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A degree in history can be an amazing subject to focus on. It allows us to understand the reasons why our society is as it is. Writing a research paper on history is one of the main assignments you will get. How do you begin writing a history research paper? How good or bad your writing experience is will depend on the topic you choose for your paper. Because of the many events that have occurred in the past, picking the right topic for your research paper is not easy. We will show you how to choose the best topics. We also provide a list of the top history research paper topics.

Interesting American History Thesis Topics

American history is rich and varied. There is always something to do, from the colonization of America to World War II.

Some interesting topics in US History might also touch upon other areas, such as the history of Europe in the 19th Century. These are the top topics for US history research papers.

  1. Exploring the Mississippi showboat culture.
  2. A deeper exploration of how Mormons influenced settling in America: A case study of West America.
  3. Exploring the origins of drag racing: What factors promoted the sport, and how did it become institutionalized?
  4. The US highway system: How did it alter American culture?
  5. Evaluating the extent of Martin Luther King’s speech’s impact on the US.
  6. A deeper look at the American Revolution: How did the revolution build American society?
  7. Analyze a specific American Revolution event.
  8. Evaluating the American policy starting from the 21st century.
  9. What were the impacts of colonization on Native Americans?
  10. What are the implications and effects of colonization on Native American populations today?
  11. The abolishment of the slave trade in the United States: What did it mean to the World?
  12. The American involvement in World War II: What were the impacts?
  13. A deeper look at conflicts, labor unions, and strikes in the 1800s.
  14. A flashback into the most important American people starting from 1800.
  15. What was the role of women in the American Revolution?
  16. Assessing the Dawes Act and its impact on the Natives policy in the US.
  17. Analyzing the impacts of slaves brought to America on the American culture.
  18. Evaluating the impact of the cotton gin on slaves’ labor and the American Economy.
  19. A deeper look at the discrimination of African American soldiers in the Union Army.
  20. The assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King. Jr.
  21. Evaluating the New York draft riots in the Civil War.
  22. A deeper analysis of the Gold Rush in California.

Great European History Thesis Ideas

European history is just as fascinating as American history. You can explore many events, starting with the creation of the European Union back to ancient times by choosing great topics in European history.

  1. Evaluating the changes in the economies of European countries after World War I.
  2. Analyzing the French revolution: A closer look at the creation of democratic principles in the country.
  3. A deeper look at the battle of Hastings: What roles did it play in the history of England?
  4. A history of the church in Medieval Europe.
  5. Analyzing the influence of Egyptian, Roman, and Greek on European Culture.
  6. A closer look at German resistance to Hitler.
  7. A closer look at the main wars of World War I.
  8. What started World War I?
  9. Exploring the Flemish artists in Rome between 1500 and 1700.
  10. A discussion of French photography between 1800 and 1900.
  11. What were the impacts of the Berlin Wall on the development of the city?
  12. Analyzing the fall of the USSR.
  13. What are the modern-day impacts of the fall of the USSR?
  14. A closer look at children in the holocaust: How were they treated?
  15. Analyzing the World War Eastern Front.
  16. A closer look at the biggest concentration camps.
  17. Analyzing the Katyn Forest Massacre.
  18. A deeper look at how the Allied invaded and occupied Germany.
  19. Evaluating the Nuremberg Trials.
  20. Analyzing the invasion and occupation of Japan by Allied forces.
  21. A closer look at the accounts of Holocaust survivors.
  22. A closer look at the Battle of the Bulge.

World History Thesis Paper Topics

World-historical topics are not limited to Europe or America. They have a global perspective, unlike Europe’s and America’s historical ideas. Even though World War II began in Europe, it is still a global topic since it was fought worldwide. These are some interesting topics for history research papers in world history.

  1. A deeper look at World War II: Could it have been avoided?
  2. A deeper evaluation of the Vietnam War: The main causes and consequences.
  3. Analyzing the Cold War: What were the main causes and consequences?
  4. A holistic comparison of World War I and World War II.
  5. Outlining the main lessons from World War II and their applications.
  6. Evaluating the development and rise of the People’s Republic of China.
  7. The use of the Atomic Bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki: Could it have been avoided?
  8. Analyzing Japanese role in World War II.
  9. World War III: What are the chances of the world going into another global war?
  10. Evaluating the role of the United Nations in setting the world order after World War II.
  11. The jihadists and crusades: What are the similarities and differences?
  12. A closer look at communism: What was its impact on the world?
  13. Evaluating the quest for independence: A closer look at the African countries.
  14. Analyzing the Japanese economic growth: How did they do it?
  15. A closer look at the construction of the Great Wall of China.
  16. A closer look at the sexual revolution.
  17. Analyzing the Arab invasion of Spain.
  18. A closer look at the dancing paintings of Edgar Degas.
  19. What impact did Hinduism have on Indian art?
  20. What was the connection between World War I and World War II?
  21. What was the impact of colonization on the African continent?
  22. A deeper look into African art history and culture.

Ancient History Thesis Topics

These ancient world history research papers topics are great for students who wish to concentrate their research paper on ancient history. These ideas will help you identify the gaps in ancient history literature and fill them in to make a difference in your field of interest.

  1. A closer look at the history of the Holy Roman Empire.
  2. Comparing ancient Greece to the Roman Empire.
  3. A deeper analysis of why ancient Sparta was different in comparison to other cities of the time.
  4. A closer look at the prominent queens in Ancient Egypt.
  5. The development and importance of games in the ancient eras.
  6. A closer look at the origin of the papacy.
  7. What political powers did the pope have during the Middle Ages?
  8. Comparing the use of propaganda between modern times and ancient times.
  9. Discovering the most influential pharaoh.
  10. Exploring the code of Hammurabi.
  11. Evaluating the use of ziggurats in Mesopotamia.
  12. How did Egypt build the pyramids?
  13. A closer look at the Battle of Marathon: Assessing the defeat of Persia by Greeks.
  14. The reinvention of history: A closer look at Aristotle and Plato’s collaboration.
  15. Evaluating the strategy used by Alexander during the conquest of Egypt.
  16. Analyzing the Hun’s invasion of Europe.
  17. A closer look at Rome: When and how was it founded?
  18. Analyzing the French renaissance ceramics.
  19. A deeper look at medieval Romance literature.
  20. Evaluating arms and armor in Renaissance Europe.
  21. Analyze Renaissance art history, famous artists, and their cultural influence at the time.
  22. Differences and similarities between first empires and societies.

How to Select the Best History Thesis Topics

It is crucial to know how to choose the best historical topics before we can get into the fun stuff. History is a broad topic so you must choose the right topic. These are some helpful tips to help narrow down your search for the perfect topic.

  1. Only choose history thesis topics that you are interested in. These are niches you have a connection to and would like to continue exploring. You can easily get lost in the middle if you choose an area that isn’t interesting. This can also make it difficult to write your paper.
  2. You should choose a topic that is well-resourced. A research paper is a long piece of writing that requires extensive research. Therefore, it is best to choose an area with plenty of resources.
  3. Limit your topic to a time limit. It is important to choose an era that has captured the events well. It is fine to explore any period. However, it is important to be aware of conflicting accounts of events in the older periods.
  4. When choosing a topic for your paper, you should consult your supervisor or professor. Make sure you consult your department for specific suggestions on how students can develop their thesis ideas.
  5. Examine the current research for any gaps. Look closely at a thesis of a well-known scholar. They often cite areas that need further research. This is a great place to find a topic for a history thesis.

With Great History Topics, Your Research Writing Journey Begins!

This article has helped you identify the most fascinating topics in history. It is important to choose a topic so that you can articulately write a winning research paper. It is crucial to remember that choosing good topics for your paper marks the beginning of a long road ahead. This is where you start your writing. From there, you should be focusing on drafting, researching, and outlining.

Writing a good research paper or thesis takes a lot of work and skills that not many students have. Even those with some skills may still struggle to write a winning thesis and research paper. It is therefore important to seek expert writing assistance. Professional writers have a lot of experience writing similar thesis papers.

No history research paper topic is too difficult for expert writers. They are also affordable and allow you to follow your work from one chapter to the next until you are satisfied. After choosing the best history topics, don’t let your thesis stress you out. Get help from experts to make it a breeze!

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