120+ Neuroscience Research Topics: Explore the Fascinating World

Neuroscience Research Topics

The study of neuroscience explores the intricate functions of the human brain and the nervous system. However, one of the main requirements students need to pass this field is to do numerous neuroscience research topics. To achieve this, you need an excellent research topic.

Our company understands that creating a great topic in cognitive neuroscience takes work. That is why we have compiled a list of 120+ cognition research topics you can choose from. A good research topic will help you develop critical thinking and research skills that will help you perform better academically.

The Best Neuroscience Research Topics for Exam

Do you have an exam coming up? Remember that the neuroscience topic you choose will impact the direction of your research, impacting the results you get. Here is a list of argumentative essay topics you can use in your exam.

  1. Why are some people geniuses?
  2. Brain dead and its technical aspects
  3. Ways that the media affects the human brain
  4. A look at effective training methods to use on people with brain injury
  5. Aging: Does it cause memory loss?
  6. What makes a person insane
  7. The difference between mental illness and depression
  8. How does breathing impact human memory?
  9. What is the link between gut bacteria and anxiety?
  10. Is it true that exercise can help reduce the pressure of depression?
  11. What is the link between free will, the human brain, and our emotions?
  12. Should drivers with brain injuries be charged for road accidents?

Simple Neuroscience Topics for Beginners

Even beginner students have to do research which requires them to come up with simple but engaging topics. Here are great simple topics that introduce the fundamental principles and concepts.

  • Ways that social deprivation can hurt brain development.
  • How does excess eating of sugars alter your brain?
  • At what age is the brain wholly developed?
  • How does the brain develop sensory information?
  • A look at the brain sleep-wake cycle
  • In what ways does music affect the brain?
  • What is the science between memory and forgetting?
  • A look at how the brain processes taste and smell
  • What are the brain’s visual processing abilities?
  • How does the brain process pain?
  • How does trauma affect the brain?
  • Do video games affect the brain?

Very Interesting Neuroscience Topics

Are you searching for exciting research topics to use in your essay? Consider using social media research topics, including how online interaction can impact brain function and behavior. Find interesting neurology research topics below.

  • What are the effects of social media on the brain reward system
  • How does social media impact empathy?
  • Can social media affect mental health and well-being?
  • A review of the effects of social media and loneliness
  • A look at the effects of social media use and body image dissatisfaction
  • How does a social medium promote and inhibit creativity?
  • A look at social media and social cognition
  • How does social media impact social relationships?
  • A look at how social media impacts stress and stress response systems
  • How can social media impact socialization and social norms
  • Ways that social media impacts brain plasticity
  • Ways that social media impacts attention and focus

Outstanding Neuroscience Research Topics for High School Students

If you do your research right, it is possible to get excellent and cool neuroscience topics for high school students. Check out the following great ideas you can use.

  • How does virtual reality affect the brain?
  • A look at the neural basis of creativity
  • Does stress affect neurodegenerative disease
  • Review of how exercise impacts brain plasticity
  • The various ways to improve memory
  • A review of how the memory works
  • What effects does mindful meditation have on the brain?
  • The various ways that childhood trauma can affect brain development
  • What are the basic human personality types
  • Reasons to consider electrostimulation of the brain
  • Does fish oil help brain development
  • What happens when someone hallucinates?

Great Neuroscience Research Topics for STEM Students

Getting an excellent neuroscience research topic for STEM students requires interesting study topics. Ensure that you focus on how the human brain works and its complexity. Discussed are great ideas to use.

  • What is the definition of cognitive neuroscience?
  • Everything you need to know about dementia
  • What role do epigenetics play in brain development
  • In what ways can neurotransmitters impact mood and behavior?
  • Review of brain development from birth to age 2
  • What is the science behind pain
  • A look at stem cells
  • Mapping of the human brain
  • What is the role of neural networks in complex cognitive processes?
  • Does nutrition impact brain health?
  • ways that environmental toxins impact the brain and potential intervention
  • Study of the brains of people with high IQ

Cool Neuroscience Topics About Social Media

Have you started your thesis statement about social media and how it impacts brain function? If not, here are exciting neuroscience topics to choose from.

  • How does social media impact brain function or mental health?
  • Is it true that spending much time on social media affects your brain?
  • Research on how social media affects the developing brain
  • Ways on how emotion affects the way people interact and connect with social media sites
  • A look at ways social media encourages lousy behavior
  • How are social media use and depression connected?
  • Ways that social media can limit creativity
  • A look at social media and the perception of social support
  • Social media and the formation of social norms
  • How does social media impact attention span
  • Social media and the perception of time
  • How social media impacts social comparison

Leading Neuroscience Anatomy Research Paper Topics

The study of neuroscience anatomy is vital as it educates the connection between the brain and nervous system. Discover leading neuroscience anatomy research paper topics you can use from this list.

  • Discuss the anatomy of the human brain
  • Anatomy of the autonomic nervous system
  • The anatomy and physiology of Parkinson’s disease.
  • The structure and function of neurons in the brain
  • The role of the basal ganglia in motor control
  • The anatomy of the prefrontal cortex and executive function
  • The auditory pathway and its neuroanatomy
  • The neuroanatomy of memory formation and storage
  • The anatomy and physiology of language processing
  • The anatomy and physiology of pain perception
  • The auditory pathway and its neuroanatomy
  • The neuroanatomy of schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders

The Best Neurobiology Research Topics

Are you searching for the best neurobiology topics to use? Consider these social issues research topics for your essay.

  • How does social comparison affect self-esteem
  • What role does the autonomic nervous system play in emotion regulation
  • Does culture impact brain development?
  • Ways chronic stress affects the brain
  • The neurobiology of addiction
  • Genetic and environmental factors that impact social anxiety
  • The neural basis of prejudice and discrimination
  • A study of the neurobiology of aggression
  • Social issues that lead to alcohol and addiction
  • A look at brain implants that can control the computer
  • Ways that people use to differentiate good from bad
  • How does addiction damage relationships

Hot Neuropsychology Research Paper Topics

Did you know that both neuropsychology and economics research paper topics investigate the underlying mechanisms of human behavior and decision-making? Here are great neuropsychology research topics.

  • What is the study of neuropsychology?
  • A look at the neuropsychology of language
  • The benefits of studying neuropsychology
  • How does traumatic brain injury impact emotional regulation
  • neural basis of learning and memory
  • Best way to deal with issues of mental health
  • The relationship between exercising and cognitive function
  • How does meditation help with mental health
  • Ways that mindfulness can impact brain function
  • Can hormones cause mental illness
  • Sensory processing disorders and mental health
  • Personality traits in brain function and mental health

Biochemistry Topics in Neuropsychology

Neuropsychological memory research topics explore how biochemical processes influence memory function. Here are great biochemistry topics on neuropsychology.

  • Ways to treat a neuropsychiatric disorder
  • How do neurotransmitters cause neuropsychiatric disorder
  • What is the biochemical basis of depression
  • Biochemical mechanism of anxiety and potential treatment
  • How does nutrition affect brain biochemistry
  • The basic human personality types
  • The link between biochemistry and emotion
  • Effective ways of dealing with developmental disorders
  • How does lucid dreaming help people quit unhealthy habits
  • The biochemical basis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
  • The role of lipids in brain biochemistry
  • The role of oxidative stress in neurodegenerative diseases


The above 120 highlighted topics offer ample opportunities for students to explore and expand their knowledge of the brain and its functions. Since neuroscience is a captivating and fast-evolving field of study, seek assistance from the best. You need to write a fascinating topic and paper, and that’s where our writers come in – to write exceptional papers for you to score high grades.

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