177 Great Artificial Intelligence Research Paper Topics to Use

artificial intelligence topics

In this top-notch post, we will look at the definition of artificial intelligence, its applications, and writing tips on how to come up with AI topics. Finally, we shall lock at top artificial intelligence research topics for your inspiration.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

It refers to intelligence as demonstrated by machines, unlike that which animals and humans display. The latter involves emotionality and consciousness. The field of AI has gained proliferation in recent days, with many scientists investing their time and effort in research.

How To Develop Topics in Artificial Intelligence

Developing AI topics is a critical thinking process that also incorporates a lot of creativity. Due to the ever-dynamic nature of the discipline, most students find it hard to develop impressive topics in artificial intelligence. However, here are some general rules to get you started:

  • Read widely on the subject of artificial intelligence
  • Have an interest in news and other current updates about AI
  • Consult your supervisor

Once you are ready with these steps, nothing is holding you from developing top-rated topics in artificial intelligence. Now let’s look at what the pros have in store for you.

Artificial Intelligence Research Paper Topics

  1. The role of artificial intelligence in evolving the workforce
  2. Are there tasks that require unique human abilities apart from machines?
  3. The transformative economic impact of artificial intelligence
  4. Managing a global autonomous arms race in the face of AI
  5. The legal and ethical boundaries of artificial intelligence
  6. Is the destructive role of AI more than its constructive role in society?
  7. How to build AI algorithms to achieve the far-reaching goals of humans
  8. How privacy gets compromised with the everyday collection of data
  9. How businesses and governments can suffer at the hands of AI
  10. Is it possible for AI to devolve into social oppression?
  11. Augmentation of the work humans do through artificial intelligence
  12. The role of AI in monitoring and diagnosing capabilities

Artificial Intelligence Topics For Presentation

  1. How AI helps to uncover criminal activity and solve serial crimes
  2. The place of facial recognition technologies in security systems
  3. How to use AI without crossing an individual’s privacy
  4. What are the disadvantages of using a computer-controlled robot in performing tasks?
  5. How to develop systems endowed with intellectual processes
  6. The challenge of programming computers to perform complex tasks
  7. Discuss some of the mathematical theorems for artificial intelligence systems
  8. The role of computer processing speed and memory capacity in AI
  9. Can computer machines achieve the performance levels of human experts?
  10. Discuss the application of artificial intelligence in handwriting recognition
  11. A case study of the key people involved in developing AI systems
  12. Computational aesthetics when developing artificial intelligence systems

Topics in AI For Tip-Top Grades

  1. Describe the necessities for artificial programming language
  2. The impact of American companies possessing about 2/3 of investments in AI
  3. The relationship between human neural networks and A.I
  4. The role of psychologists in developing human intelligence
  5. How to apply past experiences to analogous new situations
  6. How machine learning helps in achieving artificial intelligence
  7. The role of discernment and human intelligence in developing AI systems
  8. Discuss the various methods and goals in artificial intelligence
  9. What is the relationship between applied AI, strong AI, and cognitive simulation
  10. Discuss the implications of the first AI programs
  11. Logical reasoning and problem-solving in artificial intelligence
  12. Challenges involved in controlled learning environments

AI Research Topics For High School Students

  1. How quantum computing is affecting artificial intelligence
  2. The role of the Internet of Things in advancing artificial intelligence
  3. Using Artificial intelligence to enable machines to perform programming tasks
  4. Why do machines learn automatically without human hand holding
  5. Implementing decisions based on data processing in the human mind
  6. Describe the web-like structure of artificial neural networks
  7. Machine learning algorithms for optimal functions through trial and error
  8. A case study of Google’s AlphaGo computer program
  9. How robots solve problems in an intelligent manner
  10. Evaluate the significant role of M.I.T.’s artificial intelligence lab
  11. A case study of Robonaut developed by NASA to work with astronauts in space
  12. Discuss natural language processing where machines analyze language and speech

Argument Debate Topics on AI

  1. How chatbots use ML and N.L.P. to interact with the users
  2. How do computers use and understand images?
  3. The impact of genetic engineering on the life of man
  4. Why are micro-chips not recommended in human body systems?
  5. Can humans work alongside robots in a workplace system?
  6. Have computers contributed to the intrusion of privacy for many?
  7. Why artificial intelligence systems should not be made accessible to children
  8. How artificial intelligence systems are contributing to healthcare problems
  9. Does artificial intelligence alleviate human problems or add to them?
  10. Why governments should put more stringent measures for AI inventions
  11. How artificial intelligence is affecting the character traits of children born
  12. Is virtual reality taking people out of the real-world situation?

Quality AI Topics For Research Paper

  1. The use of recommender systems in choosing movies and series
  2. Collaborative filtering in designing systems
  3. How do developers arrive at a content-based recommendation
  4. Creation of systems that can emulate human tasks
  5. How IoT devices generate a lot of data
  6. Artificial intelligence algorithms convert data to useful, actionable results.
  7. How AI is progressing rapidly with the 5G technology
  8. How to develop robots with human-like characteristics
  9. Developing Google search algorithms
  10. The role of artificial intelligence in developing autonomous weapons
  11. Discuss the long-term goal of artificial intelligence
  12. Will artificial intelligence outperform humans at every cognitive task?

Computer Science AI Topics

  1. Computational intelligence magazine in computer science
  2. Swarm and evolutionary computation procedures for college students
  3. Discuss computational transactions on intelligent transportation systems
  4. The structure and function of knowledge-based systems
  5. A review of the artificial intelligence systems in developing systems
  6. Conduct a review of the expert systems with applications
  7. Critique the various foundations and trends in information retrieval
  8. The role of specialized systems in transactions on knowledge and data engineering
  9. An analysis of a journal on ambient intelligence and humanized computing
  10. Discuss the various computer transactions on cognitive communications and networking
  11. What is the role of artificial intelligence in medicine?
  12. Computer engineering applications of artificial intelligence

AI Ethics Topics

  1. How the automation of jobs is going to make many jobless
  2. Discuss inequality challenges in distributing wealth created by machines
  3. The impact of machines on human behavior and interactions
  4. How artificial intelligence is going to affect how we act accordingly
  5. The process of eliminating bias in Artificial intelligence: A case of racist robots
  6. Measures that can keep artificial intelligence safe from adversaries
  7. Protecting artificial intelligence discoveries from unintended consequences
  8. How a man can stay in control despite the complex, intelligent systems
  9. Robot rights: A case of how man is mistreating and misusing robots
  10. The balance between mitigating suffering and interfering with set ethics
  11. The role of artificial intelligence in negative outcomes: Is it worth it?
  12. How to ethically use artificial intelligence for bettering lives

Advanced AI Topics

  1. Discuss how long it will take until machines greatly supersede human intelligence
  2. Is it possible to achieve superhuman artificial intelligence in this century?
  3. The impact of techno-skeptic prediction on the performance of A.I
  4. The role of quarks and electrons in the human brain
  5. The impact of artificial intelligence safety research institutes
  6. Will robots be disastrous for humanity shortly?
  7. Robots: A concern about consciousness and evil
  8. Discuss whether a self-driving car has a subjective experience or not
  9. Should humans worry about machines turning evil in the end?
  10. Discuss how machines exhibit goal-oriented behavior in their functions
  11. Should man continue to develop lethal autonomous weapons?
  12. What is the implication of machine-produced wealth?

AI Essay Topics Technology

  1. Discuss the implication of the fourth technological revelation in cloud computing
  2. Big database technologies used in sensors
  3. The combination of technologies typical of the technological revolution
  4. Key determinants of the civilization process of industry 4.0
  5. Discuss some of the concepts of technological management
  6. Evaluate the creation of internet-based companies in the U.S.
  7. The most dominant scientific research in the field of artificial intelligence
  8. Discuss the application of artificial intelligence in the literature
  9. How enterprises use artificial intelligence in blockchain business operations
  10. Discuss the various immersive experiences as a result of digital AI
  11. Elaborate on various enterprise architects and technology innovations
  12. Mega-trends that are future impacts on business operations

Interesting Topics in AI

  1. The role of the industrial revolution of the 18th century in A.I
  2. The electricity era of the late 19th century and its contribution to the development of robots
  3. How the widespread use of the internet contributes to the AI revolution
  4. The short-term economic crisis as a result of artificial intelligence business technologies
  5. Designing and creating artificial intelligence production processes
  6. Analyzing large collections of information for technological solutions
  7. How biotechnology is transforming the field of agriculture
  8. Innovative business projects that work using artificial intelligence systems
  9. Process and marketing innovations in the 21st century
  10. Medical intelligence in the era of smart cities
  11. Advanced data processing technologies in developed nations
  12. Discuss the development of stelliform technologies

Good Research Topics For AI

  1. Development of new technological solutions in I.T
  2. Innovative organizational solutions that develop machine learning
  3. How to develop branches of a knowledge-based economy
  4. Discuss the implications of advanced computerized neural network systems
  5. How to solve complex problems with the help of algorithms
  6. Why artificial intelligence systems are predominating over their creator
  7. How to determine artificial emotional intelligence
  8. Discuss the negative and positive aspects of technological advancement
  9. How internet technology companies like Facebook are managing large social media portals
  10. The application of analytical business intelligence systems
  11. How artificial intelligence improves business management systems
  12. Strategic and ongoing management of artificial intelligence systems

Graduate AI NLP Research Topics

  1. Morphological segmentation in artificial intelligence
  2. Sentiment analysis and breaking machine language
  3. Discuss input utterance for language interpretation
  4. Festival speech synthesis system for natural language processing
  5. Discuss the role of the Google language translator
  6. Evaluate the various analysis methodologies in N.L.P.
  7. Native language identification procedure for deep analytics
  8. Modular audio recognition framework
  9. Deep linguistic processing techniques
  10. Fact recognition and extraction techniques
  11. Dialogue and text-based applications
  12. Speaker verification and identification systems

Controversial Topics in AI

  1. Ethical implication of AI in movies: A case study of The Terminator
  2. Will machines take over the world and enslave humanity?
  3. Does human intelligence paint a dark future for humanity?
  4. Ethical and practical issues of artificial intelligence
  5. The impact of mimicking human cognitive functions
  6. Why the integration of AI technologies into society should be limited
  7. Should robots get paid hourly?
  8. What if AI is a mistake?
  9. Why did Microsoft shut down chatbots immediately?
  10. Should there be AI systems for killing?
  11. Should machines be created to do what they want?
  12. Is the computerized gun ethical?

Hot AI Topics

  1. Why predator drones should not exist
  2. Do the U.S. laws restrict meaningful innovations in AI
  3. Why did the campaign to stop killer robots fail in the end?
  4. Fully autonomous weapons and human safety
  5. How to deal with rogues artificial intelligence systems in the United States
  6. Is it okay to have a monopoly and control over artificial intelligence innovations?
  7. Should robots have human rights or citizenship?
  8. Biases when detecting people’s gender using Artificial intelligence
  9. Considerations for the adoption of a particular artificial intelligence technology

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