100 Interesting Chemistry Research Paper Topics

chemistry topics

Chemistry is that branch of science that studies the composition, structure, and properties of matter. With chemistry, we can explain some phenomena and describe our world. Because chemistry is a vast field, it may be quite challenging to select an interesting chemistry topic to write on, give a presentation, or read about in preparation for certain exams. The same applies when choosing excellent chemistry projects topics or chemistry topics for research. To help you save time, we have provided you with this list of interesting chemistry topics.

Interesting Chemistry Topics

Chemistry is an interestingly creative course that comes to play in our daily activities. Here are some chemistry topics that you may find very interesting.

  1. Process of alcohol metabolism in the human body
  2. Effect of nuclear radiation on the environment
  3. The interaction that takes place between the chemical components in a named drug
  4. Advantage of soya bean plastics over petroleum products plastics
  5. Metabolic study of calorie content in food.
  6. How to use a bomb calorimeter to determine calorie content in food

Chemistry Research Topics

Research is a vital aspect of chemistry that deals with the quest for knowledge to know how certain things work. We provide you with some chemistry research paper topics that will guide you into writing an excellent research paper. Here are some chemistry research topics for undergraduates and chemistry paper topics that will come in handy.

  1. Why chemical reactions may not always work as planned
  2. Relationship between chemistry and human health
  3. A study of the toxicity of highly abundant chemicals
  4. The essence of the development of chemical adhesives
  5. Possible chemical effect of genetically modified crops in the body

High School Chemistry Topics

The proper foundation for an excellent understanding of chemistry is formed in high school. Hence, the reason why high school chemistry courses could be so intensive. The list below consists of topics in chemistry high school that double as excellent research topics for high school students.

  1. Acids, bases, and salt in oxidation interaction
  2. What electrochemistry is all about
  3. Application of gas laws
  4. Ways to enhance safety in the lab
  5. How to balance chemical equations
  6. Impact of chemical reaction
  7. Elements and their compound
  8. How to carry out a chemical experiment
  9. The design of the elements in the periodic table
  10. Concept of hydrogen bonds

Chemistry IA Topics

Here are some chemistry IA topics to help you prepare adequately for your exams.

  1. How to calculate absolute zero using gas volume
  2. How to calculate the concentration of drugs within a tablet
  3. Conditions necessary for lipase denaturation
  4. How to know the speed of different chemical reactions using a spectrometer
  5. How to determine the activation energy of a reaction

AP Chemistry Topics

With an in-depth study of these AP chemistry topics, you can pass your AP exams with flying colors.

  1. Discovery of atomic structure
  2. Properties of a molecular and ionic compound
  3. How to differentiate between chemical and physical processes
  4. Effect of chemical reaction
  5. Energy changes in chemical reactions
  6. Concept of thermodynamics
  7. Properties of acid, base, and salt

Topics in Medicinal Chemistry

Medicinal chemistry focuses on the design and chemical synthesis of small organic molecules and is applied to the synthesis of new pharmaceuticals. You can also check out our nursing topics. Here are some current topics in medicinal chemistry.

  1. The pathological chemistry of diseases
  2. Concept of chemogenomics
  3. Pharmacological investigation in vivo and in-vitro
  4. The study of natural compounds
  5. The different drug design approaches
  6. Drug distribution and absorption in the human body
  7. The discovery of drugs
  8. Significant trends in medicinal chemistry

General Chemistry Topics

General chemistry involves the introduction of different concepts in chemistry. These concepts include stoichiometry, thermodynamics, nuclear chemistry, etc. Here is a list of general chemistry topics.

  1. Basics and behavior of atoms
  2. Physical and chemical properties of matter
  3. Chemical equations and formula
  4. Reactions in chemistry
  5. Energies associated with chemical reaction
  6. Concept of nuclear chemistry

Chemistry Topics for Project

Here are some chemistry project topics that are so much fun!

  1. Characterization of the physical and chemical properties of activated carbon in water
  2. Isolation and identification of chemical compound in a chosen food
  3. Evaluation of heavy metals present in food samples
  4. Isolation and synthesizing of nanoparticles using chemicals
  5. Characterization of chemical constituents in a named drug

Topics in Current Chemistry

Chemistry allows one to understand current events happening in the world. Here are some current topics in chemistry.

  1. The effects of elements on the earth
  2. The behavior of chemical neuroscience
  3. Reasons enzyme response speed is higher than the diffusion rate
  4. The chemistry behind biologically active materials
  5. Importance of bio-macromolecules

Cool Chemistry Topics

Here are some cool chemistry topics that will get your readers interested in what you have to tell them.

  1. The chemistry of nanoreceptors
  2. The chemistry behind allergies
  3. The significance of petroleum products
  4. The importance of the isomerism framework
  5. Effect of chemical equilibrium.
  6. Origin of aminoacid and sugar homochirality

Physical Chemistry Topics

Physical chemistry specializes in the study of the physical structure and reaction behavior of chemical compounds and the bonds that hold their atoms together. Here is a list of physical chemistry topics you will find interesting.

  1. Relationship between heat and chemical reactions
  2. Concept of Photochemistry
  3. Quantum Chemistry
  4. Spectroscopy

Inorganic Chemistry Topics

This aspect involves the behavior and characteristics of inorganic substances. Here are some inorganic chemistry topics just for you!

  1. Crystal field theory and coordination chemistry
  2. Structure, magnetic and electronic properties of metals and alloys
  3. Reduction-oxidation reactions

Controversial Chemistry Topics

There are some controversial issues in the field of chemistry. The list below gives some examples of areas where there are numerous controversies in chemistry.

  1. Gene analysis and synthetic biology
  2. Fritz haber personality
  3. Chemist’s view of cyclobutadiene
  4. Are synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides beneficial or harmful?
  5. Should plants replace pharmaceuticals?
  6. Should synthetic food be encouraged?

Environmental Chemistry Topics

This part of chemistry deals with synthetic chemicals and their effect on the environment. Some environmental chemistry topics include:

  1. The impact of chemicals in the environment
  2. Evaluation of hydrocarbon and heavy metals in a water body
  3. Environmental disasters as a result of chemical spills

Organic Chemistry Topics

Organic chemistry is the chemistry of carbon compounds, and this list will give you a peek into some cool organic chemistry research topics.

  1. Types of chemical bonding
  2. Nomenclature of organic compound
  3. Synthesis of organic compound
  4. Chemical reactions of organic compound
  5. Carbohydrates and their derivatives
  6. Characterization of nucleic acid formation
  7. Chemical properties of hydrocarbon

Chemistry Topics For Presentation

Here are some interesting chemistry topics for the presentation that people are always eager to know about. Leverage on this to give them a presentation they will never forget with these awesome chemistry presentation topics!

  1. Elements in our world
  2. Hydrogen as an alternative fuel source
  3. The use of petroleum products
  4. The use of chemical technology to solve human problems
  5. The nature and effect of acid precipitation
  6. The essence of water purification
  7. Chemistry in medicine
  8. Use of organic and inorganic substances in the military
  9. Spacecraft chemistry

Chemistry Regents Topics

  1. The electrical structure of atoms
  2. Solid, liquid, and gas
  3. Concept of equilibrium
  4. Behavior of forces

Chemical Engineering Topics

Chemical Engineering is harnessing chemical principles in conjunction with principles from other sciences to efficiently produce, design, use, and transform energy and materials. Here are some awesome chemical engineering topics.

  1. Characterization of the chemical compound in a branded motor oil
  2. The mechanism involved in the construction of a washing machine
  3. Production of vaporized perfumes using local raw materials
  4. Comparison between the chemical composition of a detergent and a bar soap
  5. The use of various oils to prepare hand sanitizers

Selecting a worthwhile topic in chemistry should no longer be a problem with these 100 awesome pure chemistry topics and chemistry-related topics that are guaranteed to give you an excellent research paper, presentation, or project. Ready to have an A+? Let’s do it together with our thesis writers!

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