Best 120 Position Paper Topics for Compelling Arguments

Top 120 Position Paper Topics for Compelling Arguments

Looking forward to writing a position paper topic for your course? To write an excellent paper, you must take a stance on a particular issue and offer convincing arguments to support your position.

For most students, the challenge they face is developing compelling topics for position paper essays. We have simplified things for you by creating a list of 120-position paper topics that cover various issues. With these position paper topics, students can form a well-supported opinion.

Examples of a Good Topic for a Position Paper

When choosing a topic for your position paper, getting one that interests you is vital. With an interesting topic, you can do thorough research and consider various perspectives. Here are excellent position paper title examples you can use.

  • Why should COVID vaccine distribution be given with equal access?
  • Reasons reality shows need regulation policies
  • Is virtual schooling as good as person-class?
  • Does adding days in the school year improve learning?
  • Ways to reduce abortion without legislation policy
  • Effective ways to protect the rights of artists and writers on the internet
  • A look at video gaming: the good and the bad
  • Is it right to push young children to compete in athletics?
  • The importance of getting more minorities to join the police force
  • Should there be a policy where college athletes are paid
  • Ways that mobile phones control our relationships
  • Effective ways to deal with terrorism
  • What is culture?
  • Is global warming a real issue?
  • The impact of hunting on the environment

More Good Position Paper Topics

Did you know a good position paper topic will guide you in writing a compelling essay? Get great thesis statements about social media and fascinating position research paper ideas below.

  • What are the pros and cons of the death penalty?
  • Should parents control the time that their kids spend on social media?
  • Lecturers vs. classes with open discussion
  • Which is better: textbooks or online study material?
  • Should the government regulate the internet?
  • What impact did COVID-19 have on the global economy?
  • A look at the ethical consideration of genetic engineering
  • Do prisoners deserve prison rights?
  • Is there a link between exposing children to violent video games and behavioral issues?
  • Are chief officers paid too much?
  • A review of government surveillance
  • Child vaccination, the health benefits, and dangers
  • What are the ethical considerations of autonomous weapons?
  • Should the government regulate online speech
  • What is the impact of technology on education

Exciting Argumentative Essay Topics for Position Paper

Having suitable argumentative essay topics for position papers can help you get good grades. Here is a look at splendid position paper topics you can use.

  • Reasons the government should lower the age of voting to 16
  • Why college should be free for all students
  • Should the government regulate the amount of sugar in food and drinks
  • Should complications arising from self-treatment be covered under insurance?
  • Should fast food chains be held responsible for obesity
  • Should the legal drinking age be raised to 25
  • A review of why public transportation should be free
  • Should endangered species be given the same rights as humans?
  • Why should the manufacturer be held responsible for cleaning up waste and pollution they cause
  • A look at why immigration is a valuable source of diversity and talent
  • Why homeschooling should be encouraged
  • Should animal testing be banned?
  • The importance of labeling genetics-modified foods
  • Why should gun control laws be stricter?
  • Ways social media is destroying family ties and personal values.

Clever Research Topics for STEM Students

STEM students need clever position paper titles to pass their exams. You must thoroughly research to get the best research topics for STEM students. We have complained about significant social issues research topics you can use.

  • A look at the impact of gender inequality in the workplace
  • Gun control and mass shootings
  • How does mental health stigma affect access to care
  • Police brutality and accountability
  • Why are homelessness and housing insecurity high
  • What regulation should be put in place on domestic violence and abuse
  • A look at how animal rights and welfare are neglected
  • Elder abuse and neglect
  • Why is there a rise in youth unemployment
  • The effect of child abuse
  • Income tax policy and reform
  • LGBTQ rights and discrimination
  • How to improve voting integrity
  • Ways climate change affects environmental degradation
  • A thin line between internet censorship and freedom of speech

Research Topic for Position Paper on Social Media Issues

You can never go wrong with social media research topics for your position paper. More so, check the following good topic for a position paper.

  • The pro and cons of living in a technical world
  • The relationship between technology and education
  • Is the use of social media memes ethical?
  • Why should there be a regulation on how people use social media
  • Why is social media changing the family relationships
  • In what ways does social media destroy family values and ethics
  • Should social media be replaced with face-to-face communication? Why?
  • Consequences of social media companies not upholding privacy policies
  • How do social media cause depression?
  • Should politicians use social media in their campaigns
  • What regulations should be put in place for social media for business marketing and advertising
  • How does social media addiction affect the society
  • The role of social media spreading fake news
  • Does social media impact self-esteem
  • How does social media affect the spread of viral trends and challenges

Quality Economics Research Topics on Position Paper

Make your essay stand out by using our economics research paper topics. In addition, here are examples of position paper example topics you can use.

  • How does globalization impact society?
  • How did the COVID-19 pandemic affect the economy
  • Should people care more about global poverty?
  • Is it true that the benefits of attending college outweigh the costs?
  • The impact of automation and artificial intelligence on the workforce
  • Should there be restrictions on private property? Why or why not?
  • The role of government in regulating the economy
  • The economics of international aid and development
  • Are banks necessary?
  • How do economic strategies like a “trade war” affect global stability?
  • Why do states provide economic help to ailing sectors?
  • How do trade agreements impact the economy?
  • What is the economics of taxation and tax reform
  • Government control on economic research firms

More Excellent Position Paper Topics for Students

Ready to come up with good topics for position papers? Consider choosing biochemistry topics. Here are great biochemistry position paper topics to choose from.

  • What is the role of proteins in cellular signaling
  • How biochemical conditions and brain activity are linked to crime
  • A review of the scope and application of biochemistry
  • The importance of DNA repair
  • A study of hepatitis B prevalence
  • What role do lipids play in cellular signaling
  • Research of the microbial disease evolution
  • What are the useful reaction of carbohydrates
  • A look at cancer and disorders in DNA
  • What is the oxidative stress in disease
  • A look at how carbohydrates impact metabolism
  • What are the structure and functions of a virus
  • What is DNA structure?
  • Protein quantification in organisms review
  • What does RNA do in gene expression?

Interesting and Best Topic for Position Paper

You can never go wrong with biological, psychological, and anatomy research paper topics. Here are ideas to use on your position paper topics in the Philippines.

  • The importance of anatomy in medical education
  • What are the structure and functions of the brain
  • A look at the anatomy of the heart
  • Is there racism in US criminal justice
  • A look at how diversity in the workplace helps to retain employees
  • Why is there strength in large numbers
  • Psychology and personality are related to each other
  • Why parents need to study child psychology
  • What is the psychology behind racism, sexism, homophobia, and prejudice?
  • What are the impacts of bullying?
  • Effect of women’s dress code and their safety
  • A review of the anatomy and psychology of the ear
  • Why should behavioral psychology be understood and studied by HR personnel
  • Is food addiction a cause for concern?
  • How holistic practices like yoga and meditation can improve the mindset of prison inmates


Writing a position paper essay does not have to be a struggle; you only need a relevant topic and a good writer to craft the paper. Choose a topic from the list of 120 plus examples of position paper essay topics discussed above.

Besides offering great topic ideas, we also help students with their position paper writing. You will get quality essays on time when you work with us.

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