191 Interesting Theology Research Paper Topics For You To Try

theology research paper topics

Do you know how to write a theology paper? Well, first you will need to find and research the best topic that you are interested in. However, it can be frustrating to some extent when you are not sure of what is expected of you, and what to do your research on.

As students, you need to consult your professors in college to know the best topic to choose for your research. Hence, be assured that after you decide on a topic, we will provide online help from there.

It can be difficult to find the right research topic for your University project. However, we have made it easier for you! We have provided a variety of topics that you can choose from.

Theology Research Paper Topics

Most of these topics are based on Christianity research paper topics. They help you visualize more how religion and society correlate. They are based on the various values and evidence behind them.

  1. The issues that cause immorality in the church.
  2. The role of religious institutions in ensuring peace and harmony.
  3. The influence of the different church doctrines on Education development.
  4. The effectiveness of faith in Christian life and how it impacts people.
  5. What are the major contributors to divisions in the church?
  6. The Biblical examination of why there are divisions in the church.
  7. The Christian model of living and how it impacts society.
  8. The religious conflicts in different parts of the world.
  9. How persistent violence affects religious institutions.
  10. The principles of religious institutions funding.
  11. The role of religious institutions in state politics.
  12. The impact of transformational leadership on leader’s performance.
  13. The impact of a church minister’s family relationship on the growth of the church.
  14. The implication of the involvement of religious institutions in politics.
  15. The leadership styles and welfare programs impact salvation.
  16. The major effects of servant leadership on Pentecostal fellowship.
  17. Evaluate the impact of church leadership on church growth.
  18. How does leadership affect the growth of churches?
  19. How do parental curses affect the spiritual growth of children?

Theological Essay Topics

These are topics that you can use for your theological essays. They are simple to comprehend and will help you to get a better understanding of religion. They are also based on the beliefs of society.

  1. Factors responsible for the division of people in religious institutions.
  2. The moral effect of premarital sex among young teenagers.
  3. Evaluate the effect of the sectarian crisis in the church.
  4. How does parenting affect spiritual growth in children?
  5. The impact of church separation at different ages for spiritual growth.
  6. The truth behind speaking in tongues and its influence on spiritual growth.
  7. Evaluate the impact of the use of new technology in providing spiritual growth to individuals.
  8. The influence of the relation between the laity and clergy in building the church.
  9. The impact of corporate social responsibility on society.
  10. The various Christian ethics and impact on the church growth.
  11. Do churches contribute to healthy living in society?
  12. Illustrate the cardinal dimension of the Christina CSR – Corporate social responsibilities.
  13. Evaluate proliferation and its impact on religious institutions.
  14. Nature and faith roles for a Christian.
  15. How does the administration of a religious institution affect its growth?
  16. The nature and role of faith in different religions.
  17. The effect of different denominations in the growth of the church.
  18. Evaluate the accepted Christian life and its impact on society.
  19. Describe Christianity as a way of life.

More Theology Paper Topics

These are other topics that are broad enough for any research paper. You just need to do proper research, consult your university professor, and choose the best topic for you. It will create a better understanding of theology.

  1. The principles that guide church finance in the New Testament.
  2. Evaluate the Roman Catholicism.
  3. The influence of the religious doctrines in the church.
  4. Evaluate the impact of objectification of religion.
  5. Evaluate the Russian factory and evangelical church.
  6. The Church and theological concepts.
  7. Evaluate the Biblical insight on sexuality.
  8. Understanding hope, faith, and other theological virtues.
  9. What is Eschatology? The role in the life of a believer.
  10. Evaluate the Rule of St Benedict through Humility, obedience, and justice.
  11. According to Boethius, what is the origin of evil?
  12. Explain happiness according to Thomas Aquinas.
  13. Analyze the Philosophical arguments against or for the existence of God.
  14. Evaluate Augustine’s political and social opinions.
  15. Evaluate the relationship between science and theology.
  16. Show the life and science of Giordana Bruno.
  17. The best response to trauma according to theology.
  18. The best response to loss and betrayal is based on Theology.
  19. Evaluate the temptation in the garden and its influence on current life.

Research Topics in Theology

Are you looking for the best research topics in theology? Why not start with these? They are based on modern society and religions.

  1. Evaluate the two views of theology and their impact on current life.
  2. Provide a comparison between Armenians and classic Calvinism.
  3. Evaluate the triumph of Armenians and its dangers.
  4. Examine the Christian doctrine of security.
  5. Evaluate God’s foreknowledge and human freedom and the problems associated with it.
  6. Examine God’s immutability aspect and influence on everyday life.
  7. Provide a detailed paper on the Biblical perspective of the tension of the son of God’s death as predestined by God.
  8. Evaluate the pre-existence of the Son of God.
  9. Examine the existence of God’s son concerning the historical dimension of the Biblical witness to God.
  10. Evaluate the modern inerrancy debate and its impact on the church.
  11. Discuss the reflections on the Theology of Worship.
  12. Distinguish between the scripture and culture and impact on the society.
  13. Distinguish humans through atheism and secularism.
  14. How is humanism portrayed in society?
  15. Discuss the problem of natural evil and its impact on society.
  16. Analyze the Biblical perspectives on the second coming of the son of God.
  17. Provide the popular ideas on the second coming of Christ.
  18. Discuss the nature of God and its relation with living beings.
  19. What are the popular concepts surrounding the second coming of Jesus Christ?
  20. What are the speculations on the end times?

In Depth Theology Essay Topics

These are other theology essay topics that you can use. They are based on real-life circumstances and the consequences of some occurrences. They will help you get a better understanding of what you learn at school.

  1. Evaluate the two Biblical stories and their impact on human understanding of creation.
  2. Evaluate the protestant principle of faith alone as traced through Habakkuk and Paul.
  3. How does faith impact how people live with each other in society?
  4. Evaluate homosexuality as shown in the Bible.
  5. Evaluate God’s love and human love.
  6. Discuss Nehemiah’s life and the question of identity.
  7. Explain synergism in fulfilling the mission of the Church.
  8. How do you understand the term born again in Christianity?
  9. What are the different views that people have about God?
  10. What is subjected as Holy Living?
  11. What justifies someone living a Holy life?
  12. What is the importance of Christian creed, confessions, and catechism in Christianity
  13. How do creeds of reformation help in faith-building?
  14. Discuss the collection of Biblical studies, and theological reflections that address Women in the Ministry.
  15. The impact of historical theology on modern Christianity.
  16. Evaluate the heritage of Holiness in Christianity.
  17. Evaluate the Day of the Lord and related metaphors in terms of Biblical passages.
  18. What is the difference between prophetic and apocalyptic eschatology?

Bible Thesis Topics

The Bible is a great book, however, you need great intervention to understand it fully. Here are some topics that you can start with to understand the basis of the Bible.

  1. Evaluate the Old Testament in the Bible as twenty passage
  2. What are the implications of the day of the Lord and related metaphors of accountability?
  3. Provide a literary analysis of the Book of Genesis.
  4. Evaluate the term, “Limited God” in terms of His level of knowledge about humanity – new things he learns about humans
  5. Analyze the Old Testament’s concept of the Torah from the Biblical traditions.
  6. Evaluate the theoretical analysis of the Old Testament practice of sacrifice and how it differs from appeasement of the gods or physical means to forgiveness.
  7. Evaluate the social ethics in the revelation and experience of God in human history.
  8. Analyze the 4 Old Testament passages that use “us” to refer to God.
  9. Evaluate Psalm 51 and the transformation language.
  10. Evaluate Nehemiah and the Question of Identity.
  11. Write an essay on the role of the wisdom and psalm traditions which provide a basis on the realities of life from a basis of Faith.
  12. Analyze using different Bible passages on whether Jesus had to die.
  13. What are the assumptions based on the death of Christ?
  14. Evaluate the self-understanding of Jesus and its impact on society.
  15. Analyze the social relationship of Jesus and its implication on modern life.
  16. What is the relation between Jesus, Religion, and Politics?
  17. Retrace the journey of Jesus Christ during his whole life.
  18. What were the implications of the death of the Messiah?
  19. What were the tensions involved in the overcoming of the death of the Messiah?
  20. Analyze various passages in the book of Psalms and their impact on daily living.

Theological Discussion Topics

These topics are mainly based on discussions. This is on the various phenomenon and beliefs associated with them. They are also based on different religions across the world.

  1. Evaluate the effect of the church in society in the 21st century.
  2. Evaluate Buddhism in Japan as compared to the one in China.
  3. What are the basic ideas and beliefs behind honor killings in some religions?
  4. What are the major differences between parables in the Bible and fairy tales?
  5. Evaluate the organizational structures of the Buddhists n Thailand and other parts of the world.
  6. Why do priests in certain religions never marry and stick to celibacy?
  7. How was Jesus different from other prophets in the Bible?
  8. How is the Islamic and Christian religion-related?
  9. Evaluate the rise of mega-churches
  10. Why abortion is strongly disregarded in Christianity?
  11. What are the reproductive rights for women in Islam?
  12. State the effects of homosexuality in different religions.
  13. Provide the Biblical account of how the World was created.
  14. The various effects of Greek culture on Christian theology.
  15. Early Christian fellowship and encounter with Jesus.
  16. Evaluate the sacred ceremonies in Christianity and their significance.
  17. Discuss our ancestors and their spiritual beliefs.
  18. Which scientific research and proofs disagree with Christian theology
  19. Evaluate our ancestors and their spiritual beliefs

Religious Research Paper Topics

Have you ever thought of doing a religious research topic? Why not try any of these!. The topics will also help you get a better understanding of the world and various phenomena.

  1. Discuss the emergence of the new religion and its effects.
  2. Evaluate world science and religion.
  3. Is there a big difference between the Christian and Islamic history?
  4. Evaluate world religions with no God – how did people live?
  5. Discuss the phenomenon and implications of the trickster gods.
  6. Examine the influence of religion in theocratic states.
  7. What are the effects of the Greek religion and European culture myths?
  8. What is the impact of religion on modern Japan’s culture?
  9. What are the considerations that children are innocent souls in the religious discourse?
  10. Evaluate the polytheistic religion and mythology
  11. Discuss the similarities of images of god and myths associated.
  12. The role of women in Islam.
  13. How does religion impact people’s daily life?
  14. Evaluate animalism and totemism in the manifestation in the modern world.
  15. What are the Greek myths and religion’s impact on the European culture?
  16. Describe the phenomenon of trickster gods.
  17. The similarities and differences of monotheistic religions.
  18. Evaluate how atheism is a religion.
  19. Evaluate the theocratic states and their influence on religion.
  20. Is there an existence of world religions that have no gods?
  21. Provide the history of Christianity.

Expanded Religious Topics to Write About

Do you know the best religious topics to write on? With the various topics at hand, it can be hard to choose one. However, these topics are unique and will make you get a different perspective on life.

  1. What is the concept of the soul in different religions?
  2. Evaluate the history of Judaism.
  3. Evaluate the Nordic mythology and religion in the modern world.
  4. Describe religious counseling versus classical psychology.
  5. What is the attitude of sex in different religions?
  6. Evaluate whether children are considered innocent in all religions.
  7. Do you think faith can help overcome the harshness of puberty?
  8. Examine female clergy in different religions.
  9. Evaluate the concept of reincarnation in world religions.
  10. Explain the history of Hinduism and its impact on Indian culture.
  11. What is the impact of the crisis of faith in the world?
  12. Is yoga a health or religious practice?
  13. How is the afterlife considered in different religions?
  14. Evaluate religion and economics.
  15. Evaluate Confucianism and its impact on the modern world.
  16. Discuss female clergy in different religions.
  17. Debate whether a world full of so much evil can exist with an all-loving omnipotent God.
  18. How do all religions lead to the same mountaintop?
  19. How do wars use politics as a mask when religion is the core?
  20. Is the Great Flood story known across all religions?

World Religions Research Paper Topics

These topics are mainly based on world religions and their impact on the modern world. The topics are broad to ensure you get a better understanding of the various religions in the world.

  1. Can atheism be considered a religion on its own?
  2. How are animalism and totems manifested in the modern world
  3. Discuss the various philosophies such as post-modernism, fatalism, nihilism, and relativism
  4. How military action is ethically justified through religion?
  5. Can the religious leanings of a politician led to him or her losing an election?
  6. Compare the modern Egyptian religious traditions to those from the presynaptic period.
  7. Evaluation of what Confucianism is and its impact on the world.
  8. How does the Gnostic faith different from modern Christianity?
  9. How do new religions cannibalize the rituals that were being used in past religions?
  10. How is the Bible different from all other books?
  11. How does pure land Buddhism purport to reform the current Buddhist religion?
  12. Discuss how God only exists in the minds of people who follow him?
  13. How do the various religions deal with the end of the world?
  14. Discuss the hypostatic union.
  15. What was the Egyptian’s understanding of divinity’s existence?
  16. Evaluate the existence of guardian angels and how one can be?

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