50 Engineering Topics Across All Specialties!

engineering topics

Getting engineering topics for research or presentation is not an easy task. The reason is that the field of engineering is vast. Engineers seek to use scientific principles in the design and building of machines, structures, bridges, tunnels, etc.

Engineering as a discipline has a broad range of specialized fields such as chemical engineering, civil engineering, biomedical engineering, computer engineering, mechanical engineering, software engineering, and lots more! In all, engineering seeks to apply mathematics or science to solving problems.

50 Engineering Topic Ideas in Different Areas

We understand how difficult and tiring it could be to get engineering research topics; hence this article contains a total of 50 interesting engineering topics covering all aspects of engineering. Ready to explore? Let’s begin right away!

Genetic Engineering Topics

Genetic engineering is the direct manipulation of the gene of an organism using biotechnology. Many controversies are surrounding this engineering field because of the fantastic potential feats it could achieve. Here are some genetic engineering topics that encompass essential areas of this field.

  1. Can the human personality be altered through genetic engineering?
  2. Genetic engineering: hope for children with intellectual disabilities?
  3. Genetic engineering: the problems and perspectives.
  4. Genetic engineering and the possibility of human cloning.

Mechanical Engineering Research Topics

Mechanical engineering deals with the design and manufacture of physical or automated systems. These systems include power and energy systems, engines, compressors, kinematic chains, robotics, etc. Here are some impressive mechanical engineering topics that double as mechanical engineering thesis topics too.

  1. A study of the compressed air technology used in cars.
  2. The design of a motorized automatic wheelchair that can serve as a bed.
  3. The why and how of designing stronger and lighter automobiles.
  4. The design of an electronic-assisted hydraulic braking system.

Electrical Engineering Research Topics

Electrical engineering is a trendy and well-sought field that deals with the design and manufacture of different electrical and electronic systems. Although finding topics in electrical engineering could be difficult, we have carefully selected four electrical engineering topics to give you a great head start in your research!

  1. A study on how temperature affects photovoltaic energy conversion.
  2. The impact of solar charging stations on the power system.
  3. Direct current power transmission and multiphase power transmission
  4. Analysis of the power quality of the micro grid-connected power grid.

Software Engineering Research Topics

Software engineering deals with the application of engineering approaches systematically to develop software. This discipline overlaps with computer science and management science and is also a part of overall systems engineering. Here are some software engineering topics for your research!

  1. The borderline between hardware and software in cloud computing.
  2. Essential computer languages of the future.
  3. Latest tendencies in augmented reality and virtual reality.
  4. How algorithms improve test automation.

Computer Engineering Research Topics

Computer engineering integrates essential knowledge from the subfields of computer science, software engineering, and electronic engineering to develop computer hardware and software. Besides, we have completed researches in the information technology field and prepare great it thesis topics for you. Here are some computer engineering topics to help you with your research.

  1. Biotechnology, medicine, and computer engineering.
  2. Programs for computer-aided design (cad) of drug models.
  3. More effective coding and information protection for multinational companies.
  4. Why we will need greater ram in modern-day computers.

Biomedical Engineering Research Topics

Biomedical engineering applies principles and design concepts from engineering to medicine and biology for diagnostic or therapeutic healthcare purposes. Here are some suggested biomedical engineering topics to carry out research on!

  1. A study on how robots are changing health care.
  2. Can human organs be replaced with implantable biomedical devices?
  3. The advancement of brain implants.
  4. The advancement of cell and tissue engineering for organ replacement.

Civil Engineering Topics

Civil engineering deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of roads, bridges, airports, and other things in our physical and naturally built environment. Here are some civil engineering topics for your research!

  1. Designing buildings and structures that withstand the impact of seismic waves.
  2. Active noise control for buildings in very noisy places.
  3. The intricacies of designing a blast-resistant building.
  4. A compatible study of the effect of replacing cement with silica fume and fly ash.
  5. Comparative study on fiber-reinforced concrete and other methods of concrete reinforcement.

Chemical Engineering Research Topics

Chemical engineering harnesses the principles of chemistry, mathematics, biology, etc., to the efficient use, production, design, and transformation of energy and materials. Here are some chemical engineering topics for you!

  1. Capable wastewater treatment processes and technology.
  2. Enhanced oil recovery with the aid of microorganisms.
  3. Designing nanoparticle drug delivery systems for cancer chemotherapy.
  4. Efficient extraction of hydrogen from the biomass.

Controversial Engineering Topics

Not everyone agrees on the same thing. Here are some engineering ethics topics and controversial engineering topics you can explore.

  1. Are organic foods better than genetically modified foods?
  2. Should genetically modified foods be used to solve hunger crises?
  3. Self-driving cars: pros and cons.
  4. Is mechanical reproduction ethical?
  5. If robots and computers take over tasks, what will humans do?

Aerospace Engineering Topics

Aerospace engineering deals with the design, formation, and maintenance of aircraft, spacecraft, etc. It studies flight safety, fuel consumption, etc. Here are some aerospace engineering topics for you.

  1. How the design of planes can help them weather the storms more efficiently.
  2. Current techniques on flight plan optimization.
  3. Methods of optimizing commercial aircraft trajectory
  4. Application of artificial intelligence to capacity-demand.

Industrial Engineering Topics

Industrial engineering involves working out how to do things more efficiently, especially in industries. Here are some industrial engineering topics just for you!

  1. The effect of 3d printing on manufacturing processes.
  2. How to make designs that fit resources and budget constraints.
  3. The simulation and practice of emergency evacuation.
  4. Workers ergonomics in industry design.

Environmental Engineering Topics for Research

Environmental engineering seeks to improve recycling, waste disposal, water, and air pollution, etc., for the environment and health of living organisms. Here are some environmental engineering topics for your research!

  1. Harnessing fresh water as a source of energy
  2. The design and development of carbon index measurement systems.
  3. Process improvement techniques for the identification and removal of waste in industries.
  4. An extensive study of biomedical waste management.

So here we are! 50 engineering research paper topics in all major fields of engineering! Choose the ones you like best and feel free to contact our thesis writers for help. It’s time to save humanity!

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