List of 122 Eating Disorder Research Topics

Eating Disorder Research Topics

Are you looking for some eating disorder research topics that you can use as your own? Of course, you are! Otherwise, why would you be reading this blog post? Well, the good news is that we have just what you are looking for right here on this page.

No, you don’t have to download anything. You don’t have to pay anything either. All our 122 eating disorder research topics are free to use as you see fit. We have just finished updating the list, so you can find unique topics that are entirely original. Nobody in your class has probably found them, so you’re safe.

Best Eating Disorder Research Topics on the Internet

Every student should focus on studying or learning for his terms or exams. However, hunting for eating disorder research topics can take hours – if not days. You probably don’t have so much free time on your hands. This is why, if you need to write an eating disorders research paper, you should first visit our blog. You will find that our topics are the best on the Internet. Also, here is what you get if you visit our page periodically:

  • Our list of topics is updated relatively frequently, so you will probably be able to get an original topic right here in just a couple of minutes.
  • All our topics are relatively easy to write about. You can find plenty of information online about 99% of these topics.
  • You will never have to pay anything to get topics. They are all free. You are also free to reword them to suit your needs.
  • You can get a list of new topics from our expert writers if you can’t find what you are looking for on this page.

So, let’s take a look at our list of the latest and most interesting eating disorder research topics.

Anorexia Research Paper Ideas

Talking about anorexia may not be the easiest thing in the world, but we have some anorexia research paper ideas that are not that complicated right here:

  1. What causes anorexia in children?
  2. The 3 most effective anorexia nervosa treatments
  3. How do affected people perceive their anorexia?
  4. Physical effects of anorexia nervosa
  5. Psychological effects of anorexia
  6. The ethics behind the nasogastric tube treatment
  7. The link between anorexia and infertility
  8. The link between osteoporosis
  9. The link between anorexia and heart damage
  10. Cultural factors that influence the occurrence of anorexia
  11. Does anorexia cause depression?
  12. Anorexia nervosa in evolutionary psychiatry

Eating Disorders Research Paper Topics

Have you been asked by your professor to write a research paper on an eating disorder or related subject? Check out these unique eating disorders research paper topics:

  1. Best screening tools for eating disorders
  2. Compare and contrast 2 eating disorders
  3. Discuss eating disorders to social media
  4. A short history of eating disorders
  5. How can one achieve body positivity?
  6. Most interesting myths about eating disorders
  7. Differences between bulimia and anorexia
  8. What causes the relapse of eating disorders?
  9. The epidemic of anorexia in the United States
  10. Mass media’s effect on body image in the UK
  11. Gender role in eating disorders

Children Eating Disorders

We can guarantee that if you write about children eating disorders, you will capture the attention of your professor from the first two sentences. Give these topics a try:

  1. Self-injury in children with anorexia
  2. Occurrence of bulimia nervosa in adolescents
  3. Treating autistic children with anorexia
  4. What causes eating disorders among children in the US?
  5. Correcting children’s eating disorders in the United Kingdom
  6. Preventing relapses in young children
  7. The developmental psychology behind eating disorders
  8. Mental development problems in children with anorexia
  9. Successful parenting to prevent the occurrence of anorexia
  10. Television and its effects on self-esteem
  11. The link between fat-shaming and anorexia

Top Questions About Eating Disorders

Wondering what are the top questions about eating disorders today? Our experts have compiled them in an original list of questions below:

  1. What factors influence complete recovery for eating disorders?
  2. Can we develop personalized treatments for each patient?
  3. Should the symptoms be treated first?
  4. What chances does a person with co-morbidities have to survive an episode of anorexia?
  5. Which type of treatment offers the best chances of complete recovery?
  6. What can parents do to help children with anorexia?
  7. What are the risk factors that lead to bulimia nervosa?
  8. What causes self-harm in patients with anorexia?
  9. Why are eating disorders on the rise in developed countries?

Binge Eating Disorder Topics

Yes, binge eating is a very serious eating disorder. So why now write an essay about it? Check out these interesting binge eating disorder topics and pick the one you like:

  1. The social problems associated with binge eating
  2. The psychological problems caused by binge eating
  3. Physical issues caused by the binge eating disorder
  4. Differences between binge eating and bulimia
  5. Differences between binge eating and anorexia nervosa
  6. Prevalence of binge eating in healthy adults in the US
  7. Underreporting problems in the male population
  8. Benefits of counseling
  9. Surgery affects on binge eating
  10. Best lifestyle interventions in cases of binge eating
  11. Effective medication against binge eating disorders

Eating Disorder Topics for College

If you are a college student, you need a more complex topic to win a top grade. Take a look at these great eating disorder topics for college and take your pick:

  1. Household income effects on bulimia incidence
  2. The accuracy of the Eating Disorder Examination
  3. Effects of anorexia on the reproductive system
  4. An in-depth analysis of the refeeding syndrome
  5. Using hypnotherapy to treat bulimia nervosa
  6. The effect of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor on binge eating
  7. Using olanzapine in anorexia nervosa cases
  8. Cognitive-behavioral therapy for binge eating
  9. The mortality rate of anorexia nervosa patients
  10. The effects of fluoxetine on bulimia nervosa patients
  11. The role of antidepressants in treating bulimia

Complex Eating Disorder Research Topics

If you want to impress your professor and awe your classmates, you may need to consider picking a topic from our list of complex eating disorder research topics below:

  1. Discuss physical morbidity caused by eating disorders
  2. The first documented case of anorexia nervosa
  3. An in-depth look at eating disorder psychosocial morbidity
  4. Binge eating in the Roman society
  5. Effective methods for eating recovery
  6. Sports effects on the occurrence of bulimia nervosa
  7. Bulimia nervosa in the 18th century
  8. Analyze the accuracy of the Anorectic Behavior Observation Scale
  9. An in-depth look at evolutionary psychiatry
  10. Topiramate and zonisamide for treating binge eating
  11. Using anti-obesity medications for bulimia and binge eating

Bulimia Nervosa Essay Topics

Of course, you can write an essay about bulimia nervosa or something related to it. Let’s help you with some bulimia nervosa essay topics:

  1. 5 lesser-known facts about bulimia
  2. Famous people who had bulimia
  3. The psychological consequences of bulimia
  4. Physical effects of bulimia nervosa
  5. Gender’s role in the bulimia nervosa disorder
  6. Effective methods to diagnose bulimia
  7. Effective treatments against bulimia nervosa
  8. First symptoms of bulimia
  9. Incidence of bulimia cases among children in the US
  10. Can willpower alone treat bulimia nervosa?

Eating Disorder Research Topics in Nursing

If you are a nursing student (or are attending a nursing class), you may find these eating disorder research topics in nursing highly interesting:

  1. Nursing’s role in eating disorder recovery
  2. Discuss nursing best practices when dealing with anorexia
  3. Nursing techniques for patients with bulimia
  4. Treating the symptoms of anorexia nervosa effectively

Treatments for Eating Disorders

Your professor will surely appreciate you taking the time to research various treatments for eating disorders. You may get some bonus points if you use one of these topics:

  1. The best treatment for bulimia nervosa
  2. A universal treatment for all eating disorders
  3. Medications that are effective against the binge eating disorder
  4. Talk about the use of hypnosis to treat eating disorders
  5. Discuss the cure rate for anorexia nervosa

Anorexia Nervosa Research Paper Topics

Did you run out of ideas for your eating disorder research paper? No problem, just check out the following anorexia nervosa research paper topics and pick the one you like:

  1. First symptoms and manifestations of anorexia nervosa
  2. Is anorexia nervosa contagious?
  3. Genetic transmission of the anorexia nervosa disorder
  4. Risk factors that influence anorexia nervosa in the United States
  5. Effective medication for the anorexia nervosa disorder

Gender Issues and Eating Disorders

Yes, there are many gender issues that you can talk about when it comes to eating disorders. We have an entire list of gender issues and eating disorders ideas right here for you:

  1. The gender with the highest rates of eating disorders
  2. Men and their struggle with anorexia nervosa
  3. Gender issues that make diagnosis difficult
  4. Mortality rates of eating disorders by gender
  5. Stereotypes related to eating disorders

Easy Eating Disorder Research Topics

These easy eating disorder research topics are for students who don’t want to spend days doing the research and writing the essay:

  1. What causes bulimia?
  2. Psychiatric help for eating disorder patients
  3. Effective medications that prevent anorexia episodes
  4. What causes anorexia nervosa?
  5. How can the binge eating disorder be treated effectively?
  6. Psychological problems caused by eating disorders

Controversial Eating Disorder Research Topics

Take a look at some controversial eating disorder research topics and pick one. Probably nobody in your school has even thought about writing a paper on any of these ideas:

  1. Anorexia Nervosa portrayal in the media in the United States
  2. Forced therapy in eating disorders in Eastern Europe
  3. Negative social media effects on the treatment of eating disorders
  4. False positives when diagnosing people with eating disorders
  5. Palliative care for people with anorexia and co-morbidities

Eating Disorder Topics for High School

If you are a high school student, you will be thrilled to learn that we have some very simple topics about eating disorders. Check out our list of eating disorder topics for high school students:

  1. An in-depth analysis of anorexia nervosa
  2. The history of binge eating in the United States
  3. Effective treatment options for bulimia nervosa
  4. The best way to diagnose an eating disorder
  5. The role of the family in treating eating disorders
  6. Dangerous medications used to treat eating disorders

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