100 Interesting Psychology Research Paper Topics to Write About

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Coming up with great psychology topics can be more challenging than researching and writing. Luckily, students can find a wide range of interesting psychology topics to write about. The topic that a student chooses is the first thing that will pique their attention and interest. It can help them to perceive the main idea and content of a paper or essay.

But, what are the best psychology topics to write about? Well, psychology topics for research papers vary from social psychology to women’s psychology. Nevertheless, students should choose their psychology project topics based on what they find interesting. What’s more, learners should choose psychology research paper topics that will enable them to achieve their goals.

Choosing The Best Psychology Topics

Perhaps, you’re not sure whether the topic you want to choose is the best for your paper. In that case, consider the following quality of the best psychology topics for the research paper:

  • Research question – A good topic focuses on answering a specific question.
  • Clarity – The topic is clear and easy to understand.
  • Well defined – The best topic is well-phrased using an easy-to-understand language.
  • Importance – The best topic has current importance. That means it’s not obsolete.

Although there are many psychology debate topics that learners can find online, not all of them have these attributes. Therefore, students should analyze the psychology paper topics they find online before they start working on them. If struggling to find psychology topics for presentation or research, you can pick ideas from this list.

Great Social Psychology Topics

Perhaps, you’re wondering, what are some social psychology topics that you can write about? Well, here are some of the best topics in social psychology to consider.

  1. What are the best ways for families to cope with grief?
  2. Factors that can bring severe change in the perspective of a person towards religion
  3. What role do violence and aggression play in society?
  4. LGBT and self-esteem
  5. Teenage psychology
  6. Impact of depression on cognitive development
  7. Does physical disability cause psychological disability?
  8. What is the psychological perspective of disabled persons?
  9. How to deal with anxiety
  10. Is family counseling important?
  11. How do people respond to nonverbal communication that doesn’t match verbal behavior?
  12. Are humans good at exposing lies?
  13. How do people react when others violate social norms?
  14. What is the effect of attitude on appearance?
  15. Do social networks enhance human interactions?
  16. How can obedience to authority cause cruelty?
  17. What measures can be taken to control the aggression of street demonstrators?
  18. Compliance, conformity, and obedience as a social status function
  19. How can belonging to a group alter the behavior of an individual?
  20. How is the behavior of a person modeled by society?

These are some of the best research topics in social psychology. However, each of these topics requires extensive research before writing about them.

Developmental Psychology Topics

Developmental psychology research topics are mostly about early childhood. They aim to address issues like social learning, language development, and childhood attachment. Here are some of the best topics in developmental psychology that you can consider.

  1. Mirroring behavior in kids- What are the major types?
  2. How does ignoring the emotional needs of a child affects their adult life?
  3. What psychological changes relate to old age?
  4. What are the similarities and differences between mirror tests in kids and animals?
  5. Does child abuse cause multiple psychological afflictions in life?
  6. What are the major emotional needs of children?
  7. What are the similarities and differences between the midlife crisis in women and men?
  8. How does short-term memory evolve from an early age to an advanced age?
  9. How can bullying be tacked by psychology development?
  10. What causes violence in kids?
  11. How can child development be influenced by parental development>
  12. What increases the chances of child abuse?
  13. What is the role of gender in modern society?
  14. What factors affect the ability to learn languages?
  15. How does media facilitate violence?
  16. What causes psychopathic behavior among the youth?
  17. What psychological reasons cause aging?
  18. How can bullying affect the achievement of a student?
  19. Health impact on psychological development
  20. Learning capabilities decline with age. Explain.

These are some of the best psychological research proposal topics that students can present to their educators. Nevertheless, anybody that is interested in child psychology topics can consider them.

Cognitive Psychology Topics

Topics in cognitive psychology explore areas like thinking, intelligence, decision-making, and language. Here are some of the best topics to consider in this category.

  1. How is the development of children influenced by ADHD?
  2. How is modern society affected by Autism?
  3. How can memory loss be recovered?
  4. How is color psychology used in the study of cognitive development?
  5. How can the attention span be measured effectively in children?
  6. Why do people have memories?
  7. What affects the ability to solve problems in children?
  8. How can cognitive development and life be affected by speech disorders in children?
  9. How do cognitive psychology experiments measure the critical thinking ability of a person?
  10. What factors can cause repressed memory parts?
  11. What can influence judgment when it comes to decision-making?
  12. How can analytical and critical abilities be increased?
  13. Explain the decision-making psychology- How do people make choices?
  14. Explain the dual-process theory of thinking
  15. Explain Paramnesia- How is it exhibited?
  16. Discuss the Déjà vu effect- What are the psychological mechanisms?
  17. Power loads influence different directions on short-term memory properties
  18. What role does attention play in cognitive processes development
  19. What are the cognitive development features in preschool children?
  20. The social and natural components of altruism and empathy

Some of these are great children’s psychology topics. If looking for some of the best psychology dissertation topics, you can also consider some in this category.

Controversial Psychology Topics

Do you want to research and write about controversial topics in psychology? In that case, consider this list of psychology dissertation topics:

  1. Can homosexuality be described as a psychological condition?
  2. Should an attempt to correct homosexuality be made?
  3. Why do some people consider homosexuality a negative thing?
  4. Ethics that surround the development and use of cognitive-enhancing drugs
  5. The validity of the diagnosis based on DSM criteria
  6. Is the negativity that surrounds homosexuality justified or is it the typical disgust and fear for the lesser and minority public mentality?
  7. Can a parent be the perpetrator of child sexual abuse?
  8. The psychological profile of the typical perpetrator of child abuse
  9. Ex-felons workplace psychology
  10. How negative parenting affects child psychology
  11. How justified is a crime as a way to cope with trauma?
  12. Past-life regression therapy and hypnotherapy- Science or clinical hocus-pocus?
  13. Is alternative reality a result of being drugged?
  14. Paranormal and parapsychology phenomenon- Are they real?
  15. Online dating and social networks- How do they affect teenagers psychologically?
  16. Is there more social pressure than individual willingness when it comes to having children?
  17. Are human beings naturally violent?
  18. How can parents’ divorce harm children?
  19. Are behavioral and human cognitive activities determined?
  20. How can the employment of a mother affect her children?

Some of these are amazing educational psychology topics. However, learners that choose these topics should be ready to research extensively and analyze data before they write their papers or essays.

Health Psychology Topics

Perhaps, you want to study a specific health condition that relates to psychology. In that case, you should consider health psychology research topics. This category can also include abnormal psychology topics. Here are some of the best topics to consider in health psychology.

  1. The role of psychological assistance in the management of eating disorders
  2. The efficiency of group therapy in palliative care
  3. The management of chronic pain via meditation techniques
  4. Effective interventions for enforcing abstinence among drug addicts
  5. The best approaches for managing depression and stress in cancer patients
  6. Physical exercise is an important stress and mood control tool
  7. The effects of physical exercise and social interaction on cognitive abilities
  8. Communication strategies that encourage regular screening among patients
  9. Lessons learned during the 12-step Alcoholics Anonymous programs
  10. The psychological interpretation of belief as a central role in Alcoholics Anonymous
  11. Depression and social cognition
  12. Adjusting to physical illness- What is the best approach?
  13. How do eating disorders affect society?
  14. What is the best way to treat ADHD in a family system?
  15. How does AIDS affect a family psychologically?
  16. How anxiety disorders affect male adults
  17. Explain the sexuality offending behavior
  18. Explain how insomnia affects a person
  19. How is old age affected by schizophrenia?
  20. Mental disorders and mood disorders – are they related?

In addition to these topics, learners can also consider forensic psychology topics and sports psychology topics. You just need to contact our academic writers, they are ready to help you 24/7. Students should select topics they are interested in and capable of finding enough information to write about, but we can help you with sources as well.

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