Entertaining Speech Topics That Will Definitely Work

entertainment speech topics

What is an entertaining speech? An entertaining speech revolves around a simple joke to a funny story with a life lesson at the end. It can even be a dramatization of an anecdote or a scary story. Entertaining speeches are delivered to flutter an audience’s feelings and show them the lighter side of life.

All these different approaches to an entertaining speech have one thing in common: its topic. We have compiled this comprehensive list of entertainment speech ideas to help you in finding your next funny entertainment speech topics. Try one of the topics below to engage, impress and inspire if you are looking for entertainment topics to write about or entertainment speech topics high school.

Informative Entertaining Speech Topics

This is a type when there is new or interesting information is to be delivered. This information could be a lesson, dataset, facts, or an introduction of an original idea.

  1. Should we call graffiti an art?

  2. Commonalities between family violence and our foreign policy

  3. How nerds respond to status updates of teachers

  4. How to pretend to be interested in dad stories

  5. If Santa Claus had a Facebook account

  6. Prayers I have heard on exam days

  7. The display picture I love the most

  8. Scientists are working on pills to combat stupidity

  9. Life after a young social media influencer turns 55

  10. What will we call the next generation of microwave ovens?

  11. Ways to win a wrestling match with a gorilla

  12. The superpower I need the most

  13. The most bizarre thing I saw at a recent funeral

  14. Why is it sexy to ride a bike?

  15. What not to say to a Bouncer (Doorman) at a club

  16. How to divert ants from a straight path?

  17. Rubbish ideas to deal with industrial rubbish

  18. Videos I don’t know why I watched and remembered

  19. Chapters titles I will have in my biography

  20. Ten reasons I should become a sex therapist

  21. Ideas to keep you busy in queues

  22. Questions I really want to ask my fitness instructor

  23. How to use ‘shut up’ effectively?

  24. Ten things my mobile hates me for

  25. Times I tried to become a poet

Motivating Entertainment Speech Topics List

These speeches are made when you are trying to convince or influence the audience to bring change. This change could be a shift in thinking or persuading them to take action.

  1. Immediate changes I will make as the head of NASA

  2. My plans to transform the high school cafeteria

  3. Achievements I want to brag about when I am 60 years old

  4. Reasons my friends are geniuses

  5. Fighting climate change with my bathroom habits

  6. The best approach to make online classes entertaining

  7. Sports versus online gaming – go for healthy activity

  8. Choose free weekend travel: Ibiza, Vatican or New York

  9. Together we fall, divided we stand

  10. Cigarettes kill you Vs. take alcohol responsibly

  11. My plans to invent my own Keto diet plan

  12. The day I graduate, I will…

  13. Times to run like an Olympian

  14. Dieting and my love of hotdogs

  15. Creative excuses I have heard for missing a class assignment

  16. If I was a pet animal

  17. My attempts at being awesome at math

  18. How many lies do I tell in a day?

  19. Things I’ll never do after winning the grand lottery

  20. Making the most of a breakup

  21. Ordering a waiter like an expert in a foreign land

  22. 10 working ways to beat stress

  23. Do veterinarians talk to animals?

  24. My plans for a date with Colin Farrell

Funny Entertaining Speech Topics

Mostly delivered at occasions and events, in this type of speech, the speaker is usually sharing a story or an anecdote as an entertaining topic. The speaker invites the audience to enjoy and identify with the story or just laugh along. Try an entertainment speech example from below:

  1. Can we a separate TikTok for dumbs

  2. Why superheroes wear their underwear’s above their costumes

  3. That friend who should really change his/her gender

  4. How to ride in a bus like its business class of an airplane?

  5. A childhood incident that my mom loves to retell

  6. Bumping into my crush at an undergarments section

  7. Why my friends are not photogenic like me

  8. Dishwasher or vacuum cleaner – which one I will destroy first

  9. Reasons to replace exams with cash rewards

  10. How to make an idiot comfortable?

  11. Telling a scary story to a storyteller

  12. Five times I embarrassed my parents in front of guests

  13. Slow drivers putting road safety laws at jeopardy

  14. People I want to be banned on YouTube

  15. Who would I want to accompany to Bermuda Triangle

  16. Things I will take on my private island

  17. Moments of truth at Subway restaurant

  18. Is it normal to talk while brushing your tooth?

  19. Why do I wish I grew up with different parents?

  20. A passive day without coming across an idiot

  21. Identifying a moron behind a mask

  22. When I started to feel the earth rotating

  23. Similarities in beaches and train stations

  24. What if I had a loudspeaker fitted in my head

  25. Nicknames which make no sense

  26. Weird pick up lines which work

  27. Does cleaning really causes pollution

  28. Walls with ears and roofs with eyes

  29. Does smoking weed make one vegetarian?

  30. Why do brides smile so much?

  31. A chicken crossing the road during lockdowns

Demonstrative Entertainment Speech Topics

In this type of entertaining speech, the speaker tries to teach something. It is a light way of giving a different perspective demonstration of an old process, habit, or custom. Here are some more entertainment speech examples:

  1. How to pick your nose like a pro

  2. Software Microsoft should develop to replace teachers

  3. My idea of driving around with real Lara Croft

  4. Worst prank ideas I have seen

  5. Working as an employee under your ex as the line manager

  6. Throwing a party without my friends

  7. I plan to develop an app to charge people for their nonsense

  8. Challenges of setting up an Instagram account for my grandfather

  9. How best to fail on the first date?

  10. Five moments I won an argument from my mom

  11. How can one become a critic?

  12. Useless items that I have saved over the years

  13. Spending Halloween with a Zombie

  14. Valentine’s day rituals for a novice

  15. Things I want to change at the cinemas

  16. What if bodybuilding was for girls and makeup for boys

  17. School principal Vs. box of firecrackers

  18. Story of the most dull party I attended

  19. Signs of bad luck at college

  20. Escaping a hurricane using science lessons

You can use these entertainment speech ideas to deliver a splendid speech to entertain. We hope these served as professional writing help in the form of entertainment speech topics for college students.

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