100 Great Human Rights Topics for Research Papers

human rights topics

One of the most important things about writing a good academic essay is coming up with a good topic. This collection of human rights topics have been put together by our team of experts. They have scoured the internet to find the most relevant human rights topics for essays that are relevant today. They are free to use for any assignment and can be customized to fit specific essay prompts. We have some topics in many other fields as well. You can take a look at biology topic ideas.

Human Rights Paper Topics for High School Students

Not all human rights topics are easy to tackle. We have gathered great ideas for students at the high school level:

  1. Is circumcision in infants a violation of human rights?
  2. Is it possible for the world to standardize an equal level of human rights for all people?
  3. How do human rights differ in the U.S. and Europe?
  4. Should cultural and societal traditions affect what human rights are allowed?
  5. Should the United States abolish the death penalty?

Human Rights Essay Topics for College Students

  1. Should social media guarantee privacy rights to its users?
  2. Should free education be given to all citizens in the United States?
  3. Can the rights of individuals be restricted according to states’ interests?
  4. Should all citizens of the U.S. be afforded the right to own a pet?
  5. How does global trade affect human rights in different countries?

Human Rights Essay Topics for Graduate Students

These human rights essay ideas are tougher than the other topics on our list of 100. They are designed for graduate-level students:

  1. Is it ethical to restrict trade to certain countries where human rights are being violated?
  2. Is it ethical to have different human rights from country to country? (E.g. government’s choice).
  3. Should developing countries allow children to work to support their families?
  4. Should states be responsible for raising and ensuring a standard living wage for all workers?
  5. Does using the military as a way to protect human rights contradictory?

Civil Rights Topics that Are Important Today

  1. Do the immigration policies of the United States violate civil rights?
  2. Should countries make their determination about child labor laws?
  3. Do life sentences violate a person’s civil rights?
  4. Do you agree that civil rights should be universal for every person?
  5. What are the most effective ways of promoting civil rights?

Interesting and Original Women’s Rights Topics

  1. Should women be afforded different human rights than men?
  2. When it comes to protecting women’s rights, is democracy the best political system?
  3. Should developed countries be responsible for promoting women’s rights in other parts of the world?
  4. How do the current protests in the U.S. (e.g., police brutality) affect women’s rights?
  5. Should child marriage be banned because of the risk young girls assume (e.g. pregnancy, spousal abuse, etc.)?

Civil Rights Movement Essay Topics

  1. Is LGBTQ employment discrimination getting enough attention in the media?
  2. Human trafficking counties to be a problem around the world, so do developed countries have the most responsibility towards ending this practice?
  3. Nearly 10% of the deaths caused by police shootings involved unarmed victims. Should police be held to greater accountabilities?
  4. Are people who are overweight being unfairly discriminated against by certain types of businesses?
  5. Which historical figure has had the greatest impact on the Civil Rights Movement in the U.S.?

Great Ideas for a Human Rights Violation Essay

  1. Is it a violation to prevent minority communities in Southeast Asia from owning land?
  2. In what ways are human rights affected in developing countries?
  3. How has internet technology affected human trafficking in developing countries?
  4. Do states have the power to violate human rights during times of war?
  5. Which country leads the way in guaranteeing human rights for its citizens?

Human Rights Topics for Research Paper

This collection of human rights essay topic ideas will change the way your professors look at you. Write about these and you will impress even the toughest of instructors.

  1. Which countries have the worst freedom of press track records?
  2. Is the use of torture ever justifiable in situations that can prevent violence upon civilians?
  3. What are the major differences between female and male leadership?
  4. Are women asked to do more because of outdated views of domestic partnerships?
  5. How are LGBTQ rights different across European countries?

Human Rights Thematic Essay Ideas for College Students

  1. How is the right to own property or land a human rights issue?
  2. What are the biggest reasons for gender-based pay gaps in European countries?
  3. What legal rights do labor workers have in developed countries?
  4. What are the biggest factors behind the gender pay gaps in the United States?
  5. What role has social media had in empowering the rights of women?

Controversial Civil Rights Research Topics

  1. How have issues regarding police brutality affected society’s view of law enforcement?
  2. Discuss Europe’s civil rights for transgender people.
  3. How have disabled people been treated in the United States in the last decade?
  4. How has the use of torture during the Gulf Wars affected U.S. international credibility?
  5. What are the biggest human rights issues for political refugees entering the U.S?

Human Rights Research Topics that Will Inspire

  1. Discuss the United States’ policies on political refugees entering the country.
  2. Does the UN Refugee Program give adequate rights to political refugees?
  3. How has the use of cell phones as recording devices affected cases of police brutality?
  4. What are the biggest factors that have influenced trial outcomes at The Hague?
  5. In what countries do native people face the largest infringement on human rights?

Women Rights Essay Topics Being Discussed Today

An equal rights essay is difficult to talk about, to begin with; imagine having to deal with a controversial issue affecting women. Try these topics.

  1. In what ways are women’s reproductive rights concerns for human rights proponents?
  2. How does gender affect violent crimes around the world?
  3. Why is it important to promote equal pay in professional sports?
  4. What impact did the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team’s victories have in promoting all women’s sports?
  5. How has the state of the feminist movement changed in the U.S. over the last 50 years?

Great Animal Rights Topics for Any Assignment

  1. Does the beauty product industry have the right to experiment on animals?
  2. What is the history of animal rights in the United States?
  3. Should Europe prohibit the importation of products coming from countries that abuse animals?
  4. What are the biggest issues concerning animal rights in the U.K?
  5. How has human overpopulation affected the rights of animals in the wild?

Civil Rights Essay Topics Relevant in Today’s World

  1. How effective has mental health treatment been in different parts of the world?
  2. What are the largest civil rights issues affecting society in post-Apartheid South Africa?
  3. What civil rights issue poses the biggest problem for the people of North Korea?
  4. How has manufacturing around the world been affected by civil rights?
  5. Is the abolishment of capital punishment an issue of civil or human rights?

More Civil Rights Movement Research Topics

  1. How did Malcolm X differ from Martin Luther King Jr. in his approach to Civil Rights for the black community?
  2. What two women had the biggest impact on the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s?
  3. What was different about the legislation in Mississippi compared to other states in the 1950s and 1960s?
  4. In what areas do we still need to make improvements to Civil Rights today?
  5. What role did music have during the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s?

Human Rights Debate Topics Being Discussed Today

The human rights topics list is hard to come up with We make it easy with these.

  1. How is the human rights issue discussed or explored in the film “Hidden Figures?”
  2. What role does the ombudsman play in today’s human rights debate?
  3. Which human rights were violated by Japan’s invasion of China during WWII?
  4. What are the biggest racial reasons for human rights violations in today’s world?
  5. How is the African American Female experience different from other books?

Civil Rights Essay for Today’s Upcoming Youth

  1. Why is it important for today’s youth to go study the feminist movement?
  2. Is civil rights still an important issue that is adequately covered in the news?
  3. How does race disparity affect how professional athletes are punished for infractions?
  4. Should professional sports leagues institute rules to help minorities claim majority ownership?
  5. Do Affirmative Action laws violate the rights of Caucasians?

Human Rights Violations Essay for Graduate Students

  1. In what ways have human trafficking violations changed?
  2. Why are same-sex marriages still illegal in many countries around the world?
  3. Should non-violent criminals in jail be allowed to vote in state and federal elections?
  4. Should the military be used to protect human rights internationally?
  5. What impact did the events of WWII have on human rights during wartime?

Human Rights Research Paper Topics for Today’s World

  1. What is meant by the term “environment racism”?
  2. Does the gig economy help widen or shorten human rights issues?
  3. How does international trade affect human rights around the world?
  4. Eliminating workplace discrimination in different parts of the world?
  5. What impact did Australia have on the United Nation’s Human Rights Council?

Topic on Human Rights that will Wow the Room

  1. What impact has the United States’ withdrawal from the United Nation’s Human Rights Council had on third-world countries?
  2. In what ways do the police violate human rights by racial profiling of suspects?
  3. What impact has the LGBTQ movement had on people in the 21st century?
  4. How are people with mental illness coping with the social stigma afforded to them?
  5. How does discrimination based on race negatively impact productivity?

Whenever you need to write an essay about human rights you can refer to this list or check our other collections of civil rights movement topics. If you need different or fresh ideas you can get in touch with one of our thesis experts to get a custom-written civil rights topics list to fit whatever assignment requirements you have.

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