot of things might interest you in art, artists mostly focus on specific aspects. Therefore, when choosing art research topics for your next paper writing, it would be best to choose a topic you are interested in. This piece contains 80 random topics in art you can consider.

Art History Research Paper Topics

Art is an age-long institution that has a lot of historical background. There are topics in the art that can serve as your art history paper topics. The following are the 10 best art history research paper topics to consider;

  1. Comparing artistic freedom and censorship in Nazi Germany.
  2. History of Art: From the canvas age to photography.
  3. Research of medieval England Gothic art.
  4. Abstract Expressionism history in Art.
  5. History of Expressionism in Western Europe.
  6. Historical research on neoclassical art.
  7. Historical review of art propaganda in America and France.
  8. Historical overview of sequential art of comics.
  9. Historical and intellectual overview of art and culture.
  10. The history of constructivism and the birth of the Avant-Garde.

Art Thesis Ideas on Ancient Civilization

Civilizations in ancient times were essentially artistic civilizations. You can write appealing research papers on art and ancient civilization. The following are good ancient civilization art topics for research papers;

  1. The ancient Egyptian arts and symbolism.
  2. Classical Greek art and ancient Greek sculptures.
  3. Comparing art civilization in classical Greece and ancient Rome.
  4. Mayan civilization and its impact on ancient art and culture.
  5. Primeval musical instruments in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.
  6. What are the connections between Mayan pyramids and Egyptian pyramids?
  7. The influence of Incas in modern art.
  8. Aztec art and the influence of religion and culture on it.
  9. Writing as a form of art civilization.
  10. The roles of Chinese philosophy and religion in Chinese ancient art.

Art Topics To Write About Artist Biographies

Writing an art research paper on the biographies of different artists is a good consideration for an artist research project. There are countless artist biographies and art history essay topics to write on. Here are the 10 best art research paper topics on artists’ biographies;

  1. Biography of William Blake: His art and poetry work.
  2. The efforts of Francisco De Goya in using art to change the world.
  3. The impacts and contributions of Madame Tussaud in the arts.
  4. Biographies of William Turner featuring his Career and Life.
  5. The impacts of Eugène Delacroix in the introduction of modern art.
  6. Vincent Van Gogh and the misunderstanding that surrounds his career.
  7. Gustav Klimt was the master of symbolism.
  8. Biography of Pablo Picasso, the father of cubism.
  9. Claude Monet: His impact on art and the vision of colors and light.
  10. Louise Bourgeois’s revolutionary moves on installation art and abstract sculpture.

Art Argumentative Essay Topics Ideas

Art is such an intriguing concept that may result in a lot of questioning. You can write an argumentative essay or research paper on art to give answers to some of the questions. The following are art research paper topics for good argumentative artist research paper;

  1. The Baroque movement’s color and sensuality are extreme in art.
  2. The art of manliness in the baroque period.
  3. Does impressionism change the basic ideas of art?
  4. Evaluating the definition of nature through the eyes of Manet and Monet.
  5. Argumentative Essay on romanticism in literature, music, and art.
  6. Romanticism era in art and the concept of imagination, sublime, and emotion.
  7. The best style of post-impressionism in art.
  8. Arguing on the artist with the most contribution to the post-impressionism movement.
  9. Pablo Picasso’s art is influenced by ancient African art.
  10. Does surrealism have more good than bad in art and literature?

Interesting Art Topics on Modern Art

Modern Art is a style of art prominent in the digital age. Rather than write on conventional art, there are modern art topics to write about. The following are good art research paper examples to write on modern art;

  1. The unique styles of modern art distinguish it from conventional art.
  2. The elements of light and time in cubism and impressionism.
  3. Digital art and its impact on modern art.
  4. Is Graffiti art or vandalism?
  5. The mystery of Banksy in urban street arts.
  6. Evaluating Gustav Klimt’s electrifying art ‘The Kiss’.
  7. Does modern European art have any influence on American artists?
  8. Japanese art and its influence on Vincent Van Gogh’s arts.
  9. The 21st-century printmaking and its impact on the digital world.
  10. What are the contemporary themes driving the art and feminism movement?

Best Architectural and Fine Art Topics for Research

Architectural designs can be traced to modern art. There are art topics that should be considered by students who study architecture. The following are art topics for students in the architecture course of study;

  1. Modern architectural designs and the influence of Roman arts.
  2. Key elements of the iconic styles of Gothic architecture.
  3. Rococo architecture has characteristics of late Baroque architecture.
  4. African architecture and its sustainability system.
  5. Constructivism in modern art and architecture.
  6. Comparison of the two modern arts; Art Deco and Art Nouveau.
  7. The mystery behind the construction of ancient Egyptian pyramids.
  8. Western architecture and the influence of eastern arts.
  9. The union of architecture and art in contemporary design.
  10. Western art and the influence of Islamic architecture.

Compelling Renaissance Essay Topics About Art

Renaissance topics for art are a good consideration for an art research paper. This aspect of art evaluates the immorality of artistic designs. Here are the top 10 topics to consider;

  1. Renaissance art: What are the roles of humanism and naturalism?
  2. The influence of Leonard Da Vinci on Renaissance art.
  3. Raphael’s paintings and the transcendent influence.
  4. What is religious symbolism in renaissance art?
  5. Michelangelo’s David is an icon of Italian renaissance art.
  6. Michelangelo’s immortal masterpiece and the Sistine Chapel.
  7. How the Harlem Renaissance drove social changes through art.
  8. The unity of music and art in renaissance art.
  9. Renaissance art and culture and the influence of science on them.
  10. The mythology and the realism of Botticelli’s art, ‘The Birth Of Venus’.

Theater Art Topics for Research Paper

Theater art is a special aspect of art. There are art history thesis ideas that prove theater art is contemporary art and not modern. Meanwhile, you can equally consider writing on the following theater art essay topics;

  1. The Greek theater and its history.
  2. Does ancient Greek theater have any influence on modern theater?
  3. Theater and its cultural evolution.
  4. Evaluating the contributions of William Shakespeare in drama and theater Art.
  5. The difference between modern theater and Elizabethan.
  6. What role does music play in the theater?
  7. What are expression and improvisation in the theater?
  8. The history of Broadway.
  9. Theatre of the absurd and Samuel Beckett.
  10. Theater’s effectiveness in causing social and cultural changes.

Final words about art topics

Art is a broad course of study with different aspects. Writing an art research paper requires that you consider your area of interest before choosing your art research paper topic. Above are the top 80 Art research paper topics and ideas to write about.

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