74 Best Social Media Research Paper Topics

Social media research topics

Whether in college or high school, you will come across research writing as a student. In most cases, the topic of research is assigned by your teacher/professor. Other times, students have to come up with their topic.

Research writing in school is inescapable. It’s a task you are bound to undertake to fulfill your academic requirements. If you are in college, there are several topics for research depending on your discipline. For high school students, the topic is usually given. In this article, we focus on social media and topics about social media.

A social media paper is a research paper about social media that studies social media generally or an aspect of it. To write research papers on social media, you’ll need to conduct thorough research for materials and scholarly materials that’ll assist you. For social media, most of the scholarly works will be media-focused.

Sometimes, Professors or teachers ask students to write an essay or research a topic without narrowing it down. In that case, students will have to develop specific research topics. If you’re writing a paper on social media, we’ve provided you with helpful topics to consider for research.

How to Start a Social Media Research Paper

Before giving a research writing, Professors and teachers believe students already know how to write one. Not every student knows how to write a research paper in most cases.

Research writing follows a systematic pattern, which applies to research on social media. Below is the pattern of a research paper to use;

  • Paper title
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Statement of problem
  • Research methodology
  • Research objective
  • Critical analysis
  • Results and discussion
  • Conclusion

Every research follows this basic pattern, and it also applies to your research paper on social media.

Social Media Topics to Write About

Social media has become a powerful tool for engagement of various kinds. Before now, social media was merely apps used for interpersonal affairs. Today, with the modification of digital technology, social media encompasses a lot more. Below are some social media topics to write about.

  1. The impact of social media in promoting interpersonal relationships
  2. A study on how social media is a vital tool for social change
  3. Social media censorship: A new form of restriction on freedom of speech
  4. The constantly growing oversharing nature of social media
  5. Social media is a vital tool for political campaign
  6. The proliferation of social media platforms into a buying space
  7. The juxtaposition of personal engagement and business on social media platforms

Social Media Research Topics For College Students

There is a wide range of topics to coin from social media for college students because social media is a platform with diverse issues that can form into topics. Here are some research topics about social media to consider.

  1. Breach of Privacy: A study on the ability of the government to monitor personal affairs on social media
  2. A study of the toxicity brewing within social media
  3. The increased cyberbullying perpetrated on social media platforms
  4. The evolution of Twitter into a space for diverse conversations
  5. A study of the emergence and growth of social media over the years
  6. Effects of social media: How social media is breeding laziness amongst children
  7. Social media as a distraction tool for students

Interesting Topics to Research For Fun

If you are searching for interesting topics, there are many interesting research topics on social media. Examples of research paper topics that sound fun to choose from include;

  1. A study on how the emergence of social media and social media advertising has infiltrated its primary purpose
  2. An evaluation of how social media has created employment opportunities for people
  3. Social media influence and its negative impact on society
  4. Advertising on social media: Will influencer businesses take over advertising agencies?
  5. A study on ways to improve advertisement for social media engagement
  6. A look into how social media creates a distorted view of real life
  7. Social media and real-life: Does social media obscure reality?

Research Questions About Social Media

Research questions are helpful when carrying out research in a particular field. To know more about your thesis on social media, you will need to create research questions on social media to help inform your writing. Some social media research questions to ask are;

  1. Are social media platforms designed to be addictive?
  2. What is a social media Algorithm, and how to navigate it?
  3. To what extent are personal data stored on social app databases protected?
  4. Can social media owners avoid government monitoring?
  5. Should parents allow their children to navigate social media before they are 15?
  6. Have social media jobs come to stay, or are they temporary?
  7. Is social media influencer culture overtaking celebrity culture?
  8. To what extent can social media help to curb racism and homophobia?
  9. Does social media exacerbate or curb discriminatory practices?
  10. Is social media an effective tool for learning?

Social Media Essay Topics For High School Students

Everyone has access to social media apps until they’ve reached a certain age. There are several social media essay topics for high school students to write about. Some social media titles for essays include;

  1. How social media affects the academic performance of students
  2. Why the use of social media is prohibited during school hours
  3. Why students are obsessed with Tiktok
  4. Running a profitable social media business while in high school and the challenges
  5. The dangers of overusing editing apps
  6. A critical essay on how editing apps and filters promote an unrealistic idea of beauty
  7. The death of TV: how social media has stolen student’s interest

Narrow Research Topic Ideas Students Can Consider

The challenge students have with their topic ideas for research papers is that they’re broad. A good social media thesis topic should be narrowed down. Narrowing a topic down helps you during research to focus on an issue.

Some narrow social media topics for the research paper include;

  1. A study of how social media is overtaking Television in entertainment
  2. A study of how social media has overtaken traditional journalism
  3. An evaluation of the rise of influencer culture on Instagram
  4. YouTube and how it has created sustainable income for black content creators
  5. A comparative study of social media managers and content creators
  6. A study of the decline of Instagram since the emergence of Tiktok
  7. How Twitter breeds transphobic conversations

Research Paper On Social Media Marketing

There are several areas of social media to focus your research on. If you are looking for some social media marketing topics, below are some social media research paper topics to consider;

  1. Influencer culture and a modified model of mouth-to-mouth marketing
  2. The growth of video marketing on Instagram
  3. Social media managers as an essential part of online marketing
  4. A study on how social media stories are optimized for marketing
  5. An analysis of social media marketing and its impact on customer behavior
  6. An evaluation of target marketing on social media

Good Social Topics For Research Papers

There are so many topics to choose from in this aspect. Some social issues research paper topics to explore are;

  1. The growth of cyberattacks and cyberstalking in social media
  2. Social media and how it promotes an unrealistic idea of life
  3. Social media and the many impacts it has on users and businesses
  4. Social media detox: Importance of taking scheduled social media breaks
  5. How social media enable conversation on social challenges

Easy Social Issues to Write About

Writing a research paper on social issues touches on various areas. Some are challenging, while others are easier to navigate.

Below are some of the easy social issues topics to choose from.

  1. The growing issue of women’s and trans people’s rights
  2. Religious bigotry and how it affects social progress
  3. Sustainable living and why it’s important to the society
  4. The social impact of climate change and global warming

Social Science Research Topics For College Students

Social science is a broad discipline. If you are looking for social science essay topics, below are some social science topics for research papers to look into;

  1. Consumerism and how it’s perpetrated on social media
  2. How religious beliefs impact social relationships
  3. Inflation and how it affects the economy of a nation
  4. A study of the limited availability of work opportunities for minority groups
  5. A look into the concept of “low wage” jobs

Interesting Research Topics For High School Students

Research writing is not always technical or challenging. Sometimes, it can be fun to write. It all depends on your choice of topic. Below are some topics on social media that are fun to work on;

  1. The importance of social media branding for small businesses
  2. A look into the monetization of Instagram
  3. User engagement and how it can be converted into business leads
  4. The study of emojis and their role in social media engagement
  5. From Instagram to Tiktok: the poaching nature of social media apps

Comprehensive Social Networking Research Papers

Research writing on social media networking studies social networking and its design and promotion on social media platforms. Some research papers on social media networking are;

  1. The impact of social media networking on business owners
  2. Social media networking and how it impacts influencer culture
  3. Social media and how it’s used to build and develop social relationships
  4. How social media made social networking services easier

Final Words About Social Media Topics

Social media research writing is one of the most interesting research to conduct. It cuts across several interesting areas. The writer can handle almost every aspect of the dissertation or thesis statement about social media. But, students who find it challenging should seek professional help. You can reach out to our expert team of writers to help you handle every element of your writing. We have the best on our team who are always ready to give you their best.

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