105 Original Capstone Project Ideas for STEM Students

capstone project ideas

What is a Capstone Project? A capstone project refers to a final or culminating project high school or college seniors need to earn their degrees. It’s usually a project that takes several months to complete and should demonstrate students’ command over particular subjects within an area of study. It may be similar to master’s thesis writing. There are endless capstone project ideas to choose from, but sometimes students struggle to come up with research topic ideas, so we’ve explored several fresh capstone project topics for consideration.

Business Capstone Project Ideas

  1. How important are small businesses and startups to the United States’ economy?
  2. Is diversity in the workplace an important quality of how successful a business is?
  3. Is a free market truly achievable or this is just an outdated utopian idea from the past?
  4. How difficult is it for entrepreneurs to gain funding support to open up a business?
  5. How are advances in crisis management changing the ways that businesses find success?
  6. Is it important to have a social media presence when starting a new small business?
  7. What business or industries do the best during times of extended international conflict?

Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

  1. What are the healthiest diets and how do nurses help promote them for in-patients?
  2. What are some of the psychological conditions affecting healing in patients with cancer?
  3. What are the most effective nursing techniques for dealing with cancer patients?
  4. Should nurses take a more proactive role in investigating instances of patient abuse?
  5. Should nurses be required to learn how to use technological tools for better care?
  6. How do nurses manage anxiety and fear in their patients who are dealing with illness?
  7. Should nurses take a greater role in providing recommendations for patients in care?

Ideas for High School

  1. Should physical education courses be a mandatory subject throughout high school?
  2. How effective are standardized tests in determining students’ skill level and knowledge?
  3. What is the evidence suggesting that video game violence is connected to real violence?
  4. Are mobile phones tools that should be allowed in classes to enhance the school experience?
  5. What is the most effective way of dealing with bullies at school? What is the evidence?
  6. Should students earning good grades receive monetary incentives or other rewards?
  7. Will the legalization of sports betting help raise more money for public schools?

Computer Science Capstone Project Ideas

  1. Are SCRUM methodologies still an effective way of dealing the product development?
  2. Is software engineering still a sought-after technical skill or is the subject outdated?
  3. In what ways are search algorithms being advanced to help the use of data mining?
  4. What are the most versatile programming languages in the field of computer science?
  5. How has computer science helped further the study of biomedicine and biology?
  6. What kind of impact has computer science and engineering had on human learning?
  7. Will computer science play a role in developing food science to end hunger?

Cybersecurity Capstone Project Ideas

  1. How has encryption and decryption technology changed in the last two decades?
  2. Is bank security at risk from international hackers or has security up-to-date?
  3. How is the internet affecting the way our private information is communicated?
  4. Should governments have the right to monitor citizens’ electronic activities?
  5. Does a federal judge need to issue warrants before people’s tech activities are checked?
  6. Does open source software put users at risk of having their information stolen?
  7. How safe are mobile phones in keeping our information safe from hackers?

IT Project Ideas

  1. How important is it for companies to test their software updates for quality assurance?
  2. What are some of the more serious challenges government agencies experience daily?
  3. How important is the user of CMS technology in e-commerce for small businesses?
  4. Are our IT skills still relevant in a world where AI is increasingly becoming more cost-effective?
  5. In what ways is information technology important for improving standardized testing?
  6. What are the most important economic models in current use in developing IT?
  7. What benefits do human-computer interfaces systems have for today’s small businesses?

Capstone Project Ideas for Nursing

  1. What are the best critical care methods currently in practice in medical emergencies?
  2. What effects has the growing shortage of qualified nurses had on the United States?
  3. Are the growing cost of nursing school and training leading to a shortage of professionals?
  4. How important is point-of-care testing and why are health care facilities ending programs?
  5. Are nurses appropriately trained to deal with patients that suffer from breathing issues?
  6. What are the skills needed for nurses to work in high-stress stations such as the ER or trauma?
  7. How important is patient communication when it comes to proper diagnoses of illnesses?

Senior Capstone Project Ideas

  1. Which is the United States’ favorite sports pastime and how has this changed over time?
  2. Do you believe that students who participate in hazing should be punished for negligence?
  3. How important is it for schools to prevent hazing rituals conducted by their students?
  4. What evidence is there in support of alien life? Do governments know of alien life?
  5. Is damage to religious property considered a hate crime despite the actual intention?
  6. How influential is the United States’ political system towards its international allies?
  7. In what ways did the Cold War affect the U.S.’s international relationships with allies?

High School Senior Project Ideas

  1. How effective will revenue generation from legalized gambling be for the economy?
  2. Is it possible for gamblers to use tech to gain advantages over hotel sportsbooks?
  3. Is it important for major coffee companies to be socially and environmentally responsible?
  4. Why is it so important to protect victims’ rights in instances of domestic violence?
  5. Do you believe it is ethical for people to clone their beloved pets so they live on?
  6. Should communities be responsible for ensuring students are adequately fed at school?
  7. What kind of animal makes for a better childhood pet? Dogs, cats, or something else?

Capstone Project Ideas for Information Technology

  1. What are some of the benefits and negatives of living in a tech-driven modern society?
  2. How does your experience in dealing with people affect the way you deal with tech?
  3. What is the most important information technology advancement to affect the world?
  4. Do you think the internet needs better censorship of certain negative material?
  5. Are children better off today because of the access to IT in comparison to prior gens?
  6. Do you believe that China will be the world’s technological leader in the next decade?
  7. How has technology changed the countries engage in modern warfare and conflict?

More Information Technology Ideas

  1. How important is it to further develop mobile technologies for social media use?
  2. Is social media becoming obsolete and in what ways are consumers using the tech?
  3. Does web-based training improve one’s ability to learn new skills at a fraction of the cost?
  4. Should internet providers take better care of keeping consumers’ privacy secure?
  5. How important is it to monitor how social media uses consumers’ browsing histories?
  6. In what ways does IT play a role in how engineers develop transportation routes?
  7. How has IT changed the way companies conduct their business around the world?

Data Science Capstone Project Ideas

  1. How are gun laws being affected by the kind of information provided by data science?
  2. Gathering information for disease control has changed how in the last 20 years?
  3. In what ways is the information gathered from big data a company’s biggest asset?
  4. How did Trump benefit from the use of data science leading up to the election?
  5. How effective are sports franchises in making decisions based on big data science?
  6. Is it possible to avoid over-saturation of information in the age of data science?
  7. How is big data working to make artificial intelligence in business a real possibility?

Creative Project Ideas

  1. How are infographics affecting the way people consume information in today’s world?
  2. Is it possible for another major election to be tampered with by foreign governments?
  3. Are people becoming less educated as a result of the amount of information consumed?
  4. Will video games play a role in removing soldiers from harmful front-line combat zones?
  5. Do you think public colleges and universities should move towards faith-based teaching?
  6. Is it still sufficient to have a college-level education to succeed in today’s economy?
  7. Should the United States invest in and provide longer paid leave for new parents?

Interesting Science Topics

  1. Does economics or science play a bigger role in Europe’s decision to ban modified crops?
  2. What are the most optimal diets safe for human consumption in the long term?
  3. Is it possible to incorporate physical exercise as a way to modify DNA coding in humans?
  4. Do you believe that personal medication that is designed specifically for genomes is possible?
  5. Is it scientifically ethical to alter the DNA of a fetus for reasons related to genetic preference?
  6. Is science an effective discipline in the way people are being tried for violent crimes?
  7. How effective is stem cell science and its use in treatments for diseases such as cancer?

MBA Capstone Project Ideas

  1. How important is business diplomacy in successful negotiations for small companies?
  2. What role does a positive and healthy workplace have in retaining high-quality staff?
  3. What sort of challenges does small business face that large corporations don’t experience?
  4. Should workplace diversity rules and standards be regulated by state or federal law?
  5. How important is it to be competitive in advertising to open a small business?
  6. Are large corporations making the right kinds of innovative investments to stay relevant?
  7. How important is the word of mouth marketing in today’s age of digital communications?

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