Why College or School Makes Me Depressed – Reasons and Solutions

Why College Makes Me Depressed (With Solutions)

College makes me depressed and I don’t want to continue. You probably don’t know how many times we’ve heard this from students. Truth be told, studies show that over 30% of all college students are suffering from various forms of depression. This stat is worrying. In some cases, depression can be very dangerous. Students lose their interest in school and start to drop out. In extreme cases, people turn to drink and drugs to cope with depression.

This being said, depression in college is not something to joke about. But this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any simple solutions. There are plenty of solutions to depression and we want to assure you that in most cases, you don’t need any medication or a psychologist to escape depression. It’s all in your power!

School Makes Me Depressed And I Don’t Know What to Do

College makes me depressed and nobody can help. This is something we hear often. The problem is that in most cases, students who feel depressed don’t get any help. They avoid talking about this problem with their parents or their friends. Of course, over 95% of students who feel depressed don’t talk about this issue with their teachers. But there is nothing to be ashamed of, really. College makes me sad. Yes, the truth is that college makes most students sad at some point.

We have all been there. We have all been swamped by research papers and homework. We have all received low grades and some of us even had to repeat certain classes. Things happen, and it’s not even your fault sometimes. What you need to do is pinpoint the cause of the depression and then try to find the best solution for the problem. So, let’s talk a bit about the causes.

Three Reasons for Depression in College

Most people would like to take action, but they go about it the wrong way. They ask themselves and others what to do if college makes you depressed. Instead, you should ask yourself “what’s causing this stress?” As soon as you find the root of the problem, it’s easy to find a remedy. We have compiled a list of the top three reasons why college students may feel depressed. Without further ado, the three major causes of student depression:

• The lack of free time. This is the most widely spread cause of depression. The truth is that having to work on so many assignments every week and prepare yourself for so many classes takes time. And if you want to do everything perfectly, you will have to work a lot. This means you are left with almost no free time. You are unable to spend time with your family or with your friends. You can’t enjoy your hobbies. You can’t forget about school even for one day.

• Another cause for depression is change. Progressing from high school to college is a bit steep. Everything changes. Everything is different. But you shouldn’t just see the negative aspect of it. Change is good. You get to meet new people and you get to live in a completely new, and perhaps a lot more exciting, environment. Oh, and campus life can be the best time of your life if you learn how to enjoy it.

• Repeated failures. Getting a couple of bad grades in a row is depressing, we know. College makes me sad because I am awful at it. We hear this all the time. But did you know that most college students get some low grades every semester? To be honest, these won’t affect your GPA too much. Some low grades are just a part of college life, so you need to accept them and don’t blame yourself.

So, Here Is What to Do If School or College Makes You Depressed

So, what can I do when a college makes me depressed? Now that you know what’s causing the stress and anxiety, it’s easy to find a solution. We provided the solutions to the change and repeated failures problems. This leaves only the lack of free time problem. This is a simple one! To avoid depression in college, you need to always get a good night’s sleep. You must always reserve at least one day per week for yourself and enjoy what you like the most. And most importantly, be optimistic and realize that you can get assistance!

Did You Consider Getting Assistance?

Yes, you really can get assistance with your homework and research papers. You can get help online from professional academic writers. After all, there are dozens of reliable writing services on the Internet. Simply outsource some of your most difficult school chores to one of these companies and instantly get more free time. Yes, it’s as simple as that! You can eliminate anxiety in college simply by getting some help with your homework and essays. All you need to do is make sure you pick a trustworthy academic writer.

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