How to Cite a Thesis or Dissertation In APA

How to cite a thesis in APA

If you’re writing a dissertation or APA thesis, here’s a guide on how to cite a thesis or dissertation in APA. APA reference dissertation carries major points and will bring down your overall grade if done wrong. Moreover, plagiarism is a serious offense in academia, and APA citing a dissertation wrong is synonymous with plagiarism.

This article talks about citing a thesis APA, including how to cite a thesis paper and other related topics. So, keep reading if you want to know how to APA cite a dissertation.

How to Cite a Thesis – Secondary Sources for APA Citation of Dissertation

A secondary source is a source quoted within another source; APA cites thesis requires citing such sparingly. For example, you cite dissertation APA sparingly when the original work is unavailable, out of print, or only available in a foreign language. As much as possible, find the primary source and cite directly rather than the secondary source to APA cite a dissertation. We will talk more about APA citation for the dissertation later in the article.

How to Cite a Dissertation Source with No Author APA

As far as APA dissertation citation goes, determining authorship requires asking who is responsible for the content. Sometimes the author isn’t one person or persons but an entity, including companies, governments, associations, and agencies; the entity is the author. When you don’t see an author, use the first few words from the title used by your source for APA citing dissertation, unless it specifically says “Anonymous.”

How to Cite a Thesis APA Long, Block Quotations

When citing a thesis, you use block quotes when using the author’s exact words, which are forty or more words. The rules to APA cite a dissertation include:

  • Indenting the blockquote half an inch or five spaces from the left margin;
  • No quotation marks;
  • Double spacing for quotes unless otherwise instructed;
  • No additional spaces or lines before or after the blockquote;
  • The period in block quotes goes before the parenthesis, not after;

How Do You Cite a Dissertation in APA: Paraphrased Information APA How to Cite a Dissertation?

In paraphrases, you’re using your words; this method is usually preferable to direct quotes because you wrote with your style. However, you must be careful not to change the sentence’s meaning, and you still need to acknowledge where you got the idea. The APA cite dissertation should include a parenthetical citation to do that.

Cite Ph.D. Thesis: How to Cite a Dissertation APA Paraphrased Information

When citing paraphrased information in a dissertation citation using APA format, you must include the author and date. You may also include the page number; it’s recommended but not required. The page number format in the APA format dissertation depends on if the information is on a range of pages or just a single page. Knowing how to cite thesis APA and write a thesis bibliography is vital to the paper’s success.

Thesis APA Format: How to Master’s Thesis with Multiple Sources

If you’re citing dissertation APA for multiple sources where the author has multiple publications published in the same year, the in-text citations should be identical. APA style requires you to include as many names as needed before using “et al.” to distinguish the sources. An example of an APA citation thesis is: Smith, A. A., Lieth, B. B., Gilbert, B. B., Schmidt, D. D. (2019)

APA Citation of Dissertation: How to Cite a Ph.D. Thesis

For a Ph.D. dissertation citation APA or thesis citation, provide the full name of the university, not its brand name or abbreviation. Below is a sample of how to cite a Ph.D.:

Author, B. B. (date). Title of doctoral dissertation (unpublished doctoral dissertation). Institution’s name, location.

APA Format Thesis: How to Cite a Master’s Thesis

If the master’s thesis is published and available from an archive, database, or an online platform, cite it in the APA thesis format below:

  • Last name and initials of authors with the last name preceded by “&.” For twenty-one or more authors, write the first nineteen names, an ellipsis (…), and the last author’s name;
  • Write the APA dissertation publication year in brackets and add a full stop;
  • Write the title of the master’s thesis; capitalize only the first letter of the first word and the proper nouns;
  • Write the thesis’s publication or identification number, if available;
  • Provide the name of the higher institution awarding the degree;
  • Provide the name of the platform, archive, or database holding the thesis; omit the URL if you got the thesis on a database.

How to Cite Dissertation: APA 7 Dissertation Citation Basic Format

The 7th edition of the APA referencing dissertation is as follows:

For Unpublished Dissertations: Author, A. A., (year). Dissertation title: Unpublished doctoral dissertation (use sentence case). Name of degree-awarding institution.

For Published Dissertations: Author, A. A. (year). Dissertation title: Doctoral dissertation, degree-awarding institution name (use sentence case).Database or archive name. URL

Dissertation APA Citation Example: APA Citation of a Dissertation

Below is an example of a citation a dissertation APA gets from an institutional database:

Andrea, V. O. (2004). Perceptions of networked nonprofit organizations: creating an instrument for defining and measuring the behavior (doctoral dissertation).

APA Style Thesis: How to Cite a Master’s Thesis Quote In-Text

Direct quotations are verbatim reproductions from another author’s original work. APA thesis format citation requires that you paraphrase when possible; the thesis APA format depends on the quotation length. The APA citation dissertation will include the author, year, and page numbers. APA thesis citation requires formatting direct quotations into short quotations for fewer than forty words and blocks for more.

Conclusion: How to Cite Ph.D. Thesis

With this guide on how to cite a dissertation APA and how to cite a thesis in APA, you can correctly cite your paper. Knowing how to cite a thesis or cite a dissertation is just as important as writing the paper right. You can cite a dissertation APA using the information in this guide.

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