160+ Outstanding Law Dissertation Topics for Students

law thesis topics

If you are a university student studying law, you would know that it is both, exciting and stressful to work on dissertations because law dissertation topics or help with dissertation are not easy to select.

While students can pick a topic that interests them, good thesis topics for law, students would be the ones that offer ample scope for research and study. It is vital to keep in mind that dissertations tend to get lengthy; therefore, your topic should also be a subject you can manage to finish working on within the time you have at hand. Given below are some exciting topics that you can explore for your law school thesis.

Business Law Dissertation Topics

Business law, also known as commercial law, focuses on the legal aspects of the conduct, rights, and relations of individuals or organizations that engage in commerce, trade, and merchandising activities. Therefore, commercial law masters thesis topics have a broad scope as they revolve around important and relatable aspects guiding society and trade. Here are some exciting business law topics to write about. Take a look:

  1. Business laws against corruption within firms — an in-depth evaluation
  2. Commercial Law and its effectiveness in supporting commercial transactions.
  3. Copyright Infringement – Understanding the difference between online and offline law enforcement.
  4. Business partnerships: Threats, legal remedies, and results
  5. Commercial laws guiding energy projects within the country and a comparison with top countries globally.
  6. Online advertising – working within the framework and guidelines of Advertising Law
  7. US commercial laws: A review on what needs to change
  8. Legal framework guiding unfair advertising and marketing practices – a case study analysis
  9. Business wills — application, significance, and role in translations of Business Law
  10. Domestic vs International commercial laws of five countries
  11. Pre-incorporation contracts – a thorough analysis
  12. International commercial law programs: An assessment of their effectiveness as part of the University curriculum
  13. Importance of investigating a business’s application for Copyright and Trademark
  14. Arbitration under commercial law: In-depth analysis and evaluation of policy practice
  15. Evaluating anti-corruption regulations for businesses through a relevant case study
  16. Laws governing Corporate Social Responsibility for businesses and their evaluation
  17. Termination agreements — application, significance, and role in business transactions
  18. The Law of Contracts — Interpretations and Role in Business Transactions
  19. Director’s Guarantee – Its role in Business law and the Structure of Transactions
  20. What is the role of a Business Entity concerning Commercial Law – An analysis
  21. Contract Laws and an evaluation of the application of Verbal or Nonverbal Agreements
  22. The role of Commercial Law in establishing a business framework within the society
  23. The legislature and its role in the interpretation and working of contracts
  24. Commercial Vs RegularLease – Analysing the pros and cons for the businesses
  25. Commercial lease – Significance, difficulties, and importance for business owners

International Law Thesis Topics

International law is an important area of interest when it comes to thesis writing. You can focus on studying the legal aspects of economic trade, businesses during the war, global pandemics, and more. Ethics and human rights play a significant role in international matters. Here are some excellent international law research topics to explore:

  1. Hearings on cases in International Human Rights Court — What precedence says
  2. Challenges faced by parties involved in contracts related to the International Sale of Goods (CISG) when the Vienna Convention is applied.
  3. What do the future hold for internet legislation and digital laws
  4. Are International Tribunals effective in taking action against war crimes?
  5. An in-depth analysis of various conditions under which international intervention in trade or matters of general affairs of a country is permitted by law
  6. International criminal laws — an assessment of the underlying principles and need for change
  7. Human rights law: An international perspective on gaps that need to be addressed
  8. Violation of Laws and Human Rights when the US got involved in matters of Iraq – An analysis
  9. Enforcement of international laws in developing countries – Issues, justification, and remedies
  10. Military cooperation between the UK and the US to address terror — A historical perspective and future analysis
  11. What are the civil liberties in International law and how do they impact public safety
  12. Post-Brexit era — where does consumer protection stand?
  13. Laws ensuring the protection of civilians against unlawful communication during armed conflicts between countries
  14. International laws governing rescue and protection of human rights of refugees at sea
  15. International civil jurisdiction on transborder disputes related to the infringement of intellectual property rights — a comprehensive study

Criminal law thesis topics

The study of Criminal law comprises understanding the laws that govern the prosecution of individuals who have committed crimes as defined by law. When you select law master thesis topics based on criminal law, you can choose law enforcement topics related to drug dealing, manslaughter, kidnapping, and more. Some examples are shared below:

  1. Female and male rape legislations: An in-depth evaluation of critical differences
  2. Using lie detectors _ an assessment of their efficacy in criminal justice
  3. Are manslaughter laws possible to misuse — what are the remedies to protect such victims?
  4. A detailed analysis of crime-related factors best not presented in the court of law and why?
  5. Witness protection – laws, guidelines, and measures against retaliation
  6. Death Penalty – History, justification, and analysis
  7. Criminal theory – A thematic review to explore the connection between morality and crime
  8. Challenges in identification of the nature of crime and its distribution — an in-depth analysis based on a case study
  9. Is anatomy justified in lawsuits related to sexual offenses — evaluating the rights of the victim and the defendant
  10. Legal rights — striking a balance between the rights of the victim and the defendant during the lawsuit
  11. What are the implications of the war against terror — Enforcement of criminal law and its implications
  12. A case study analysis of the war against terror
  13. A case study analysis of racial prejudice in prison
  14. Religious laws and crimes in developing nations
  15. Police interrogations – Principles, legal framework, and human rights

Child in conflict with the law thesis topics

These topics are related to the study of issues and laws concerning children who conflict with the law due to committing juvenile crimes.

  1. Legal protection and rights of children in cases of a child in conflict with the law
  2. Children in conflict with the law in metro cities and the legal framework guiding the handling of such cases
  3. Improving the legal protection available for children in conflict with the law
  4. An in-depth study of the measures available to reintegrate children in conflict with the law into the society
  5. Laws to facilitate the rehabilitation of children in conflict with the law
  6. Exploitation and abuse of children in conflict with the law and remedies to prevent it
  7. Procedures in court for children in conflict with the law
  8. Violence and exploitation leading children into conflict with the law – Case study analysis
  9. Human rights and laws supporting children affected by illegal migration
  10. Analyzing children’s rights against harmful work and economic exploitation

Controversial law topics

As a college student, there will be umpteen issues that will spark debates and encourage you to take a stance either for or against. These may include constitutional law paper topics or laws on sensitive matters that have triggered global emotions. Here are some such topics to explore:

  1. Reviewing the need for the Gun Law
  2. Abortion – Pro-choice or pro-life the legal angles
  3. Understanding religious freedom by law and the freedom of choice to deny service based on religion
  4. Prescription of addictive opioids as legal painkillers — the justification and after effects
  5. The legal framework guiding animal research
  6. Vaccine administration from the perspective of legal implications, compliance and non-compliance, herd immunity, and parental duty
  7. Right to privacy – the conflict between individual privacy Vs public safety
  8. Freemarket capitalization – government regulations vs free trade
  9. Environment support policies, government regulations, and economic costs
  10. Uniform minimum wage system — controversy, legal parameters, and remedies
  11. White supremacy — a political ideology that affects the legal and economic framework
  12. Legalizing marijuana for medicinal and recreational usage
  13. Capital punishment and its legal justification
  14. The Marriage Equality Act – Rights and responsibilities in same-sex marriages
  15. Black lives matter — an insight into the lack of political or legal repercussions for death in custody
  16. Immigration restrictions and reforms – scope for improvement and change
  17. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program and upholding deportation protection
  18. Temporary blocking of international students during the Corona Virus Pandemic – Legal implications
  19. Transgender rights — Remedies against discrimination and injustice caused by inequality
  20. Islamic Criminal law vis a vis Human Rights — an analysis.

Sports law topics

Sport is an ever-intriguing subject, and it offers some interesting legal topics for dissertation writing. Your topic can cover international sports laws, rules and regulations guiding sports, sporting bodies, their jurisdiction, and more.

  1. Cheerleading teams — negligence across different case studies
  2. Sports law implications on cases of doping in international events
  3. Legal aspects of international sporting events and the role of social media
  4. The transnational perspective of sports management – an overview
  5. Bosman Rulings – The EU Sports law and its international implications
  6. The management of club sports in the UK and related laws
  7. Match-fixing in football and sports laws governing the same
  8. Match-fixing in cricket and international sports laws governing the same
  9. Sportspersons marketing – Reviewing legal issues and influences
  10. Sports promotion aids in the UK, US, and EU — legal implications
  11. Legal aspects related to governance and monitoring of sports organizations
  12. Sports laws on lifestyle sports – a review
  13. National governing bodies of sports and their legal stance
  14. The role and impact of labor contracts concerning UK sporting bodies
  15. Policies and practices of the US sports law
  16. Visa systems for international sportspersons and problems faced by them
  17. Constitutional rights of student-athletes
  18. Sexual harassment in sports and laws against it
  19. Policies aiding the promotion and protection of rights of transgender athletes
  20. Coaches’ contract and employment laws

Hot thesis topics in employment law

Employment law offers some very interesting law topics to work on. Under this, you can write your dissertation on labor laws, worker compensation, immigration laws, minimum wages, wrongful termination, and many such research topics in law.

  1. How employment laws convergence with religion in the US
  2. UK employment laws — A before and after comparison after exiting the EU
  3. UK Trade Unions and their impact — challenges and successes
  4. A review of unfair dismissal laws in the UK
  5. Employment laws in the UK and US automobile industry — A comparative study
  6. Employment contracts in the UK manufacturing industry — A comprehensive study of job satisfaction
  7. Issues with application and enforcement of laws in international firms: A case study
  8. Agency workers — employment rights and legal status in firms
  9. US ‘Fire at will’ employment ability and should it be made possible in the UK.
  10. Social work employment — Reviewing all legal aspects through a case study
  11. Employee dismissal — a comparison of UK and EU laws.
  12. Working parents and the benefits of Flexibility Working Regulations 2002
  13. Gender differences in employment laws and regulations across the US and the UK.
  14. Analyzing the efficacy of sexual harassment laws in the workplace
  15. Employee mobility across EU countries — a legal overview.
  16. Employment laws concerning the disabled in the UK — policies, and practices
  17. Equality Act 2010 and the rights of disabled
  18. A comprehensive study of the right to fair labor practices in the UK
  19. Unfair Vs Wrongful — what offers greater protection under employment laws
  20. Zero-hour contracts — significance and ways to improve

Medical law and ethics thesis topics

Medical law focuses on the rights and responsibilities of patients and medical professionals. Some exciting areas of medical law that you can focus on include patient confidentiality, patient consent, negligence, professional malpractice, failure in diagnosing, treatment malpractices leading to injury or death, and patient defamation among other topics.

  1. Laws governing organ retention — pros and cons
  2. Organ transplantation — A comprehensive study of governing laws in the US.
  3. Abortion — A comprehensive study of governing laws and stages when abortion is allowed or forbidden in the UK.
  4. Do judges handling medical disputes need special education to ensure fact-based judgments?
  5. Forced sterilization — laws, implementation, and who is to be targeted?
  6. Laws governing medical research — a comprehensive study
  7. Disputes arising due to medical complications during surgeries — legal implications
  8. Unregistered medical intervention — Legal implications in the US
  9. Electronic fetal monitoring and concerning laws.
  10. Medical ethics in practice concerning medical law
  11. Assisted suicide — the legal, ethical, and medical perspectives
  12. Lawsuits and their effect on the commitment and dedication of medical practitioners
  13. Biobanks — The associated legal and ethical challenges
  14. Is it possible for medical practitioners to treat mental disorders without bias?
  15. Laws against animal cruelty during medical research — a case study

Family law thesis topics

Besides marriage, divorce, custody, compensation, and alimony, you can cover several other interesting aspects of family law in your dissertation. Given below are some examples of topics you can explore:

  1. UK Family Law — Changes over the past five decades.
  2. Human rights in countries following religious family laws
  3. Family lawsuits and how they are impacted by culture
  4. Domestic violence and its effects on men Vs women
  5. Deciding custody in divorce cases and the importance of the child’s desire in influencing the court’s decision
  6. Divorce law and how it has impacted the number of divorces
  7. Child neglect and its legal implications in the US
  8. Child justice Vs family justice: Evaluating the compatibility
  9. What are the factors that prevent couples from seeking a divorce?
  10. US family law — is it due for reforms?
  11. Family law and its provisions when a divorced parent wishes to move abroad with the child
  12. Cohabitation Law in the US and is it due for reforms
  13. Divorce laws — are they gender-biased or is it only a perception
  14. Custody rights when the child has learning disabilities — a comprehensive overview
  15. Do Islamic traditions impact family laws of UK-based Muslims
  16. UK family laws governing financial decisions in cases of dementia and forced separation
  17. Rights of children to have a family life in non-marital families
  18. Family laws governing marriage and divorce in transgender people — a comparison of US and UK
  19. Legal implications of non-consensual adoption in the US
  20. The role of grandparents in the social fabric and provisions in the Family law

The topics mentioned above are great examples of what you can write on. However, if you are still confused, are running against time, have too much on your platter, or are simply unsure how to proceed to feel free to take law thesis help from some of the best-rated writers we have on board.

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