PhD Failure Rate: How to Successfully Complete your PhD

PhD Failure Rate

Many students fail at dissertations because of several reasons. One major reason is that PhD students often believe they can execute their projects on their own without any thesis help or guidance. And do they not fail woefully for such misconception?

If you are the type who thinks getting your PhD or thesis done without any form of help or thesis guidance will score you some high-rated grades, then you are wrong. You need help, not to just get some good grades, but to also avoid adding up to the piling statistic of failed PhD students and people kicked out of a PhD program.

PhD students should know that your dissertation is everything. If dissertations are badly conceived, the whole PhD program is threatened. But there are ways to successfully tackle PhD failure. From learning about the failure rate, the problems associated with it, to seeking high-quality writing help, this article will show you what to do.

PhD Failure Rate: Why Are You Failing?

The rate at which doctoral students fail their PhDs is significant. According to a report conducted in 2003 by Frank Edgar with a concentration on North American Ph.D. students, it was found that only about half of those who enrolled in doctoral programs actually completed them. The other half, therefore, failed. That makes it a 40-60 chance of Ph.D. failure rate. Here are some of the factors responsible for Ph.D. failure.

  1. Wrong Dissertation Counselor: Also known as a thesis or dissertation advisor, this is the first point of action for PhD students. And if this action is done wrong, your PhD is in doubt. To avoid cases of “my PhD advisor ignoring me” you need to carefully find and choose a professional advisor who is accessible and has a great feedback turnaround.
  2. Unmet Expectations: Lazy grad students base their expectations on others and pay heavily for it. All expectations should be first and foremost reliant on you. To survive a Ph.D., you need to learn to rely on yourself for most of the tasks and stay dogged and committed to them. Otherwise, you risk being included in the statistics of failed Ph.D. students.
  3. Broad Topics: If you’ve ever failed masters thesis due to a poor thesis, you would know what dissertation means for a PhD. Unfortunately, Ph.D. students do not simply understand what is required of them for a dissertation. So, usually, they want to cover all the topics and include everything instead of them narrowing it down. The result is that sooner or later, they are confronted with complexities too huge for them to handle. This often leads to PhD failure.
  4. Wrong Online Dissertation Help: One of the many ways PhD students unburden themselves from academic challenges is by seeking online thesis help. But most just don’t hire the right ones and therefore end up regretting it. If you must seek help, seek trusted dissertation help services that are not only affordable but also of high quality. This helps you to avoid Ph.D. failure.

What Percentage of PhD Students Finish University?

As mentioned earlier, about 60% of Ph.D. students finish university. This is also the PhD completion rate. The remaining percentage is, therefore, the failing percentage. However, this report was based on the findings of Frank Edgar. And it was corroborated by a report executed by the Higher Education Funding Council (HEFCE) for England in 2007.

In another report of a study of 26,076 PhD students in the UK and EU, conducted by the Higher Education Funding Council (HEFCE) for England, but this time in 2010-2011, revealed that 4 out of every 5 PhD students who enrolled for a program would complete that program.

Comparing both HEFCE’s results, the report in 2010-2011 is a significant upgrade to the report of 2007. This upgrade has largely been credited to improved university systems, improved students’ commitment and preparation, and improved thesis supervision and guidance.

What Percentage of PhD Students Drop Out?

The negatives cannot be overlooked. If 4 out of 5 Ph.D. students passed and completed their programs, then by relativity, 1 out of 5 would fail and drop out. This is the PhD dropout rate. While this is not general, it is what can be deduced from the records above.

Also, if the upgrade is attributed to thesis help and assistance, among others, the downgrade should move in the same way. Therefore, we can say lots of PhD defense fail due to the absence of thesis supervision, guidance, and assistance.

Looking at this, we don’t see why seeking writing help and dissertation assistance should not top your priority as a PhD student. Securing that “Doctor” title is never easy but we are here to do the easy things in fun and affordable ways for you.

Successful Ways to Handle PhD Problems

There are proven ways to avoid dissertation defense failure and Ph.D. failure generally. If you’ve ever wanted to finish a PhD successfully or what you’re facing are PhD supervisor problems and want to know how to handle such problems, this list is for you. The list contains proven and successful ways you can deploy to handle all sorts of Ph.D. problems.

  • Hire professional help: No one promised your PhD would be stress-free. But is getting a PhD hard? Not really, if you know how to cope with the stress. Whenever you feel disoriented due to workload, the best thing is to take some time off to prioritize and restrategize. If your dissertation takes much more time than necessary, get professional thesis help.
  • Keep yourself motivated: We know you are not the only one who thinks “Why does a PhD take so long?”. The duration consumes and demotivates, and so you should find ways to remain motivated. Think about your goal, remind yourself of your purpose, and stay committed to the course to avoid getting kicked out of PhD program.
  • Share your experiences: If you are confronted by PhD supervisor problems, the best way to go about it is to share your experiences with people you can trust. You can even share with the school authority. If the problem is associated with stress and complaints about your PhD thesis, why not hire thesis help? Thesis writing help is affordable.
  • Look after yourself: PhD holders who get to be called “Doctors” did so by never joking with their welfare. They explored all possible means to not be among the Ph.D. failure rate. This means if they felt the workload was more than they could bear, they wouldn’t hesitate to outsource and seek thesis help and guidance from PhD dissertation experts.

Complete PhD Through Help With Research Paper

Dissertation and PhD failure is caused by personal problems and can be the result of academic brunt. Whatever the reasons are, students are often the major drivers of the problems and so face the most consequences.

Rather than grunt and bemoan your workload, or belittle your chances, or leave your academic integrity under question, or find yourself getting kicked out of PhD program, seeking help with research paper is forever cheap and available.

With proven experience in dissertation writing and thesis homework or assignment as well as being thesis supervisors for many years ourselves, we recommend you seek help to complete your thesis and walk the tedious PhD journey with you.

Perhaps you’re wondering, in your own words, “why is my dissertation is bad?” or “what is a thesis defense like?”. With thesis help, you wouldn’t have to bother about thesis workload. A very good thesis will keep your work original, custom, and confidential.

Are You Struggling With Your PhD?

While Ph.D. failure rate and Ph.D. dropout rate fluctuate over the years, people fail and pass regardless. People who complete their Ph.D. programs have one common factor attributed to their success and that is good thesis supervision, guidance, and assistance. Drawing strength from this, through professional help and high-quality dissertation writing services, no Ph.D. applicant should be left behind not completing Ph.D. programs. These services are what we offer at affordable prices through our Ph.D. dissertation experts who have been there and know what brilliant doctoral dissertations mean to your degree.

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