170 Original Thesis Topics and Ideas For Your Winning Paper

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Throughout your college and graduate school career, you will be required to write hundreds of academic papers across myriad subjects. Choosing good thesis topics is just one of the major factors necessary to achieve academic excellence. This article does not tell you how to write a good thesis but focuses on the process of developing great senior thesis topics that are challenging yet don’t leave you feeling overwhelmed.

Our list of 170 free thesis statement topics is broken into 12 of the most popular subjects. These are only suggestions and you’re certainly encouraged to modify them as you deem appropriate. Keep in mind that good dissertation topics should aim to push the envelope of academic research while answering important scholarly questions within the field. Don’t feel constrained by what these thesis topics attempt to explore – what inspires your curiosity is the most important aspect of writing a thesis that warrants readership and appreciation.

How to Develop and Choose Great Thesis Topics?

  • Your Thesis Statement Should Be Interesting

You’ve likely heard over and over that the best master thesis topics should always be on something interesting – but does not take this to mean that it only applies to what a reader thinks is interesting. You should genuinely be curious about the topic you want to explore. This will invariably lead to more effective research, writing, and presentation of the chosen topic.

  • Make Sure You Can Find Enough Resources

Time is limited, and so too are resources. If your topic is too narrow you may not have access to all the resources you need to adequately answer the questions you seek. Ask the resource librarian for some dissertation topic examples to get a sense of the number of resources you will need to include in the bibliography and then triple that number. This is the average amount of research materials you will need to locate in your study.

  • Meet with Your Advisor to Discuss Options

Finally, you will need to meet with your academic advisor throughout the process of finishing your capstone project, so you will benefit from meeting with him or her as you consider your topics to discuss options. If, for instance, you are going over art history thesis topics, an advisor can point you to previous studies, research, resources, and more. You may find early that your topic may not be doable – and save yourself time by choosing altogether different.

Our List of Great Thesis Ideas On Any Subject

Computer Science Thesis Topics

  1. How have different methodologies changed the way comp-science is used in business?
  2. How has the user interface changed the way society interacts with one another?
  3. What are the advances in encryption and decryption we need to fight cybercrime?
  4. In what ways have computer viruses altered international finance rules & regulations?
  5. How do biometric systems affect the way data is recognized across financial industries?
  6. Will artificial intelligence make human labor a thing of the past or will it only be a burden?
  7. What are the best defense strategies companies should consider fighting cyber-attacks?
  8. How will quantum computers change the way mainstream data is factored into primes?
  9. A survey of how different technologies and algorithms can be used for parsing and indexing.
  10. Technique to use when visualizing text categorization that has complex hierarchical structures and machine learning.
  11. Different tools and techniques in the software required can be used to understand the UK.
  12. How to have dependable and secure computing.
  13. Definition and explanation of context-aware computing.
  14. Top 5 challenges in database design and the information of system development?

Psychology Thesis Topics

  1. What are the multiple dimensions or states of high-functioning schizophrenia in adults?
  2. How effective is the DSM-IV in categorizing abnormal symptoms in young adults?
  3. In what ways does a leader’s presence affect the way his sports teammates perform?
  4. How does culture affect the way teaching programs are instituted around the world?
  5. In what ways does chemotherapy affect the way patients get attention from family?
  6. Is anger an emotion that can be controlled for the benefit of a person’s mental health?
  7. What did the 9/11 attacks have on the general psychology of U.S. citizens toward immigrants?
  8. How are LGBTQ teens likely to cope with pressures and how does it link to issues of depression?
  9. Explain the social identity theory of Tajfel and Turner.
  10. What are the REM phase and the continuous sleep disruption?
  11. Defining how a brain functions when a person is in love.
  12. How do the different forms of amnesia damage your brain activities?
  13. What is the significance of a strong self-perception?
  14. Is it possible for PTSD to lead to Alzheimer’s disease?

Art History Thesis Topics

  1. How do people respond to the world’s most famous art pieces in an age of social media?
  2. In what ways is music considered to be a form of art when there are no actual tangible forms?
  3. Are the building styles of the ancient world legitimate representations of artistic work?
  4. Do you believe anyone will ever be able to have as much impact as the Renaissance greats?
  5. In what ways has the value of art diminished in the last 25 years in terms of investment?
  6. How does art affect the way humans develop creatively in terms of their communication?
  7. What motivates people to invest in modern art despite there being such a high risk?
  8. How does a modern artist make enough income in the days of technology and digital art?
  9. Analyze the Monalisa painting and why it is popular.
  10. What is the origin of the traditional Chinese and Japanese costumes?
  11. What are the most popular pies of Mesopotamian art, and what made them popular?
  12. How did Hinduism influence the early Indian Act?
  13. Research on the construction of the Great Wall of China.
  14. What is the origin of the Greek theatre?

Sociology Thesis Topics

  1. How much influence do parents have on their children’s educational and social engagement?
  2. In what ways do cross-cultural relationships change the way children think about the world?
  3. What are the most important aspects of gender inequality at work and how is it fixed?
  4. How much do food cultures link to anticipated health and welfare in American adults?
  5. What is the relationship between ethnicity and the levels of completed education in children?
  6. What are the biggest factors leading certain populations to alcohol or drug addiction?
  7. How is media affecting the way youth view their images as a result of how they are represented?
  8. In what ways has social media impacted the way America’s youth interacts with the world?
  9. Impacts of Alcohol among the youths.
  10. Adaption and the consequences of adopting a child.
  11. Diffusion and innovation in European culture and what it means for the features of these countries.
  12. How would people react if organ transplant gets completely banned?
  13. What are the challenges that working women face in today’s society?
  14. What are the impacts of life sentences, and should this be changed

Economics Thesis Topics

  1. What are the five major principles of global economics and how do they affect international law?
  2. In what ways are developing countries in Asia affected by short and long-term econ policies?
  3. How important is it for the average American investor to know about global economics?
  4. In what ways should a person’s wealth be distributed to more philanthropic or charitable activities?
  5. What do international economics offer the average American in terms of financial happiness?
  6. How has the alcohol industry changed over the last century across different parts of Europe?
  7. In what ways has big data mining affected the way global economics and financing have changed?
  8. What are the main reasons why the Trump presidency has negatively affected international trade?
  9. What is fiscal policy, and what should people know about it?
  10. Define and explain three opportunity costs.
  11. How do banks set the exchange rate?
  12. What is the reason why some resources are rare?
  13. What does economic forecasting entail?
  14. What are the pros and cons of privatization?

Psychology Dissertation Topics

  1. What are the connections between employee satisfaction and how they perform at work?
  2. How are women affected by misogynistic language in the workplace that emphasizes inequality?
  3. In what ways does the formation of negative habits make it harder for people to learn new things?
  4. What role does anxiety have in the way students score on standardized high school level tests?
  5. How does jealousy determine how long or successful a marriage can be in today’s age of the web?
  6. What effect does a person’s amount of time that is spent on social media impact his/her satisfaction?
  7. Are humans becoming far more dependent on instant information and less likely to learn the truth?
  8. What are some of the negative assumptions about women suffering from postpartum depression?
  9. Some eating and personality disorder
  10. What is the importance of communication in a relationship?
  11. What are the social and psychological effects of virtue networks?
  12. What role does a medium play in provoking aggression?
  13. How does cognitive behavior therapy help in dealing with depressed adolescents?
  14. How can depression and its risk factor be prevented?

Architecture Thesis Topics

  1. In what ways did ancient architecture from Greece and Rome influence modern government buildings?
  2. What impact did Frank Lloyd Wright’s architectural style have on Los Angeles’ urban planning?
  3. Why do historians believe the Egyptian Pyramids were created to their exact shape and scale?
  4. How did Roman aqueducts impact the way communities evolved as a result of improved canals?
  5. What dangers do the Venice canal systems face as a result of increasing temperatures and water levels?
  6. How will architecture in major metropolitan areas change as a result of rising populations in the world?
  7. Is architecture considered a science or an art and how does this affect the way we study it today?
  8. What is parametric architecture and what other forms blend appropriately with it aesthetically?
  9. Explain the construction of Time conception in the Architectural Realm.
  10. Waterfront development- the process of beach convention and exhibition centers.
  11. What is the design of ruled surfaces?
  12. An analytic study of the design potential kinetic Architecture.
  13. A survey of China from an archeologist’s point of view.
  14. A look at Russian fairy-tale-style houses and huts.

Criminal Justice Thesis Topics

  1. How is jury selection affected by how politicians are perceived on social media?
  2. Is it accurate to say that minorities receive a fair and unbiased trial in today’s political climate?
  3. How do President Trump’s policies and comments targeting minorities affect their rights in court?
  4. What challenges does cyber-crime present for lawmakers who have to put corporations on trial?
  5. Should large corporations face larger crimes as a result of the amount of money they make publicly?
  6. Why aren’t CEOs of multi-billion dollar companies held to the same criminal standards as the public?
  7. Should human trafficking face larger penalties as a result of the dark web and ease of communication?
  8. Does the internet perpetuate certain crimes as a result of its widespread and virtual anonymity?
  9. The relationship between the police and people from different backgrounds.
  10. What is the reliability of an eye-witness testimony?
  11. What methods can be used to help prevent international drug trafficking?
  12. Why does the crime rate increase during emergencies?
  13. Why are men more likely to get death penalties?
  14. In what ways does the drug court assist or hurt people with addiction?

Thesis Topics in Education

  1. What are the biggest evolutionary changes to the major approaches in education throughout the world?
  2. How have China’s educational methods changed in the last half-century to position them as world leaders?
  3. Can educational programs in South America help those countries combat poverty in their communities?
  4. Should core subjects be re-evaluated in light of the quickly changing needs of today’s modern world?
  5. Should the United States make bigger investments in bringing tech tools to poorer school districts?
  6. Can teachers continue to use traditional methods for grading when class size continues to increase?
  7. Why do people lose the desire to learn new subjects in their adult years? How can this be addressed?
  8. Should more parents be involved in schools’ educational policies and curriculum development?
  9. Do graduate programs in education adequately prepare tomorrow’s teachers for the business world?
  10. Are there any career development programs in Elementary schools?
  11. What are the character development programs in elementary schools?
  12. Should the use of the pass-fail grading be limited?
  13. What is the impact of promoting parent volunteering in schools?
  14. Teaching children with speech-language pathology.
  15. How does the efficiency of classroom management help to reduce stress?

Philosophy Thesis Topics

  1. Is abortion a philosophical or political question? Should ethics be removed from this conversation?
  2. Is it a must to lead an ethical life to achieve true human happiness in today’s competitive world?
  3. What does it mean to support ethical farming practices in light of the world’s hunger problems?
  4. Should parents have the ability to manipulate their children’s genetics and characteristics to an ideal?
  5. How does genetic modification in animals affect our understanding of what we can do for humans?
  6. In what ways do religious ethics and philosophy ethics contradict each other when it comes to crimes?
  7. How does humanity’s history to commit evil acts affect the way we view our place in the world?
  8. Is it morally ethical to love someone who is legally unattainable? (E.g., someone who is married).
  9. Are contemporary philosophical theories inclusive of different societies or limiting to specific nations?
  10. What can truly upset you, and in what ways can you deal with it?
  11. Would you live your life more than once?
  12. What do the beauty standards change often?
  13. Are there situations where it is better to lie than tell the truth?
  14. Some people think that love only lasts for three years. Is it true?
  15. What is a perfect life? What prevents you from living it?

History Thesis Topics

  1. How has the rise and fall of famous and influential dictators changed throughout history?
  2. How have the events leading to the 1980s conflicts in Afghanistan caused the turmoil we see today?
  3. In what ways have border wars in South America led to increased asylum seekers fleeing those countries?
  4. How did the North Atlantic Trade Agreement impact the way Europe has sought trade deals with China?
  5. What impact did the Mormons have in shaping the American city landscape during the 19th century?
  6. What role did Mormons have in further expelling Native Americans from their ancestral lands?
  7. Why did the Southern States resist the freeing of slaves for so long? What economic factors were there?
  8. What impact did pirates have on the development of Caribbean culture in Central America?
  9. How have 21st-century marketing strategies affected how we value cultural history in the U.S.A?
  10. Trends of migration through the years.
  11. What is the history of immigration in the USA?
  12. What causes the significant waves of migration in Syria?
  13. How were women treated in the Soviet zone during WWII?
  14. How did the fall of Hitler and the Nazis affect Germany?
  15. The Spanish Inquisition- What is the truth behind its moral justification?

MS Thesis Topics

  1. How do supercomputers and data mining affect political policy in today’s first-world governments?
  2. In what ways have the roles of mediators changed in the world of globalized financial institutions?
  3. How important is cultural awareness for large corporations? How is this different in small businesses?
  4. Should politicians be allowed to maintain investments that can influence their political decisions?
  5. Why are blind trusts necessary for anyone running for public office in today’s global economy?
  6. What are the effects of bringing more technology into the home to automate day-to-day activities?
  7. In what ways does automation keep people from controlling the same systems we want to be safe?
  8. How does cyber activity affect how governments contribute to international economies?
  9. How can we learn from past cultures to develop new societies where there is no poverty or hunger?
  10. What was the correlation between political climate and literature during the eighteenth century?
  11. What is the connection between religious conviction and rational thinking?
  12. A comprehensive analysis of gun violence in the US.
  13. Case study of Australia and how cyberbullying might result in suicides.
  14. Civil war is the greatest inspiration for art. Discuss this concept.
  15. Women empowerment in Saudi Arabia in the 2000s.

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