200 Interesting World History Topics to Write About

world history topics

If you are looking for a long list of original world history topics that you can use in 2022, you have arrived at just the right place. Our experienced writers have just finished updating the world history topics, so you can find unique ideas in no time. We have everything from world history term paper topics to ancient history research paper topics.

Choose Our World History Research Paper Topics

Are you prepared to read the 200 world history essay topics we have prepared for you? Simply scroll down through the different categories and find the best topics for you. Reword them as you see fit; you don’t need to give us any credit.

Interesting World History Topics

We will start our list with the most interesting topics we could find. Don’t hesitate to pick one of these interesting world history topics right now:

  1. The first use of weapons in Europe
  2. The colonization of South America
  3. Discuss relationships in Medieval Europe
  4. The abolition of slavery in the US
  5. The assassination of Abraham Lincoln
  6. The most powerful army of all times

World History Research Paper Topics

If you need to write a research paper about world history, you will be thrilled to learn that we have more than enough world history research paper topics right here:

  1. Major events in medieval Europe
  2. The age of discovery (the Middle Ages)
  3. Most important people of the 1600s
  4. Analyze the Gallipoli campaign
  5. The Holocaust during WW II
  6. Politics in 1700s Europe

AP World History Topics

Are you interested in writing AP world history essays? Our experts have put together a list of the best and most interesting AP world history topics:

  1. The development of a major culture
  2. The interaction between 2 major cultures
  3. The creation of an economic system
  4. The expansion of an economic system
  5. Humans and the surrounding environment
  6. The development of social structures

Art History Ideas

Talking about art history has the potential to impress your professor, so why not give it a try? We have some of the best art history ideas right here:

  1. The main motifs of medieval art
  2. Traditional Japanese wedding attires
  3. Analyze The Death of Sardanapalus
  4. The Rococo movement
  5. Light use in Sunrise by Monet
  6. Major elements of Gothic architecture
  7. Leonardo da Vinci’s religious motifs
  8. Traditional Chinese costumes

World History Project Topics

If you are tasked with doing a world history project, we can help you with some very nice ideas. Take a look at our world history project topics and pick the one you like:

  1. Uncovering the site of a major battle
  2. Make an archeological discovery
  3. Retracing the steps of the First Crusade
  4. Animating a WW II battle
  5. Describe tactics in a major ancient battle
  6. Putting ancient pottery fragments back together

World History Debate Topics

Are you preparing a debate? Then you need to find the best possible topic. To help you out, our ENL writers have compiled a list of the best world history debate topics:

  1. Comparing Roman and Greek civilizations
  2. The most influential leader of Rome
  3. The rise of fascism in Europe
  4. What caused WW I?
  5. Historicism vs. Presentism
  6. The crucifixion of Christ
  7. The negative influence of the Roman Empire
  8. Communist’s rise to power in China

World History Argumentative Essay Topics

If you need to write an argumentative essay, you are probably looking for the most interesting ideas. Take a look at these awesome world history argumentative essay topics:

  1. The travels of the Vikings
  2. Ancient Chinese philosophy
  3. Ancient Egypt’s effects on humanity
  4. The importance of Corinth in ancient times
  5. The greatest Roman leader: Octavian
  6. David Livingstone and his contribution to African culture
  7. What caused the Great Famine?
  8. China and gunpowder

World History Topic Ideas for High School

High school students should look for topics that are not overly complex. We’ve created a list of world history topic ideas for high school students. Take a look:

  1. The use of elephants in ancient wars
  2. Trebuchets and the mechanics behind them
  3. Were battering rams effective?
  4. The effects of The Inquisition on Europe
  5. Socialism: The Paris Commune
  6. Gods in Ancient Egypt
  7. Gods in Ancient Rome
  8. Gods in Ancient Greece

World History Before 1500 Paper Topics

Choose one of our awesome world history before 1500 paper topics and start writing your essay right away. Here are our best ideas:

  1. Discuss the Chaledean Empire
  2. Analyze the Neo-Babylonian Empire
  3. Discuss spoken language in 1000 AD
  4. Analyze the Neolithic Age
  5. Discuss irrigation in 1200 AD
  6. The invention of writing
  7. Discuss Zoroastrian cultures
  8. Discuss religions before 1000 AD. You can also check out our religion research paper topics.

20th Century World History Research Paper Topics

Wouldn’t it be great if you could find some unique 20th century world history research paper topics? Well, you will be thrilled to find out that we have some right here:

  1. Analyze one of the speeches of Martin Luther King
  2. The Vietnam War
  3. Nixon’s impeachment proceedings
  4. Nelson Mandela’s legacy
  5. The space exploration age
  6. Discuss Identity Politics
  7. Civil Rights in the US
  8. Major holocaust events

Good World History Research Paper Topics

Good good world history research paper topics are topics that are relatively easy to write about. You can find plenty of information online. Here are a few examples:

  1. Culinary delights during the Industrial revolution
  2. Aztec military tactics
  3. The great witch hunts of Europe
  4. Discuss Greece’s influence on Egypt
  5. Koryo Dynasty: Unifying Korea
  6. The failure of the Second Crusade
  7. The first Olympic Games

Ancient World History Research Paper Topics

Are you interested in writing a paper on ancient world history? We have plenty of interesting ancient world history research paper topics right here. Check them out:

  1. The rise of the Roman Empire
  2. The fall of the Roman Empire
  3. Greek city states
  4. The emergency of democracy in Greece
  5. Ancient African empires
  6. The Babylonian Empire
  7. The Persian Empire

European History Ideas

Why not write your paper about European history? We have some unique European history ideas below (and the list is updated periodically):

  1. The history of the Getae
  2. The expansion of the Dacians
  3. Analyze the League of Nations
  4. The legacy of WW I
  5. Totalitarian and imperialist movements in Europe
  6. The Golden age of piracy in Europe
  7. Nationalism in Europe in the 1700s

Modern World History Topics

Are you interested in writing about modern world history? Don’t hesitate to pick one of our modern world history topics and start writing your paper right away:

  1. Emergence of Daoism in China
  2. The Catholic Church in the 18th century
  3. The apparition of slavery in Africa
  4. The scientific revolution in Europe
  5. Major events of the Cold War
  6. The communist’s rise to power in Russia
  7. Communist leaders of China

World History Research Topics for College

If you enjoy doing research about world history, you might be interested in choosing one of our awesome world history research topics for college:

  1. The Battle of the Seas (Britain vs. Spain)
  2. The spread of Christianity
  3. An in-depth look at the French Revolution
  4. Fascism in the interwar period
  5. A critical look at the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact
  6. Innovations in World War II
  7. Major events of the First Global Age

War History Ideas

Are you interested in writing about war history? After all, wars have been an integral part of our history for thousands of years. Check out our excellent war history ideas:

  1. The US Civil War
  2. What caused the Holocaust?
  3. Discuss the Red Scare
  4. The Cold War
  5. Analyze the Mexican-American War
  6. What caused WW I?
  7. The Schlieffen Plan
  8. Analyze the invasion of Poland by Germany

Ancient History Topics

Interested in ancient history? We are sure your professor will greatly appreciate a paper on one of these ancient history topics (all are free to use and excellent for 2022):

  1. Discuss the kingdoms of Ancient Egypt
  2. Compare Ancient Greece and Rome cultures
  3. Technology in Ancient Egypt
  4. The Spartan warrior’s caste
  5. The Golden Age of Greek city states
  6. Trading in the Mesoamerican space
  7. Tartessos and the El Dorado legend

Controversial World History Topics

You are not prohibited from writing about controversial topics. On the contrary, you are advised to give it a try. Take a look at our controversial world history topics:

  1. Discuss Pope Alexander VI
  2. The Highland Clearances in the Scottish Highlands
  3. Margaret Thatcher: The good, the bad, the ugly
  4. Native American slaughters in America
  5. The controversial Tenure of Office Act
  6. The controversial Scopes Monkey Trial
  7. The Tennessee Butler Act

Chinese History Topics

If you are passionate about the Chinese culture and want to learn more about their history, we advise you to pick one of these awesome Chinese history topics and start writing:

  1. The end of the Chinese Empire
  2. The role of women in 1500 China
  3. Discuss ancient Chinese philosophers
  4. China: Becoming a behemoth economy
  5. The Warring States period and the Qin dynasty
  6. Rome and China trade routes
  7. Chinese governance in Tibet
  8. Analyze The People’s Republic of China

Difficult World History Paper Topics

Do you want to challenge yourself? We are certain you will appreciate our difficult world history paper topics. Choose the best one and start working on your academic paper today:

  1. The way the Salve Codes have influenced American society
  2. The effects of the American Revolution on American society
  3. The role of women in America prior to 1900
  4. An in-depth look at women’s suffrage movement
  5. What triggered the Russo-Japanese war?
  6. The end of the Qing Dynasty
  7. The great revolutions of Russia
  8. Discuss the apparition of Korea
  9. The role of Constantinople in the rise of the Byzantine Empire

United States History Topics

We have a list of the best United States history topics. All topics have been updated a few days ago, so you will surely be able to find an original one. Here is the list:

  1. Truth and myths about the Puritans in the US
  2. Discuss the Salem witch trials
  3. The emergence of the first American colonies
  4. Discuss the Boston Tea Party
  5. Analyze the apparition of the Declaration of Independence
  6. Discuss the Boston Massacre
  7. George Washington’s contribution to the US
  8. Analyze the trade of tobacco in early America

French Revolution Topics

There are plenty of things to say about the French revolution. Take a look at these French revolution topics and choose the one you like the most:

  1. Discuss Seigneurialism
  2. Analyze The Third Estate
  3. Discuss the fall of Robespierre
  4. Analyze the Thermidorian Reaction
  5. The September Massacres
  6. The Vendee uprising
  7. The fall of the Bastille
  8. The October march on Versailles

Easy World History Topics to Write About

We are certain you don’t want to spend too much time writing the paper, so we did our best to come up with some pretty easy world history topics to write about:

  1. Discuss marriage in the Roman Empire
  2. The colonization of the Americas (one of the most interesting world history research topics)
  3. The link between the crusades and religion
  4. The beginning of the Thirty Years War
  5. First occurrence of apartheid in Africa
  6. Renaissance Humanism in Europe
  7. A short history of architecture in China

History Topics From Columbus to the 1800s

If you want to write about a specific period of history (or if your professor has asked you to do so), here are some interesting history topics from Columbus to the 1800s:

  1. First contact with Native Americans
  2. Hernando de Soto in America
  3. Who is Pocahontas?
  4. The first Anglo-Powhatan War
  5. The French-Indian War
  6. Native Americans in the Seven Years War
  7. The Battle of Bloody Run (one of the most interesting topics in world history)
  8. The Treaty of Holston

Medieval History Paper Topics

Are you tasked with writing a paper on medieval history? You will be thrilled to learn that our experts have put together a nice list of medieval history paper topics:

  1. Discuss Anna Comnena
  2. Discuss a medieval city in Europe
  3. Define and describe Falconry
  4. The crusades and the role of women
  5. Analyze Medieval English clothing
  6. The castles of India in medieval times (the best medieval history topics)
  7. Apprenticeship in medieval Europe

19th Century World History Research Topics

There are plenty of things to talk about when it comes to 19th century world history. Take a look at our 19th century world history research topics and pick one today:

  1. Discuss the Latin American independence
  2. The Meiji Restoration in Japan
  3. The Taiping Rebellion in China
  4. The fall of the Ottoman Empire
  5. Analyze Napoleon’s major campaigns
  6. The great revolutions of 1848 (awesome topics for world history)
  7. Discuss the abolitionist movement

Napoleon Research Paper Topics

Discussing the Napoleon period of French history can be captivating, if you find a great topic. Here are some pretty interesting Napoleon research paper topics as an example:

  1. Napoleon’s stance on the Jews
  2. Major Napoleon campaigns
  3. Napoleon’s reforms
  4. Analyze the French Revolution
  5. Napoleon’s reforms
  6. Napoleon: the military genius
  7. Napoleon’s leadership skills
  8. The rise of Imperialism in Europe
  9. The Russian campaign

If you need more ideas, don’t hesitate to contact us and ask “write my thesis for me.” Our experts are ready to help you pick a decent topic, find relevant sources and even write your thesis.

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