The Best 50 Religion Research Topics to Use for Students

Religious Research Paper Topics

In our multi-religious and multicultural society, crafting a great research paper on religion is a challenging task. Indeed, this challenge starts from the first stage of preparing your paper: identifying a good religious research paper topic. Further, it is almost impossible to write a paper without offending one or more religious feelings, especially when working on the history of religion. To make writing your paper easy, you must start by picking good religious paper topics.

In this paper, we list 50 religion research paper topics and a guide for selecting the best. If you want to get good grades, start with the right step- the best topic.

Why You Need the Best Religion Research Paper Topics

When working on any research paper, the most important step is identifying the topic. Indeed, the topic determines the direction you will take with the paper. Here are other benefits of selecting the best topics for a religious research paper.

  • It allows you to work on the preferred area of interest.
  • With a good topic, you do not get bored midway.
  • A great topic offers you the opportunity to fill knowledge gaps in the field of religious studies.
  • It is your opportunity to make your contribution felt.
  • Picking the best topics is the first step to better grades.

How to Pick the Best Topics for a Religious Research Paper

Now that you know the benefits of selecting the best topics for your religious papers, you might be wondering, “How do I pick it?” Here are some useful tips to help you identify the best:

  • Brainstorm your religious study subject. This will help you to get the best ideas to work on.
  • Comprehensively research your area of interest. For example, you might be interested in the history of religion, church and social action, creationism, or modernism and religion.
  • Look at the latest happenings. Things such as religious involvement in economics and education might inspire your paper ideas.
  • Follow your teacher’s recommendation. Often, professors give guidelines to students on the areas they should work on. For example, if you were covering a certain area in your religious education studies class; your teacher might ask you to pick topics from that section only. But in most cases, teachers leave the topics open for students to select on their own.
  • Read other research on religious studies. Most researchers point at gaps that exist in the niche so that later students can work on them. This is a great place to commence your research paper.

The Best Religious Topics for a Research Paper

Whether you prefer working on religious controversial topics or philosophy of religion essay topics, we have listed the best 50 ideas to get you started. Check them and pick them as they are or tweak them to fit your preferred format.

  1. Christian and economics.
  2. Religion and homosexuality.
  3. Black churches.
  4. Christianity history.
  5. Comparing and contrasting Christian and Islam history.
  6. A closer look at world religions without gods.
  7. The concept of religion and soul.
  8. The impact of religious laws on morality.
  9. The phenomenon of trickster gods.
  10. The impact of Greek religion on European culture.
  11. Impact of religion on American culture.
  12. Impact of religion on Chinese culture.
  13. Comparing the similarities of images of gods in different religions.
  14. How does gender affect religion?
  15. Islam in modern India.
  16. What is the future of religion?
  17. Afterlife: What are the differences in diverse religions?
  18. What are the main causes of the faith crisis?
  19. Analyzing the influence of female clergy on religion.
  20. Relooking at the reincarnation concept.
  21. What role do men have in religion?
  22. The impacts of yoga on religion.
  23. Can faith remove the harshness of adolescence?
  24. Why is Ramadhan referred to as the holy month?
  25. Comparing religious counselors to classical psychologists.
  26. A closer look at the main differences between the bible and Koran.
  27. What is the importance of Christmas for Christians?
  28. Creationism.
  29. Religion and science.
  30. How do people implement different religious practices today?
  31. Should atheism be considered another form of religion?
  32. Judaism: A closer look at its history.
  33. Analyzing attitudes towards sex in the Christian religion.
  34. Children: Are they considered innocent in all religions?
  35. A closer look at the history of Hinduism.
  36. A closer look at the existence of God as a supernatural being.
  37. Comparing and contrasting monotheistic cultures.
  38. Female goddesses.
  39. Chaplain-ship: How does it trigger peace and harmony?
  40. Impact of women in the history of Christianity.
  41. What are the implications of forced religion on people?
  42. Religion and terrorism.
  43. Religion in the workplace.
  44. Religion and evolution.
  45. Nordic mythology.
  46. A world without religion: Is it possible?
  47. Applying religion to address global problems.
  48. The primal religions.
  49. Do you think religion should play a role in modern politics?
  50. Do you think religion influences societal virtues?

Got the Best Religion Topics to Write About – What Next?

Now that you have a list of the best world religion research paper topics, it is important to appreciate that the journey of writing your assignment has just started. The next step is to write down your paper in line with your teacher’s guidelines. This is where your writing skills come into play. Well, it is never easy for many students. Often, some lack good writing skills, have other engagements, or acquire the right resources is a challenge. For others, the deadline is too tight and almost impossible to beat. The best idea is to seek affordable college assignment writing help.

After selecting the best topics, be they sociology or religion research topics or religious debate topics, writing help is provided by experts with years of experience in academic writing. They have handled such papers before and are willing to help you craft the best paper for top grades. Well, do not let that religious research paper stress you anymore, let a professional help you!

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