100+ Strong Argumentative Essay Topics & Ideas for 2023

Argumentative essay topics

The purpose of any learning institution is to develop the students’ ability to reason critically and help them express their thoughts easily. The best way to achieve this is to give students essays. Writing essays is a path every student will go through in their academic career.

Due to the need to write essays, searches like “Good topics to write an argumentative essay on” or “What are some good argumentative essay topics?” are some of the most popular on Google. It’s no secret that without the best argumentative essay topics, your essay may not get the best grade.
Whether it’s argumentative essay topics for middle school PDF or issues for argumentative essay college, you can find some inspiration with our 100 topics to do an argumentative essay on. Here we go!

Argumentative Essay Topics for High School

Teenagers must develop argumentative persuasive essay topics to help them write well-researched essays. To make writing fun, students should develop interesting argumentative essay topics. Here are some school argumentative essay topics for teenagers.

  1. Should high schoolers wear uniforms?
  2. Videogames are bad for teenagers; discuss
  3. Who is a great leader to you?
  4. Should P.E. be made optional?
  5. When is it time to talk about sex education in school?

Education Argumentative Essay Topics

It’s hard coming up with argumentative essay topics about education when you don’t know what you’re writing about. Whether it is topics for argumentative essay middle school or education argumentative essay topics, you should figure out which side of the discussion you stand on. Here are some argumentative essay topics for 2020.

  1. Should education be free?
  2. How certain video games make students violent in school.
  3. How helpful is the internet to students in school?
  4. Effective ways of eliminating bullying in school.
  5. Ways which technology has enhanced learning in schools.

Psychology Argumentative Essay Topics

Finding suitable argumentative essay topics about mental health or psychology argumentative essay topics can be challenging due to the topic’s broadness. Luckily, you can find 401 argumentative essay topics on psychology below.

  1. What are the causes of suicidal actions?
  2. Social development in the various stages of childhood
  3. What causes false memories?
  4. Symptoms and solutions to eating disorders.
  5. Ways of helping children with learning difficulties.

Political Argumentative Essay Topics

Coming up with good argumentative essay topics for middle school or argumentative essay topics for college students essay regarding politics is complicated. However, with practical political issues like the ones listed below, you should have enough material to write about.

  1. Impact of the WW2 on global politics
  2. Is war a political decision?
  3. How effective has the U.N. been in the 21st century?
  4. Should privacy be considered over national security?
  5. How Ukraine’s Russian war influences global politics.

6th Grade Argumentative Essay Topics

Below are some argumentative essay topics for 6th grade meant to help students grow their writing skills. These fun argumentative essay topics for middle school or good argumentative essay topics for middle schools are simple to develop ideas to research and write about. Here are some of the most accessible argumentative essay topics below.

  1. Different types of environmental pollution
  2. How important are sports in school?
  3. How to practice good time management
  4. Disadvantages of eating junk food to the body
  5. Importance of children having role models.

7th Grade Argumentative Essay Topics

The best way of coming up with topics for argumentative essays in high school or good argumentative essay topics for middle school is to pick those that generate discussions. It’s important to note that argumentative essay topics for 7th graders are different from narrative essays and thus require more practice and research. Whether they’re topics about current events or argumentative essay topics about animals, you can find some examples below.

  1. Students shouldn’t watch reality T.V. shows.
  2. The U.S. government should make English its official language
  3. Does pop culture influence teenagers negatively?
  4. Should the internet be censored in schools?
  5. Should religion be taught in American schools?

8th Grade Argumentative Essay Topics

When students join 8th grade, one of the first activities they conduct is writing essays. This means they have to develop high school argumentative essay topics or argumentative essay topics for teenagers. If you’re searching what are some good topics for an argumentative essay or research argumentative essay topics on the internet, here are some below.

  1. Is there too much pressure on students to join college?
  2. Cellphones should be banned in schools; discuss
  3. The advantages and disadvantages of social media
  4. Should bullying in school be criminalized?
  5. Ways of picking out colleges

Social Justice Argumentative Essay Topics

The term social justice looks simple but selecting a social justice argumentative essay topic is problematic due to the subtopics the subject carries. Topics for an argumentative essay, such as gender violence, need to be clear to know how to go about the article. Here are some of the issues below.

  1. Effects of fat-shaming on social media
  2. Discuss the challenges convicts face in the job market
  3. Is colorism the new racism?
  4. Labor laws are not fair; discuss

 Argumentative Essay Topics on Health Care

What are some good topics for an argumentative essay regarding health care? The answer to this question may be more complex than you think due to the vast subject. Make sure to select a contentious essay topic on health care that will be relevant to your study. Here are some controversial argumentative essay topics for 2021.

  1. Discuss the barriers to health services for African Americans
  2. How has health care changed over the last decade?
  3. Discuss the advantages of public health
  4. Discuss the challenges of healthcare in the U.S.
  5. What are the advantages of health care to you?

Video Games Argumentative Essay Topics

Selecting good topics to write about for an argumentative essay is challenging for subjects like video games. Luckily finding the right middle school argumentative essay topics is made more accessible due to the following topic examples below.

  1. Violent V.R. games make children violent; discuss
  2. Should video games be allowed in schools?
  3. Do video games make children less social?
  4. How young should children be introduced to video games?
  5. Disadvantages of playing video games for too long.

Argumentative Essay Topics for Students

Practicing how to write argumentative essays for teenagers begins by selecting argumentative essay topics for elementary school or argumentative persuasive essay topics. Whether history argumentative essay topics or environmental essay topics, the subject chosen must be simple to understand; below are some argumentative essay topics about social media.

  1. Should the drinking age be raised?
  2. Should students choose their teachers?
  3. Is homework effective?
  4. Should drug tests be done on students?
  5. Discuss the importance of voting.

Argumentative Essay Topics for Freshman

College argumentative essay topics are much more advanced than controversial topics for argumentative essays for high schoolers. That’s because the argumentative essay topics college 2021 chosen at this stage need to be unique. Here are some of the argumentative essay topics for college.

  1. Would legalizing the death penalty reduce crime?
  2. Should the voting age be lowered?
  3. Should free speech be limited?
  4. Should the government stop spying on citizens?
  5. Advantages of making health carefree

Argumentative Essay Topics about Music

One way of coming up with music argumentative essay topics is by relating them to today’s music culture. Whether you’re searching for 200 argumentative essay topics New York Times or small argumentative essay topics, go through various topics to find inspiration for your case. Here are some examples below.

  1. Should music be classified racially?
  2. Is classical music relevant in the modern era?
  3. Discuss ways music has been a unifying factor.
  4. What is the most significant music genre of all time?
  5. How does hip hop influence cultural practices?

Argumentative Essay Topics Related to Sports

Besides having sports argumentative essay topics or fun argumentative essay topics, you should remember to support your points with points from your research. Here are some argumentative essay topics for 2021 college.

  1. College athletes should get paid; discuss
  2. Who is the most outstanding athlete in history? LeBron James or Tom Brady
  3. How dangerous is pro football?
  4. Are athletes good role models?
  5. Should E-sports be classified as real sports?

Food Argumentative Essay Topics

Argumentative essay topics for students about food are pretty broad. Thus when coming up with argumentative essay topics, college begins with a question that directs to the subject you’re discussing. Please consider the following argumentative essay topics 2021

  1. Advantages of a vegetarian diet.
  2. Discuss the different types of food allergies
  3. Are genetically modified foods suitable for consumption?
  4. How do fast foods cause obesity in children
  5. How long should you store certain foods?

Philosophy Argumentative Essay Topics

When coming up with topics to write an argumentative essay, it’s essential to avoid issues that don’t raise any debate. Additionally, essay argumentative essay topics should address current events. Here are some excellent argumentative essay topics for 2021

  1. Science and religion are not compatible; discuss
  2. How does the belief in a deity change a person?
  3. Are people evil or good by nature?
  4. Are people born or made leaders?
  5. Argue for or against violent resistance

Immigration Argumentative Essay Topics

Argumentative essay topics centered on immigration are sensitive. Thus, topics for argumentative essays on such subjects need you to pick a side. Such research-based argumentative essay topics are also suitable for dissertations.

Here are some essay argumentative topics you can consider.

  1. Immigrants from Islamic countries shouldn’t be allowed in the country; discuss
  2. Discuss the Australian immigration policies
  3. How the Russian invasion of Ukraine influences immigration policies.
  4. Does immigration increase terrorism activities?
  5. Should immigrants be recognized as U.S. citizens?

Medical Argumentative Essay Topics

The medical profession is a broad topic, and searching for mental health argumentative essay topics is not as simple as it looks. When choosing the best nursing argumentative essay topics or abortion argumentative essay topics, narrow down to a specific subject to avoid getting overwhelmed. Here are some health argumentative essay topics you can consider.

  1. Signs, symptoms, and ways to treat depression
  2. Various types of mental disorders
  3. How processed foods destroy the human body
  4. Ways to prevent heart diseases
  5. Does marijuana cure specific ailments?

Technology Argumentative Essay Topics

Technology has become crucial in people’s lives and can offer good topics for an argumentative essay. Subjects like social media contentious essay topics can provide sufficient material to write about. Here are some argumentative essay topics for college students.

  1. How the Metaverse will influence social interaction
  2. Robots should not have artificial intelligence; discuss
  3. Advantages and disadvantages of technology in school
  4. Is technology making us less social?
  5. How social media causes depression.

Black Lives Matter Argumentative Essay Topics

Racial profiling and slavery are some of the controversial argumentative essay topics for 2020. Since this is a sensitive topic, thus deep argumentative essay topics or argumentative severe essay topics will be required. Here are some excellent argumentative essay topics you can choose from.

  1. Disadvantages of multiculturalism in the African American community
  2. How has the African American community been racially profiled?
  3. Did George Floyd’s death change the racial profiling African Americans face?
  4. Was the eugenics movement a racist ideology?
  5. Do movements such as Black Lives Matter enhance racial inclusivity?

 Let’s Write Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics & Essays for You

What are good topics for an argumentative essay? You now have the answer. Searching for argumentative essay topics for high school, argumentative essay topics for kids, or argumentative essay topics for college should not be a daunting task. The above topics give you an idea of what to write about. But here’s the good news: whenever you need help with writing argumentative topics and essays, feel free to reach out to us.

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