211 Excellent LGBT Research Paper Topics To Use

LGBT Research Paper Topics

Not many people have the full scope and understand what LGBT is, what it stands for, who the actors are, and what it supports. However, with the continued revelation of well-known celebrities as members of the LGBT communities, the aspect is more understood. Through online research paper writes, we have a better understanding of who LGBT is and how to treat them.

Are you now more curious about who and what the LGBT entails? Worry no more because, in this article, we got you covered on quality research and essay topics with an easy scroll; you will be able to access them.

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Latest LGBT Research Paper Topics

  1. Discuss the difference between the non-binary identity and transgender identity.
  2. Identify the time in a period when the global society identified with the LGBT communities.
  3. Discuss the coming out process and its advantages.
  4. Identify and discuss one prominent activist and pioneer for LGBT.
  5. What are some of the global rights awarded to the LGBT communities?
  6. Identify issues that are unique to people who are bisexual.
  7. Discuss the implications on the growth and development of a child under lesbian/ gay parenting.
  8. Identify and discuss any new reproductive technology that has come and its advantages.
  9. How is the contemporary world conforming to the new patterns with LGBT?
  10. What are the appropriate pronouns and name-calling procedures that are relevant to transgender?
  11. Discuss the position of the LGBTQ communities about religion.
  12. Identify the adjustments made to incorporate the LGBTQ communities in schools and even workplaces.
  13. Discuss the fading and threat to traditional gender roles in society about the rising LGBT uprising.
  14. Discuss LGBT as a global trend.
  15. What are the elements that the LGBT communities have introduced to religion?

Important LGBT Essay Topics

  1. Discuss the Guy Rights Movement in the USA and its achievements.
  2. Challenges in adoption and fostering of children by gay parents.
  3. Implications and systematic analysis of gay parents adopting children.
  4. Discuss the importance of accepting the LGBT in society.
  5. Describe and elaborate the Stonewall riots of 1969 in the path of paving the way for gay movements.
  6. Discuss the mental state of people in the communities of LGBT.
  7. The Anti-Homosexuality Act of Uganda.
  8. Policies in place towards LGBT students in public schools.
  9. Discuss the importance of intersectionality on LGBT issues.
  10. What is the most significant barrier towards LGBT health?
  11. The sociological perspective of the LGBT communities.
  12. The gays, lesbians, transgender, bisexual, and queer communities’ rights in the UDHR (Universal Declaration of Human Rights).
  13. The role of lesbians in the feminist movements.
  14. LGBT as a 21st Century Civil Rights movement.
  15. Discuss The Gay Liberation Front.

Controversial Human Sexuality Topics

  1. Is the gay and lesbian culture just a mental disorder?
  2. The position of homosexuality in the Bible.
  3. HIV infection spike amongst the LGBT communities.
  4. What are the male perspectives on lesbians versus gays?
  5. Discus the US military take on matters’ LGBT among its members.
  6. Homosexuality introduction in video games.
  7. LGBTQ as a sign of gender identity disorder.
  8. Discuss asexuality.
  9. Do the LGBT communities meet the standards of society?
  10. Differentiate sexual orientation and gender identity.
  11. Life of a non-binary person in a gender binary world.
  12. Right against discrimination based on sexual orientation.
  13. What are the healthy sexual development components?
  14. Identify ways that parents can foster healthy sexual attitudes and behavior in children and adolescents to incorporate new trends in sexuality.
  15. DSM IV-TR disorders are related to sexual functioning and paraphilia.

Unmatchable LGBT Topics For Research Papers

  1. Political alignment for members of the LGBT communities.
  2. What is the origin of lesbianism?
  3. Discuss the depression rates among the LGBT communities.
  4. What is the influence of the internet on the whole LGBT fraternity?
  5. LGBT members are holding positions in a religious organization.
  6. What does the future have for the LGBTQ communities?
  7. What is the image portrayed by the media on non-binary individuals?
  8. Discuss bisexuality identified as an identity.
  9. Discuss the reaction and feel of the gay people from opposed gay rights.
  10. Explore the effects of culture on LGBT members.
  11. What contributions mark from research on the LGBT?
  12. Discuss the interaction between gays and lesbians.
  13. Discuss the violence linked to the LGBT communities.
  14. What are the freedoms that the LGBT society experience?
  15. Who were the leading pioneers of LGBT?

Lgbt Discussion Topics

  1. Discuss some activities and things that heterosexuals can do that LGBTs cannot.
  2. Explore the available resources that help others understand the LGBT communities.
  3. LGBT communities and not the LBGT community.
  4. Discuss gender binary.
  5. Significant issues experienced by the LGBT society.
  6. “That’s so gay.” A phrase used wrongly
  7. General trends in the LGBT society.
  8. Life of public employees from the LGBT communities.
  9. Theories on gender and sexuality.
  10. Intersectionality as an analytical framework.
  11. Religious belief against LGBT.
  12. LGBT members in political seats and government positions and their contributions.
  13. Civil rights that protect the LGBTQ communities.
  14. The three arms of government and how they affect the LGBT society.
  15. Discuss the LGBT identity stages.
  16. Explore same-sex marriages as a social science.
  17. Identify and discuss the ethics of sexual orientation.
  18. Legalizing LGBT marriages globally.
  19. The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and the LGBT.
  20. The mental health state of the LGBT communities.

Lgbt Discussion Questions

  1. What is the difference between gender and sex?
  2. Are bisexuals’ people who have not yet come out as either gay or lesbian?
  3. What implications does public opinion have on the LGBT society?
  4. Is the African-American struggle for civil rights similar to that of the LGBT?
  5. Is there a difference between the transgender and the LGBT?
  6. What kind of support is available to college students belonging to the LGBT?
  7. Are there mitigations underway to curb the bullying of LGBT members?
  8. What is the impact of homosexuality on society?
  9. Are classrooms diverse enough to hold and accommodate transgender students?
  10. Can homosexuality be cured?
  11. What are the marketing trends to attract transgender and LGBT members?
  12. Does the right to marry apply to everyone?
  13. What are the actions taken against police brutality on transgender and LGBT society members?
  14. Is same-sex marriage a crime?
  15. Can LGBT couples of different nationalities live in the same country?
  16. Explore the queer film festival.
  17. What is the effect of television on the cultural acceptance of homosexuality?
  18. How well do medical establishments treat transgender individuals?
  19. Can you identify any queer art that is making more LGBT visibility?
  20. Compare lesbian parenting and gay parenting.

Transgender Research Paper Topics

  1. Identify unique issues that transgender experience.
  2. Discuss the specific abnormalities with the transgender.
  3. Explore the hormonal intervention for gender dysphonia.
  4. Discuss the neurobiological perspective for transgender.
  5. Identify flaws with the current gender naming system at birth.
  6. Discuss the sex reassignment surgery on transgender.
  7. Elaborate on transgender rights.
  8. Discuss the feminist views on transsexual people.
  9. Discuss the classification of transsexuals.
  10. Identify the transgender rights organizations and their history.
  11. Discuss the Yogyakarta Principles.
  12. Explore the dynamics of a simulated pregnancy.
  13. What are the standards of health care for transgender?
  14. Discuss India’s 2014 Rights of Transgender Persons Bill.
  15. Discuss the history of transgender people in the USA.
  16. The world dynamics explored through transgender.
  17. Can counsel correct transgender behavior into acceptance of their physical sex orientation?
  18. A religious take on transgender as an identity.
  19. The legal process of name changing for a transgender person.
  20. Can transgender people be religious?

Extended Transgender Research Questions

  1. What is the role of estrogen, androgens, and aromatase in the sexual differentiation of the brain?
  2. How does the Bathroom Bill affect the transgender?
  3. What are the disorders in sex development?
  4. What gender roles should the transgender associate with?
  5. What is the distinction between gender and sex?
  6. Is androgyny still some transgender?
  7. Who is a tri-gender?
  8. What are trans-misogyny and its implications on trans-women?
  9. Identify the causes of trans-sexuality.
  10. What do the colors on the transgender flags represent?
  11. What are the challenges that transgender inmates are bound to experience?
  12. How is the actual real-life experience of a transgender person?
  13. What is trans-vestism?
  14. What is the cognitive psychology perspective on transgender?
  15. Is the sex hormone treatment effective?
  16. Can transgender be identified as gay or lesbians?
  17. Drug queens emergence among transgender.
  18. Are there prison cells for the transgender population?
  19. Discuss one transgender individual involved and prominent in sports.
  20. What is a special treatment to be awarded to the transgender society?

Gay Topics

  1. Psychological implications on children raised by gay parents.
  2. The husband-husband relationship and roles distribution.
  3. Who are the prominent gay representatives in Eastern culture?
  4. Discuss the history of the Gay Liberation Front.
  5. Explore the gay persecution in the Third Reich.
  6. Discuss the suicidal levels among gay adolescents.
  7. Societal issues are facing the gay communities.
  8. Should gay marriages be legalized?
  9. Which countries have legalized gay marriages?
  10. What is the religious take on gays?
  11. Is the gay culture inborn or acquired?
  12. Explore gay rights and freedoms globally.
  13. Elaborate on the life of gays in the past compared to present times.
  14. What is the success rate of gay marriages compared to opposite-sex marriages?
  15. Are gay people more vulnerable to contracting STIs and HIV?
  16. What is the livelihood of a Muslim gay man?
  17. Being gay is a gift.
  18. Discuss the history of gay rights.
  19. Can babies be gay from birth?
  20. What is the sociological perspective on gay marriages?

Lgbt Project Ideas

  1. Transcendence rugs.
  2. Progress pride flag (Rainbow flag).
  3. Arce vases.
  4. LGBT national inclusion campaign.
  5. Create a transgender day of awareness.
  6. PowerPoint presentation of a coming out LGBT member.
  7. Gay/lesbian magazine.
  8. Language sensitivity and diction when addressing the LGBT.
  9. Safe zone charts for LGBTQ members.
  10. Health care for LGBT patients.
  11. Digital rights for LGBTQ communities.
  12. Clothes brands in favor of the LGBTQ.
  13. LGBTQ inclusive primary/academic curriculum.
  14. LGBTQ hotline for assistance linked to social services.
  15. Access to mental health resources for the LGBTQ communities.
  16. Education blog on who and what LGBTQ entails.
  17. Easy access to LGBTQ grants.
  18. Reading and teaching the rainbow.
  19. Ways to be an LGBTQ supporter and ally.
  20. LGBTQ and faith.

Lgbt Writing Prompts

  1. There is a spike in HIV infections among gay relationships compared to the man-woman relationship.
  2. The LGBTQ community has had issues with rising suicidal thoughts and actions among its member. It may relate to stereotyping and acceptance levels in the global society.
  3. The medical and science departments prove that LGBTQ is not a medical disorder but a behavioral adaptation.
  4. The coming out process is still not very clear on the steps to follow. There are other methods for someone to come out and clearly state that they belong to the LGBTQ community.
  5. Society is thriving on cultural norms from the past. However, new trends are coming up and replacing the cultural practices; LGBTQ communities are a new norm that society is still trying to adapt and accommodate.
  6. The marriage institution has been man-woman with distributed gender roles. Do the new man-man and woman-woman marriage relationships follow the same culture?
  7. The LGBTQ require special treatment and attention, bearing in mind that they may have special/unique needs. Public schools, hospitals, and workplaces are there to make their livelihoods a bit easier.
  8. The LGBTQ communities have individuals with talents and abilities more so like other individuals; their participation and input are valuable and therefore welcomed.
  9. Reforms and campaigns are necessary to ensure that the rights of the LGBTQ communities are added and respected. It is also to make sure that the world is more aware of their presence and freedoms.
  10. Every minority group experiences crimes and injustices against them. There is a need to have pioneers and organizations that look out for the vulnerable needs to ensure equality.

Easy Lgbt Topics For Research Papers

  1. Discuss the literature on gay and lesbians’ culture.
  2. Identify the bible themes that support and indicate LGBTQ.
  3. What are the shortcomings of asexuality?
  4. Compare the divorce levels in same-sex marriages.
  5. Explore the global climate in the LGBTQ communities.
  6. What is the state of the LGBTQ communities in Third World countries?
  7. How is the life of one coming out of the LGBTQ community?
  8. Is the same-sex relationship natural?
  9. What are the drug addiction, abuse, and misuse levels amongst the LGBTQ communities?
  10. How many LGBTQ schools globally are there?

Lgbt Thesis Topics

  1. The gender differences amongst the LGBT communities.
  2. Reproductive health and family planning for the LGBTQ communities.
  3. Gender variance in contemporary society.
  4. Discuss the third gender roles.
  5. Comparison of heterosexuals and homosexuals.
  6. Analyze the meaning of family when it comes to same-sex couples.
  7. Gay male sexual cultures’ life without women.
  8. Explore the depictions of transgender victims in media print.
  9. Implications of stigma on the LGBT communities to coming out and sharing information.
  10. Schools gender identity systems.
  11. Political movements are advocating for LGBTQ rights.

LGBT is still advancing and accommodating more individuals who do not fall under the binary sexual system. Now it is referred to as LGBTQ, and the issues they are experiencing are still trivial. When you need professional writing help on LGBT research topics, gay rights research paper topics, and even LGBT group discussion topics, you are sorted and well taken care of. It is a pool of topics just waiting for you to choose and explore to understand the subject better and more ground level.

You now have a chance to score an A’s in your research regarding LGBTQ communities. Enjoy as you take the adventurous step forward into the new future.

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