210 Catchy Microeconomics Research Paper Topics For Students

microeconomics topics

When you are writing a microeconomics paper, you need to integrate different mathematical tools with important concepts that you study throughout the semester. These papers are evaluated based on their uniqueness and quality of analysis. This is why choosing the right microeconomic topics is extremely important.

Here is a list of some interesting microeconomic topics that you can choose from or generate unique ideas for your papers from.

Microeconomic Topics For Research Paper

Here are some microeconomic topics to write about that can help you gather great information and also provide detailed economic analysis on the content that you write.

  1. Types of Inflation and their consequences
  2. The various sources of inflation
  3. What is the essence of inflation
  4. The relationship between the economic theory and the game theory
  5. How does the participation of the labor force affect the budget and the economy?
  6. The effect of income on the choices made by consumers.
  7. How is individual decision making benefitted by the opportunity cost approach?
  8. What are some examples of homogenous products that are perfectly competing in the market?
  9. How is the labor force composition affected by marital status?
  10. Explain the concept of market equilibrium
  11. Consumer buying behavior and the relationship with prices of products.
  12. Price elasticity and the impact advertising has on it.
  13. How do household conditions affect microeconomic models?
  14. How do nature conditions affect microeconomic models?
  15. How do industry conditions affect microeconomic models?
  16. Is the law of demand applicable to luxury goods?
  17. The importance of cross elasticity of demand
  18. Explain the razor and blades business model
  19. What are the different factors that affect the pricing system?
  20. How can the equity of a tax system be determined by studying tax incidence?
  21. Provide a detailed comparison of the marketing strategies of Coca Cola and Pepsi
  22. What is the importance of network effects?
  23. The effect of barriers to entry on market competition
  24. Market value versus fair value. Provide a detailed comparison.
  25. What are the various strategies of product differentiation?
  26. How are consumers impacted by cartels? List the harmful effects.
  27. Is unemployment a macroeconomics or microeconomics concept?
  28. The primary causes of consumer inflation in China
  29. How can you maximize revenue using microeconomics?
  30. The Gini Index and its role in reflecting the issues of unequal income distribution.

Microeconomic Research Paper Topics on Econometrics

Econometrics is that branch of microeconomics that deals with a series of mathematical tools. If you are wondering, ‘What are some microeconomic topics related to this branch of economics?’, here are some ideas for you.

  1. Is the ‘share the chores, share the money’ idea of the 60s concept a good one?
  2. Is it possible to leave the rat race behind- what are the consequences?
  3. Does wealth really give you happiness? Discuss with reference to increasing suicide rates among millionaires.
  4. Abuse in the National Football League
  5. The effects of a terrorist attack on the power grid of a country.
  6. A study of the evolving trends of consumer behaviour over the last 10 years.
  7. How does productivity in UK firms impact mergers. Explain with a critical analysis of Amazon merging with UK companies.
  8. Does the dominant firm model hold good in the furniture retail industry in the United States?
  9. A critical analysis of housing markets and its application to financial econometrics.
  10. A detailed analysis on the impact of stricter regulations on tech-based industries. Provide a case study of any company of your choice.
  11. A study of the economics of risk in a post pandemic world.
  12. How does game theory and decision theory impact the economics of any country?
  13. How do interest rates affect the consumption of luxury items? Provide a comparison of any two global markets.
  14. Critical study on the impact of dollar evolution in consumerism behaviour in international markets.
  15. A study of the impact of the changes in oil prices on consumption
  16. A study on the relationship between the interest rates and tariffs in the United Kingdom and the European Union.
  17. An analysis of the various factors that are responsible for inequality in salaries in different global markets.
  18. A comparative study of urban salaries versus rural salaries.
  19. The impact of free education on economy
  20. A study on why the internet should be available free of cost.
  21. How does the cost of living impact the quality of life? Compare the top 5 countries in the world to live in.
  22. Explain difference in difference regression using the theory of econometrics.
  23. How missing data in the stock market indices can provide an effective solution for regression model.
  24. Provide an econometric assessment on the impact of the level of education on the economic condition of a country.
  25. The possible trends of Digital targeting if cookies are banned
  26. Comparative study of the performance of railroads and how they affect the economy of a country.
  27. A study of the emigration pressures in many medium and low income countries.
  28. The causes for the massive price increase in residential properties
  29. A detailed study of the improvement of low cost airlines in Thailand.
  30. A detailed analysis of the booming economy of Singapore.

Microeconomic Paper Topics for Monopoly

Monopoly in different industries is very interesting to study and write about. Here are some microeconomic research topics about monopoly that you can use for your research papers.

  1. The role of government monopoly in preventing businesses from succeeding.
  2. The global market and the domination of technological monopoly
  3. Oligopoly and its positive impact
  4. Natural monopoly is the new business norm. Discuss in detail.
  5. Should a struggling business opt for legal monopoly?
  6. What are the different types of price discrimination?
  7. What are the various types and sources of monopoly
  8. What is monopoly price discrimination
  9. The power of monopoly power and how to measure it
  10. The effect of cross elasticity on market monopoly
  11. How companies with monopoly in a given market have managed to face the industry demand curve?
  12. A study of strategic control on raw material in a monopoly market.
  13. A comparative study of government regulated and private owned monopolies
  14. The role of the government in protecting the monopoly of a company.
  15. Maximum profit and minimum costs. A study of this monopolist model with respect to well -known companies.
  16. How threat of entry in a monopoly affects economic change.
  17. Consumer demand and the impact on price discrimination
  18. Fixing the prices of products and services in a monopoly market.
  19. Rise in price lowers demanded quantity in a monopoly market. Provide examples to support this statement.
  20. Examples of the best monopolies over the last decade.
  21. Explain the concept of oligopoly
  22. How production decisions are interdependent in case of an oligopoly
  23. Monosomy versus monopoly
  24. Will consumers have better purchasing power in a monosomy or a monopoly? Explain with examples.
  25. The average revenue curve in the monopoly model.
  26. Is the consumer better off in a monopoly market or a perfect competition market?
  27. The disadvantages of a monopoly
  28. New businesses that challenged monopoly. Provide examples of some of the most successful new entries in a monopoly
  29. The political impact of monopoly
  30. The social impact of monopoly.

Microeconomic Topics For Presentations

Have an econ paper to present? Here are some microeconomic topics for presentations that will help you prepare a list of interesting points to talk about.

  1. Depression and startups: The dark side of being entrepreneurs.
  2. The market for smartphones and conspicuous consumption
  3. Risk management tools and techniques used by entrepreneurs
  4. Long run average cost curve and its uses in business planning.
  5. Office-less businesses: Is it the demand of the future?
  6. Analysis of the supply and demand of Coca Cola
  7. The dynamics of the labour market.
  8. Implicit cost versus opportunity cost. Discuss the differences
  9. The effect of minimum wage on market equilibrium.
  10. Minimum wages and its effect on unemployment
  11. Are taxes the cause of deadweight loss.
  12. The Matthew effect and social investment
  13. A microeconomic approach to medical cost containment
  14. Employee strike and its disadvantages
  15. Economic growth and productivity: What is the relationship
  16. Allocative efficiency is a perfect competition market.
  17. Productive efficiency in a perfect competition market.
  18. The difference between income and wealth
  19. Primary examples of social inequality as a result of economic inequality
  20. Market infrastructure and trading venues
  21. Market segmentation and its importance in healthcare
  22. The best strategies to increase capital turnover ration
  23. Theoretical and practical losses from monopoly
  24. The effect of bureaucracy on employees and customers
  25. The role of intellectual property rights
  26. Money as the evolved form of commodity relations
  27. Economic theory and the impact of innovative entrepreneurs
  28. Circulating and fixed capital economies
  29. Market infrastructure and trading venues
  30. Information technology and its role in economic development
  31. Why do global economies strive to maximize the use of natural resources?
  32. The impact of increase in income on inferior and normal goods.
  33. The role of productivity in improving economic growth
  34. The economic benefit and importance of market speculation.
  35. The importance of insurance in economic development of any country
  36. Risk pooling: The advantages and disadvantages.
  37. A comparative study of normal, necessary, inferior and luxury goods
  38. Marginal resource cost and the effect on marginal profitability
  39. The impact of trade unions on labour markets
  40. The sharing of tax burdens between sellers and buyers

Microeconomic Topic in the News

Microeconomic current news topics are among the best ones when it comes to writing your research papers. They are interesting as they are trending and fresh. You also have a lot of scope to present ideas and arguments with these topics.

  1. Examples of some inelastic goods in the current times.
  2. The reason businesses prefer to invest in inelastic products that are in demand.
  3. Take any modern product or service and explain if it represents luxury or necessity
  4. Price fluctuations and the recent factors that have influenced them.
  5. The impact of the coronavirus pandemic on global economy
  6. A study of the restaurant industry and the impact on the pandemic
  7. Risk management strategies used by small businesses during the coronavirus pandemic
  8. The impact on the healthcare sector during the pandemic
  9. The need for government intervention in a crashing economy
  10. Work from home and its economic impact
  11. Work from home and its social impact
  12. Insulin is a highly inelastic product: Explain in detail.
  13. How time impacts the elasticity of goods and services
  14. Diverse weather conditions and the impact on the economy
  15. Is clean energy the morally right way to make profits with your business?
  16. The role of various industrial locations on microeconomics
  17. The increase in part-time jobs: The advantages and disadvantages
  18. Maintaining a business venture in the middle of a pandemic
  19. Why companies failed to manage losses resulting from the pandemic.
  20. Nature is the biggest victim of industrialization.
  21. The role of social media in stimulating demand and supply
  22. The best ways to reach tech-oriented customers using social media
  23. The increasing importance of marketing and its effects on sales and profit margins
  24. The new strategies of advertising and the role in microeconomics
  25. Provide a detailed study of Uber and how it has managed to run an thriving online business.
  26. The growth of cloud kitchens and the impact on economy
  27. The role of cloud kitchens during the coronavirus pandemic
  28. Social media business monopolies
  29. The age of robots and its efficiency
  30. The impact of social media on consumer behaviour and decisions.
  31. The change in cost of masks before and after the pandemic.
  32. The role of the government in regulating private healthcare facilities during the pandemic
  33. The pricing of medication and vaccines during a pandemic
  34. Distinction between demand and need in health economics with respect to the COVID-19 pandemic
  35. The impact of the pandemic on medical facilities

Good Microeconomic Topics For College

Here are some microeconomic theory topics that will give you a lot of material to present in your college research paper.

  1. Network externalities and a study of their influence on social media
  2. Structure and pricing of digital commodities.
  3. How do businesses navigate through online scandals
  4. How to optimize operational costs using social media
  5. Beating market competition using various channels of technology
  6. Increasing working potential using technology
  7. How has technology affected circulating and fixed capital
  8. The advantages and disadvantages of using tech to manage business operations.
  9. The importance of microeconomics in property rights innovation.
  10. How adjusting to technology affects prices and income
  11. Using technology to overcome market losses and failure.
  12. Features of the modern healthcare system and its impact on microeconomics.
  13. How the healthcare industry became the most significant beneficiary during the coronavirus pandemic
  14. Equity and efficiency in health economics
  15. The role of perfect competition firms in producing optimal output level and ensuring minimum cost per unit.
  16. Overcoming the challenges of imperfect competition
  17. How did oligopoly give rise to cartels
  18. The importance of competition as a regulatory mechanism in a market system ‘
  19. How are the number of firms in a market determined
  20. Why are there fewer buyers and more sellers in an oligopoly
  21. How does government directed planning affect the market structure?
  22. Provide a detailed study on product uniformity across various firms
  23. The impact of government policies on microeconomics
  24. The methods used by small businesses to avoid bankruptcy
  25. Social investment and how it is affected by the Matthew Effect
  26. How does microeconomics make up for inefficient business decisions?
  27. How are small businesses impacted by employee strikes?
  28. The role of college students and part-time work on the economy
  29. Can natural resources be used effectively for profits
  30. Why must businesses support each other?

Easy Microeconomic Topics For Research

These microeconomic paper topics are simple, yet extremely effective as they have a lot of existing research available for you to refer to and also add your own points to:

  1. Compare and contrast the different marketing strategies used by McDonalds and KFC
  2. What is business Sacco?
  3. The challenges faced by online stores in meeting market standards
  4. How can products be differentiated effectively
  5. The role of microeconomics in reducing unemployment
  6. The role of branding in managing market competition
  7. What are the common barriers of growth faced by startups
  8. What are the economics implications of gambling
  9. Compare the unemployment levels in America and the rest of the world.
  10. Did Wage prices rise or fall this year? What were the common causes?
  11. The market structure of the food industry and the different functions
  12. A detailed study of oil demand over the last decade
  13. Provide a study of various companies that have a No Sale Policy and how it affects their business strategy
  14. List the latest trends in marketing
  15. What is the impact on prices of the purchasing ability of customers

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