100 Interesting Biology Research Paper Topics For Students

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Do you know how important it is to find the most interesting biology topics? The truth is that nowadays, students of all ages are trying to make the most of the largest source of information: the Internet. This means that almost all of your classmates will search for biology paper topics online. There is a very big chance that at least one of them will pick a topic very similar to yours. You want to find a source of topics that nobody else has. This is precisely why you need our help; and why you need to read this blog post to the end.

Why Choose Our Biology Topics?

So, why would you choose our biology topics to write about? This is a very good question. Our list of 100 topics, unlike other lists, is periodically updated. We make every effort to keep our list as fresh as possible. Of course, there is no guarantee that other students haven’t already picked some of our biology essay topics. If you want to be 100% certain that you get a topic that is both interesting and one hundred percent original, you should get in touch with us and request a list of topics.

Pick Only Original Biology Research Topics for an A+

OK, so why would you strive to find hot topics in biology? There are plenty of reasons for this, of course. Here are some of the benefits of getting access of a source of good research topics for biology:

  • The topic you choose will stand out from the rest. Your professor will take notice and you will probably get bonus points.
  • You instantly demonstrate to your professor that you’ve invested a lot of time into finding the perfect topics.
  • Good topics are not easy to write a paper on. They aren’t too general either.
  • You can expect to get a very good grade if your topic manages to pique the interest of your professor.
  • You can continue your research after getting your biology graduation.

Our List of 100 Biology Research Paper Topics

Interesting Biology Research Topics

If you are looking for the most intriguing biology topics, you should definitely check out the following ideas:

  1. How do homeothermic mammals generate heat?
  2. What causes the three most widespread plant diseases?
  3. Understanding cancer and how it appears.
  4. The most important breakthroughs in biology.
  5. How do microbial factories work?

AP Biology Topics

Are you looking for the best examples of AP biology topics? If you are, you’ve arrived at the right place. Check out our ideas and use any one of them for free right now:

  1. Explaining the bottleneck effect.
  2. What is genetic drift and how does it happen?
  3. Explain the complex process of DNA replication.
  4. The role of the pituitary gland in the endocrine system.
  5. The definition and role of enzymes.

Biology Research Topics for College Students

Maybe you don’t need any IB biology IA topics. If you are after some biology research topics for college students, we have some for you:

  1. Can Ebola be used as a biological weapon?
  2. Could immortality become reality in the near future?
  3. What is neurobiology and how is it used?
  4. Precautions are taken before and after a transplant.
  5. Why is abortion so controverted in many countries?
  6. Can genetic engineering cure obesity?

Biology IA Topics

Although it’s pretty rare to find biology IA topics on the Internet, we managed to find the best ones for you. Pick any from our list:

  1. Analyze the genetic differences between two phyla.
  2. The effects of carbon dioxide and water vapor on the temperature.
  3. Are our reaction times slowed by age?
  4. How does salt affect the germination of a specific seed?
  5. Use BLAST analysis to compare 3 species of animals in terms of evolution.
  6. Analyzing CO2 levels before and after physical exercise.

Biology Topics for Presentation

If you need to put together a presentation and don’t have much time at your disposal, just use one of our interesting biology topics for presentation:

  1. The domestication of wolves.
  2. Analyzing the three main theories about the origins of humans.
  3. Human cloning causes more harm than good.
  4. A presentation on abortion law in the United States.
  5. The process of DNA modification on smoking adult males.
  6. Neurobiology: the study of the way we store our memories.

Biology Project Topics

Finding good biology project topics that don’t take much time to write about can be a daunting task. Fortunately, we have just the topics you’re looking for:

  1. The effect of oxytocin on psychopathic patients.
  2. Comparing the gestation period of humans to other mammals.
  3. How does pollution affect humans today?
  4. Is hypnosis real?
  5. Why is my dog/cat obese?
  6. The function of the human immune system.

Current Topics in Developmental Biology

If you want to write about the latest breakthroughs in developmental biology, you should select one of the following ideas:

  1. Bipolar disorder: the biology involved.
  2. Do hormones affect the way we behave?
  3. Do hormones bring a significant contribution to depression?
  4. Discussing endocrinology.
  5. The three main psychopathic disorders and the hormones that influence them.
  6. Who came up with the human cloning idea?

Controversial Biology Topics

Of course, writing about controversial biology topics is not something you should be afraid of. Pick one of our examples and start writing right now:

  1. The moral aspect of human cloning.
  2. Homosexuality is caused by genetic processes.
  3. Are drugs altering our genes?
  4. The negative effects of transgenic crops.
  5. Altering DNA can make us immortal, but should we try it?

Biology Debate Topics

When you need to write a debate paper, you will need some good biology debate topics. Here are some of the topics we find to be most interesting:

  1. Should we legalize human cloning?
  2. Is growing organs for transplantation in laboratories ethical?
  3. Is obesity caused by genetic disorders?
  4. You can have a genetic predisposition to depression.
  5. How safe are genetically altered foods?
  6. Is drug addiction explained by biology?

Molecular Biology Topics

Even though molecular biology topics are not easy, we’ve gone to great lengths to find the best and easiest for you:

  1. The different methods of cloning.
  2. Analyzing the Prion disease.
  3. How are memories stored?
  4. The effect of antibiotics on cells.
  5. The real benefits of vaccination.

Biology Research Topics for High School Students

Need some help finding biology topics for high school students? You’ve arrived at the right place. Check out the following examples:

  1. Research methods used in cell biology.
  2. Explaining endothelial cell biology.
  3. Explaining male pregnancy in animals.
  4. The link between immunity and stress.
  5. What causes asthma?
  6. Why does the Paleo diet work?

Research Topics in Biology for Undergraduates

We know that finding excellent research topics in biology for undergraduates can be very difficult. We’re here to help you with some ideas:

  1. A comparative analysis of invasive plants in the US.
  2. A behavioral study of migratory birds.
  3. Using plants for environmental assessment.
  4. Siderophores generated by the Rhizobacteria and their effect on plant growth.
  5. Explaining high molecular weight plant DNA.

Popular Biology Research Topics

Of course, you may be trying to find the most popular biology research topics. You want to surprise your professor. Check out these ideas:

  1. How is melatonin used for therapy purposes?
  2. The best ways to protect US wildlife.
  3. How does climate change affect biodiversity in Alaska?
  4. How dangerous is global warming really?
  5. Are bees becoming extinct?

Human Biology Topics

This is perhaps the most common type of topics students are searching for on the Internet. We have some very nice human biology topics for you:

  1. How do we prevent the rejection of grafts?
  2. Problems caused by immunotherapy.
  3. The biology behind immune system agents.
  4. The biology behind allergic reactions.
  5. The resistance of the human immune system.
  6. Three negative effects of pollution on humans.

Cool Biology Topics

Cool biology topics are exactly what you need when you want to surprise your professor. Our writers have put together some of the best examples for you:

  1. How is Raman Imaging used for researching plants?
  2. What are Metacyc and Aracyc?
  3. The perfect model of environmental sustainability.
  4. How do GABA receptors work?
  5. Differences between meningitis disease and virus.
  6. Macrophage activation: the biology behind it.

Marine Biology Research Topics

With everything that’s happening in the world due to climate change and global warming, it’s only normal to search for some marine biology topics. Here are some excellent examples:

  1. Camouflaging methods are used by sea animals.
  2. The ecological approach to sustainable marine research.
  3. Marine birds and their unique biology.
  4. Dangerous levels of lead are found in ocean fish.
  5. Seamounts and the biology behind them.
  6. Defining biodiversity.

Evolutionary Biology Research Paper Topics

It’s not easy to find biology topics for research, especially when we are talking about evolutionary biology. Don’t worry; we have some great ideas for you:

  1. A literature review of microbial evolution.
  2. Evolutionary biology explains many infectious agents.
  3. An in-depth analysis of genome evolution.
  4. How do dead branches appear in evolution?
  5. The evolutionary factors that influence plant growth.

Cell Biology Research Topics

Of course, no list of biology topics would be complete without some excellent cell biology topics. Here are some examples that you can use right now:

  1. Analyze the structure of a specific cell.
  2. What causes denitrification in cells?
  3. Atherosclerosis: the biology behind the disease.
  4. An in-depth look at the cholesterol transport protein.
  5. What is an extracellular matrix?

Use our topics in biology and start writing the essay right away. Why spend hours upon hours searching for ideas when our biology topics list is right here? It’s 100% free and will always be free to get topics from our thesis writers.

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