128 Interesting Economics Topics to Write About


Let’s face it; there comes a time in a student’s life when he or she needs to write a lengthy essay about a topic in the economy. This is probably why you are searching desperately for economics research topics. While you may be able to find several economics research paper topics online, most of them are simple and don’t come up with anything new. Your professor won’t be impressed by this kind of research paper topic in economics. He wants something unique – something original!

The Importance of Good Economics Research Topics

You may be wondering why economics research topics for students are so important. The truth is that doing economics research on a trivial topic won’t get you a top grade. To get an A+ or even an A, you need to write a unique economics research paper on a topic that nobody in your class thought of. The topics for an economics research paper you choose must show your professor that you did your homework and that you really struggle to write an exceptional academic paper.

The 128 Economics Research Paper Topics We Promised

We asked our writers to come up with a list of new economics research topics list. These economics topics for the research paper are brand new and can be used in 2022. The list will be updated periodically as well. Our research topics for economics are split into 10 main categories, so you have plenty of different topics to choose from.

Economics Research Topics for Undergraduates for 2022

Finding some good economics research topics for undergraduates is not easy. We’ve put together a list of the 7 most interesting topics. Keep in mind that you can use any of our topics for free:

  1. What is fiscal policy?
  2. How is the exchange rate set by banks?
  3. Describe 3 opportunity costs.
  4. Why are certain resources rare?
  5. Conduct a cost-benefit analysis on an action of your choice.
  6. How do we achieve profit maximization?
  7. What are the ethical rules in the economy?
  8. A historical report on economics and its origins.
  9. A detailed analysis of Product Markets.
  10. Can a future economic crisis be predicted and prevented?
  11. Israel’s economic redemption.

Excellent Behavioral Economics Research Topics

Yes, there is such a thing as behavioral economics. To prove it, we’ve compiled a list of 6 behavioral economics research topics that we thing will awe your professors. The topics below are not simple, be warned:

  1. What makes most people happy and why?
  2. Our brains really are irrational, but predictably irrational.
  3. What is the economy of trust?
  4. Analyzing Uber as part of the economy of trust.
  5. Big data is missing some important human insights.
  6. The changes in your brain when you are making a great deal.
  7. A long-term analysis of business processes including rising in revenue and competition effectiveness.
  8. The issues regarding externalities in microeconomics.
  9. Understanding consumer equilibrium.

Quick and Simple Research Topics in Economics

Not all students have ample time to research a topic for days. If you are in a hurry or need to submit the paper in the next 2 days, pick one of these simple research topics in economics:

  1. What is economic forecasting?
  2. Explaining the methodology of microeconomics.
  3. Analyzing the economics of the workforce in the US.
  4. What are the matching markets in the United Kingdom?
  5. Is privatization a good thing or a bad thing?
  6. Explain the structure of a market in the United States.
  7. How do wars affect the economy of both sides of the conflict?
  8. What the Chilean government do to help save its economy.
  9. What is the Laffer Curve?
  10. What are the main models of economic regulation?

Microeconomics Topics

Looking at the individual level, microeconomics explores how trade between individuals takes place. It covers the basics of supply and demand. Some of the most interesting research topics in economics are:

  1. Explaining the market and competition concepts.
  2. What is inflation (sources and consequences)?
  3. Explaining the competition’s influence on price.
  4. What is the balance between demand and supply in microeconomics?
  5. Explain production expenses and profit.
  6. What are the opportunity costs?
  7. What does “perfect competition” mean in microeconomics?
  8. Describe how the stock market works.
  9. What does the future hold for the U.S. stock market?
  10. How do choose stocks that will be profitable?
  11. How does the banking system operate in the U.S?

Microeconomics Term Paper Topics

Macroeconomics may not be the easiest subject to write a term paper on. But picking the right topic is half the battle. Here are some topics on microeconomics that you can use for your next term paper.

  1. What is the concept of supply and demand’s balance?
  2. An evaluation of a business’s production expenses, income, and pricing.
  3. The concept of markets and financial competitors in the economy.
  4. A detailed analysis of inflation and its many aspects.
  5. How exactly does the stock market operate?
  6. The allocation of scarce resources amongst businesses.
  7. “Perfect Competition” what does this term mean in microeconomics?
  8. The role supply and demand play in a country’s economy.
  9. Is there a possibility for private health care businesses to merge with state health care systems?
  10. The most effective methods to promote sales both online and in retail.
  11. An analytical report on the inflation methods contained in the U.S and Europe.
  12. The significance the 2008 – 2009 financial crisis had on small businesses throughout the world.
  13. The significance of banks and the part they play in our economy.
  14. The regulation of foreign country’s economies.
  15. Reasons for the global financial crisis occurring between 2008 – 2009.

Macroeconomics Topics

Macroeconomics is the field of economics that deals with the larger picture. It shows how trade between countries works and how the international economic system functions. Here are the best such economics topics for research enthusiasts:

  1. The implications of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 on the United States economy.
  2. What are the measures that stimulate GDP growth in the UK?
  3. Predicting the future GBP rate in the UK (or the United States).
  4. The 3 steps a government can take to diminish the risk of default.
  5. What did it take for the Singapore economic miracle to appear?
  6. The role of banks in the United States economy.
  7. The 3 best ways to reduce the budget deficit in the United Kingdom.
  8. Biggest factors contributing to the U.S. state budget in 2019.
  9. Lee Kuan Yew and his improvement to Singapore’s economy.
  10. How can we increase GDP growth in the country?
  11. Does the idea of the U.S. GDP rate rising seem promising?
  12. What can the government do to limit potential economic issues from occurring?
  13. The U.S has had its lowest unemployment rate since 1969. Can it continue?
  14. The effect of tax-cutting signed into law by President Donald Trump.
  15. The purpose of the International Monetary Fund and how it helped various countries in Asia and Europe.
  16. “Opportunity Costs” What does it mean and what are the differences between and implicit and explicit costs?
  17. Can market failures be predicted and what causes them to happen?
  18. What is game theory and how can it be implemented in daily life?
  19. What are the different components that make up an economic crisis?
  20. The pros and cons of going to American and European economic schools.
  21. The best possible ways to lower the state budget deficit.
  22. What are the factors for cryptocurrency failing in 2022?
  23. How does the stock market have indirect control of inflation?

Best Health Economics Research Topics

Even though it may not be clear at first, economies are greatly influenced by peoples’ health. As such, papers on health economics research topics are very interesting to read and offer excellent insight into the causes and effects of some economic problems:

  1. Does economics influence world hunger?
  2. Perfect competition in the world of pharmaceuticals.
  3. 3 ways to optimize revenue collection in a public hospital.
  4. How do we justify free health care in the US?
  5. Does banning smoking influence the economy?
  6. The effect of chronic diseases on the workforce.
  7. Health insurance is important, but why?
  8. An unhealthy country is equal to a poor country.
  9. How can we find the ideal balance between finance and nature today?
  10. Inflation in first-world countries and possible solutions to lower the impact.
  11. The negative results come from limited commodity availability. Is there a way to prevent a lack of resources?

Challenging Economics Research Paper Topics

It may not be to your liking, but we have to include some challenging economics research topics for students. Some students love a good challenge, so the following topics will keep them busy for some time:

  1. Analyzing the economic significance of labor organizations in the UK.
  2. An in-depth analysis of the History of Economic Thought.
  3. The deficiencies of the economic systems of the former Soviet Union satellite states.
  4. Explaining the way a neoliberal reform is implemented.
  5. The correlation between food policy, economics, and world hunger issues.
  6. How do we create demand in a highly competitive market?
  7. Analyzing the complex economics of the military industry.
  8. What is Game Theory and how does it affect today’s economic processes?
  9. A detailed report on how to conduct neoliberal reforms.
  10. What is the purpose and significance of American labor organizations?
  11. What does the future hold for economic systems in former Soviet Republics?

Term Paper Economics Topics

When it comes to term papers, you need to pick some research topics in economics that are interesting and that can be researched thoroughly. We find that the following topics have the most potential:

  1. The difference between private and public choice.
  2. Analyzing consumer behavior.
  3. Exploring the concept of demand elasticity.
  4. How is wage determined?
  5. Does a minimum wage have negative effects on the economy?
  6. Do genders influence the economy in the UK?
  7. Analyzing the costs of production (the long run and the short run).
  8. The 3 most heated debates in macroeconomic policies.
  9. Does immigration affect the economy of the United States?
  10. What does the future hold for the U.S. stock market?
  11. How do choose stocks that will be profitable?
  12. How does the banking system operate in the U.S?

Top Environmental Economics Research Topics

The environment affects the economy more than you think. Changes like global warming and ocean pollution are having a serious effect. Here are some excellent environmental economics research topics:

  1. Conduct a benefit to cost analysis on environmental regulation.
  2. The importance of analyzing drinking water contaminants.
  3. The evolution of institutions considering climate change.
  4. Analyzing risk management in natural disaster scenarios.
  5. The effect of greenhouse gases on economic growth.
  6. The effect of global warming on economic growth in the US.
  7. An in-depth analysis of the European Union Emission Trading System.
  8. Can waste management be viewed as a rare resource?

Social Security Economic Topics

We are all affected by social security changes, so what better way to prove to your teacher that you’ve really taken the time to find a good topic than picking such a topic? Some excellent economics research topics are:

  1. What is the real interest rate and how is it calculated?
  2. Personal finance versus corporate finance.
  3. How is social security calculated from an economist’s point of view?
  4. Analyzing the 4 basic financial calculations.
  5. Are pensions affected by an economic decline?
  6. What are the futures? (stock market)
  7. What are the options? (stock market)

Great Economics Research Topics Are Here!

These economics research topics are exactly what you need if you need to find a good topic quickly. Don’t forget that you can modify the topics as you see fit. But more importantly, don’t forget that even the best topics can’t replace economics research writing skills. You need to learn how to write an amazing essay in the proper academic format if you are to take an A or an A+. Otherwise, seek help from a professional economics writer ASAP!

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