My Dissertation Is Killing Me – Turning Dissertation Hell To Bliss


My dissertation is killing me! Those are the five words that are threatening to break you down. But, they are the tip of the iceberg. Your supervisor has told you that you are on the wrong track, you are stuck on the data analysis chapter, and now you are finally sure of one thing: you are going down. Giving up is not an option!

Efforts to follow your supervisor’s instructions do not seem to yield much. Indeed, you appear to be sinking deeper into confusion. My PhD supervisor hates me, and I hate my dissertation are now part of you. But you know what, enough is enough, you can get it right! Actually, professional help to help you roll over that dissertation is only a click away.

This post is crafted specifically to help you deconstruct I hate my thesis to my thesis is the best. We have helped others, and your case is no different. Come on; take a sigh of relief, and you will see everything molt right in front of your eyes.

Finishing Your Dissertation Even When You Hate It!

To finish dissertation even when you hate it so much requires only two things. One, think about the first time you enrolled for your PhD and rekindle that innate drive. To become that doctor, engineer, or sociologist of your dreams, you need to rekindle that fire. Therefore, simply keep calm and finish your dissertation.

Another thing you need to know is that your supervisor’s rating is based on how well he guides PhD students to success. It is not that he is hell-bent to make your dissertation hell. As such, think of what he said and look at it positively. For a moment, try to put aside the notion that my dissertation is bad and focus on the positive side. You will get it right. Does that work? Now follow the dissertation carefully from the start and make the next step.

Finish Your Dissertation In No Time Like A Pro

The moment you picked a dissertation topic and started the research journey, perhaps it was unclear about the mountains and valleys on the way. But hold on; no one said it was going to be a walkover. The title (Dr. or PhD) you are about to get will attract honors like a magnet everywhere you go. Therefore, it is time to work for it by replacing the notion my dissertation is killing me with a workable formula. The most outstanding formula to finish your thesis like a pro is crafting a winning structure and working on it step after step.

After crafting the structure, finishing your dissertation becomes so much simplified. And, every component you add helps to build the thesis. For example, when you write the literature review, you will understand the topic more and grasp the theoretical underpinnings related to the research questions. But this is not all. The most important thing about following the best dissertation structure is that you will be able to see how to finish dissertation from previous scholars.

Turning that Dissertation Hell into Bliss

My dissertation is killing me! How hard is it to write a dissertation? This is the question that you should have asked before commencing the journey to write your thesis. The answer to the question is hard and simple. That is right. Writing your dissertation can turn out into a living hell if you pick the wrong topic, lack the right skills, and take the wrong approach. But now that you’ve already started, it is time to change the notion “I hate my dissertation” to “I love it.” You can achieve this by doing two things:

  1. Following your department’s recommendation: When you carefully follow your department’s recommendation, you will always be sure that your dissertation is on the right track.

  2. Using a sample of another well-written dissertation: Well, no matter what chapter is making your dissertation hell, having a sample as a guide can be of great help. If you have several samples, improve on the structure, and you know what? Your thesis will be a lot better!

The No-Fail Secret to Writing a Dissertation… No Need For Stress

Have you read the above strategies and wondered, I have tried all of these, and none is working? Indeed, there are many things that can stand on your way to finishing your dissertation correctly.

  • The time you have to finish the dissertation can be limited.

  • Your writing skills might be insufficient.

  • Your supervisor might be busy elsewhere and is offering unreliable help.

  • The available resources might be inadequate.

These are some of the reasons that might be fueling the argument, my dissertation is killing me, and I hate my dissertation. But no matter what is standing on your way to crafting a winning dissertation, the no-fail secret to getting it right is seeking writing help.

Why writing help? Instead of struggling to craft a standard document with a high risk of failure during defense, the writing services are cheap and will get you professional dissertations. They have professional writers who have written dozens of dissertations and made past students pass with flying colors. Even if you are writing a dissertation in 3 months, the professional writers will get you top-rated documents. You can never go wrong with them!

Whether you are wondering how to finish a PhD in 3 years or a dissertation in just three months, expert writers are there for you. With professional writers, you can put on a big smile right away: my dissertation is killing me, and post dissertation depression will be alien phrases.

That is the no-fail secret to writing the best dissertation …. no need for stress!

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