Excellent AP Research Topics to Consider for Your Paper

AP Research Topics

If you are in high school or college and doing an AP course, be ready to do AP research, as this is part of the learning system and the exam. The type of research that you do will impact the overall outcome that you get. However, most students struggle to choose a topic they will use.

We understand that finding interesting AP seminar topic ideas takes time and effort. That is why we have compiled 120 topic ideas for you. With this range of topics, you can be confident you will find one AP seminar essay example that suits you.  Here is a list of excellent AP research topics for your paper.

Simple AP Research Paper Topics

Are you searching for simple AP research topic ideas that you can use for your essay? If so, here are some social issues research topics, and other ideas to consider.

  1. What is the importance of having diversity within a team?
  2. A look at the best way to deal with procrastination
  3. Is there an effective food waste solution?
  4. A look at the various ways that art improves education
  5. Should new companies use Facebook to market their products?
  6. A review on the best way to take care of autistic children
  7. Ways that college students can save money
  8. In what ways does religion affect technology?
  9. A negative effect of using Smartphones
  10. The traits of an excellent teacher explained
  11. Was the cold war necessary?
  12. What is the thrill that athletes get from extreme sports?
  13. A review of the causes of noise pollution
  14. Evaluation of how animals communicate
  15. Why are animals becoming extinct?
  16. Does intensive farming cause pollution?
  17. What is the importance of gun control?
  18. How did social media impact people to get vaccinated?

AP Research Ideas for Social Media

Most students prefer writing AP social media research papers in this social media age. Are you in need of excellent social media research topics that will help you get better grades? Some great ideas for sample AP research papers are:

  1. Is social media affecting copyright issues?
  2. In what ways do social media affect teenagers?
  3. A Review on how social anxiety impacts People
  4. Social media algorithms and Ethics
  5. What is the influence of social media on students?
  6. In what ways do people react to social media information?
  7. In what ways can we guide teenagers to interpret social media?
  8. Does social media benefit artists?
  9. A look at social media addiction
  10. How does social media affect the social capital of students
  11. Are teenagers safe using social media without supervision?
  12. Does social media policy work?
  13. Why are companies relying on social media to go global?
  14. Is it right to block social media sites at work?
  15. Do social media campaigns capture the attention of the audience?
  16. How can social media affect how people think?
  17. What are the warning signs that social media has taken over your life?

Interesting AP Seminar Topics for Students

Another idea you can use when writing your AP seminar research topics is argumentative essay topics. Such AP seminar topics offer you an opportunity to think critically and can be stimulating and engaging. Read on to learn about a research sample you can use.

  1. Define and describe the concept of perfect completion
  2. The best ways to be immune to stress
  3. Analysis of how red blood cells convey oxygen
  4. The history of vaccines
  5. What is the impact of the printing press on the world?
  6. Analysis of how birds behave
  7. How does sleep deprivation affect academic achievement?
  8. The Economics of real estate
  9. An Analysis of property rights
  10. Production vs. Demand
  11. In what ways does anxiety impact individuals?
  12. Is the use of alternative medicine to treat stress and anxiety effective
  13. The effect of fierce music on children
  14. A study on the behavior of birds
  15. A Review of the animal world and male pregnancy
  16. What was the first capital city of the United States, and why was it changed?
  17. How does growing domestic and manufacturing benefit countries
  18. How do race and ethnicity affect the movement of people?

Good AP Seminar Topics

When you are choosing an AP seminar topic, creativity is paramount. Choosing a creative topic will make your AP research papers essay stand out, leading to better grades. Here are samples of thesis statements about social media and more AP research example topics you can use.

  1. What is the importance of the war against drugs?
  2. Understanding inflation in the banking system
  3. The History of Halloween Celebrations
  4. What is the concept of perfect competition?
  5. What are the things that can help stop climate change by 2050?
  6. Nudity and its Effects on politicians
  7. Illuminating the issue of child trafficking in India
  8. The effect of 911 on the US
  9. A discussion on why Americans will always fight wars.
  10. America and gender inequality
  11. In what ways does the US control the un?
  12. A look at Bullying and its impact
  13. Compare and contrast carbohydrates and lipids in mammals
  14. What is the effect of excessive reliance on smart devices?
  15. A discussion on the photocatalysis effect
  16. A review of the relationship between diet and mental health outcomes
  17. Review the link between job satisfaction and employee retention

Great AP Seminar Research Questions

There are numerous research topics for STEM students you will find online. However, before choosing an AP research question, ensure it is exciting and engaging. The best research question for an AP seminar will allow you to express your opinion and will be great to research and write. Here are AP research question examples.

  1. In what ways can social anxiety affect people?
  2. What are the pros and cons of using renewable energy?
  3. A look at the great depression on American Society?
  4. A critical analysis of how the human body works
  5. How did the HIV epidemic make human society vulnerable?
  6. Is it correct to allow DNA tests to the public?
  7. An analysis of how red blood cells convey oxygen
  8. Ways people react to infractions of social standards
  9. Is childhood obesity linked to parental neglect?
  10. Is taking breakfast helpful in academic efficiency?
  11. A look at the role of social media in advertising violence in society
  12. What are the effects of pesticides?
  13. A Review of electric vehicles and their benefits
  14. Analysis of quantum entanglement
  15. Why is the ozone layer important?
  16. How does change in climate impact food security and nutrition
  17. How does trauma impact the brain development of children and adolescents

Get the Best AP Capstone Research Topics

You can choose to write great economics research paper topics for your essay. Here is a list of AP research examples topics you can use.

  1. What causes sleep disorders?
  2. A discussion on the photocatalysis effect
  3. What role does forex exchange in the banking system play?
  4. How to give kids with learning impairment a good education
  5. Is America genuinely democratic?
  6. In what ways did urbanization affect the role women played in the 1960s?
  7. What issues do conformal projection maps have?
  8. What led to the prohibition era in the USA?
  9. A look at the most significant scientific breakthrough in 2022
  10. What is the economy of uncertainty?
  11. Should advertising to children be banned?
  12. A Review of the unified theory
  13. Immigration in Mexico: Discuss
  14. What is the impact of globalization on cultural identity
  15. How has artificial intelligence impacted the finance market?
  16. Is there a relationship between screen time and attention spans?
  17. A look at the Role of social isolation on mental health outcomes

Leading AP Research Paper Topics

Students doing AP should find leading topics as this will help them get the best grades. As you check the leading issues we have compiled for you, you can also use this opportunity to review the anatomy research paper topics ideas.

  1. Can cultural value impact perception?
  2. How does supporting the quality of life of people with Parkinson’s disease affect them?
  3. How can social support help reduce the use of substances in adolescents?
  4. Can music therapy help reduce dementia?
  5. What is the relationship between the use of social media and social anxiety in young adults?
  6. A look at the context of all terrorist attacks in the world
  7. Is there a proper punishment for a rapist and a serial killer?
  8. Will religion survive in the future?
  9. A review on steroids and its impact on sports
  10. A look at Hitler’s Rise to Power
  11. In what ways are black holes created?
  12. What is the history and impact of the HIV/AIDs epidemic?
  13. An outlook of how an all-female working environment can play out
  14. What affects currency value?
  15. What are the best ways to use technology in the classroom?
  16. What is Karma?
  17. What are the best measures to protect children online?


The first step of writing good research is choosing the right topic. But remember that you also have to take the time to do your research and write a paper with the correct AP research title page and content.

Suppose you are not in a position to write a quality paper that will give you good grades, contact our skilled writers today, who will assist you.  As you review our AP research paper examples, here are more biochemistry topics you can check.

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