100 Best How To Speech Topics & Ideas In 2023

how to topics

How to topics make students feel like experts. They also allow them to practice non-fiction writing. That’s because these topics require them to explain how a person can do something. It can be something simple like how to follow more topics on Pinterest or something complex like how to create a nuclear reactor.

When writing about how to essay topics, students should dissect processes from the beginning to the end. They should also include all the necessary information to enable the reader to achieve their desired results. Essentially, essays and speeches on these topics should guide readers into doing something successfully.

The Purpose of How To Speech Topics

Good how-to topics make learners more confident and competent nonfiction writers. Some students consider this as their writing genre. These topics describe how certain tasks are completed. Something good about this writing genre is that it allows learners to describe processes that they are familiar with.

This enables learners to focus on writing while enjoying the experience that’s enjoyed by experts. They also feel good about communicating something meaningful to their audiences. In most cases, students are asked to write how-to speeches. That means they have to choose how to topics for demonstration speech. And, this genre has many topics that students can choose from. Here are some of the major categories of how to speech ideas.

How To Speeches Topics for High School Students

Some high school teachers ask students to write speeches demonstrating how certain things are done. If you’ve been asked to write on such a topic, here are good how-to speech topics to choose from.

  1. How to write an admission letter for university or college
  2. How to remain safe in an unfamiliar or new environment
  3. How to make new friends at a new college
  4. How to choose a college or university
  5. How to choose a study program
  6. How to choose a career
  7. How to choose the best game
  8. How to become a public speaker
  9. How to choose activities that improve self-esteem and confidence
  10. How plants produce and use oxygen
  11. How to put off something you don’t like without hurting others
  12. How to prepare for a marathon or a long race
  13. How to get a scholarship to study overseas
  14. How to stay fit in high school
  15. How to grow flowers indoors or in a garden
  16. How to create something like a painting or building at home
  17. How to prepare French fries at home
  18. How to prepare for college
  19. How to search for academic articles on the internet
  20. How to prepare for a trip with family

These are great how-to speech topics that can earn top grades for high school students when researched and written properly. It’s, however, important that learners choose the topics they are familiar with and comfortable writing about.

How To Topics for Second Grade

Second grade is the time when children are developing writing skills. At this time, children start to express their opinions and recount narratives. They can also provide instructions in writing. Here are some of the best topics of how to teach writing to second-grade children. Asking second-grade children to write about these topics will engage them in writing and spark their creativity.

  1. How to be kind to other people
  2. How to make your birthday special and memorable
  3. How to build a beautiful house
  4. How to read a bedtime story
  5. How to tell a story
  6. How to make chocolate
  7. How to play your favorite games
  8. How to tie your shoes
  9. How to keep a friend
  10. How to take care of your pet
  11. How to get a good school report card
  12. How to make a friend
  13. How to prepare for dinner
  14. How to sharpen a pencil
  15. How to blow bubbles
  16. How to draw a picture
  17. How to paint the best picture
  18. How to tidy your room
  19. How to tidy your desk
  20. How to give a pet a bath

These are great how to presentation topics that can enable second-grade children to express their opinions with simple words and improve their writing skills.

How To Speeches Topics for College Students

College time provides a chance to sharpen writing skills. This is the place where students learn to research, analyze, organize, and present solid ideas. Here, students are expected to write on how to process speech topics that can be used to do something professionally.

Here are great how to demonstration speech topics community college students can choose from:

  1. How to use a Smartphone to complete homework
  2. How to avoid peer pressure
  3. How to avoid recurring nightmares
  4. How to write a great essay
  5. How to write a research paper
  6. How to look stylish and fashionable in college
  7. How to choose a major
  8. How to avoid procrastination in college
  9. How to avoid stressful situations in college
  10. How to finish Aleks topics fast
  11. How to study for exams
  12. How to write a great film review
  13. How to start a business after college
  14. How to improve your writing skills
  15. How to improve your public speaking skills
  16. How to enhance your leadership skills
  17. How to survive a recession
  18. How to start an online business
  19. How to avoid drug addiction in college
  20. How to learn a second language in college

These are also amazing how to topics for speech or presentation. However, they should be researched properly to come up with informative pieces.

Topics for How To Speech for University

Maybe you’ve been asked to write a speech and present it to demonstrate how to do something. Here are amazing how to process speech topics that you can choose from.

  1. How to survive a recession
  2. How to survive a pandemic
  3. How to introduce a topic for an essay
  4. How to write a narrative essay
  5. How to write a research paper
  6. How to choose an essay topic
  7. How to devise a lesson plan for teaching preschool children
  8. How to campaign for a leadership position
  9. How to search for academic journals on the internet
  10. How to write a book review
  11. How to research a topic before writing a paper
  12. How to effectively manage finances and save money
  13. How to perform a qualitative study using people as your subjects
  14. How to avoid stress in the workplace
  15. How to start and run an online cosmetic business
  16. How to stay fit during a pandemic
  17. How to prepare for a new job
  18. How to prepare for an interview
  19. How to install new software on a laptop or desktop computer
  20. How to stay fit without skipping essential meals

Funny How To Topics

Perhaps, you want to write the most interesting speech or essay. In that case, consider the following topics.

  1. How to fail exams easily
  2. How to become the best in procrastination
  3. How to look more intelligent
  4. How to use hobbies to judge others
  5. How to catch a liar
  6. How to persuade your parents to do homework for you
  7. How to use the horoscope to explain failures
  8. How to boost your IQ by playing computer games
  9. How to convince your friends to pay your bills
  10. How to determine the intelligence level of your pet
  11. How to teach your pet to talk
  12. How to become the most annoying person in your school
  13. How to make your parents accommodate you when you are already 30 years old
  14. How to ensure that your parents do not spend a lot of time on social media
  15. How to make your first date a total failure
  16. How to be the happiest person in your family
  17. How to make your girlfriend or boyfriend love you forever
  18. How to make other people hate you
  19. How to make people love you
  20. How to push an annoying person away

Every student knows how it feels to walk into hot topics. If you don’t want to struggle to search for the information required to write an essay or a speech, consider topics in this category. Ask our thesis writers to help you, if you cannot make your choice.

Choosing topics in this genre can mark the beginning of the nonfiction writing journey for most students. Nevertheless, learners should know how to come up with story ideas and research them properly to come up with informative, solid essays or speeches.

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