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If you are reading this blog post, it means you are looking for some exceptional math research topics. You want them to be original, unique even. If you manage to find topics like this, you can be sure your professor will give you a top grade (if you write a decent paper, that is). The good news is that you have arrived at just the right place – at the right time. We have just finished updating our list of topics, so you will find plenty of original ideas right on this page. All our topics are 100 percent free to use as you see fit. You can reword them and you don’t need to give us any credit.

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Our Newest Research Topics in Math

We know you probably want the best and most recent research topics in math. You want your paper to stand out from all the rest. After all, this is the best way to get some bonus points from your professor. On top of this, finding some great topics for your next paper makes it easier for you to write the essay. As long as you know at least something about the topic, you’ll find that writing a great paper or buy phd thesis isn’t as difficult as you previously thought.

So, without further ado, here are the 181 brand new topics for your next math research paper:

Cool Math Topics to Research

Are you looking for some cool math topics to research? We have a list of original topics for your right here. Pick the one you like and start writing now:

  1. Roll two dice and calculate a probability
  2. Discuss ancient Greek mathematics
  3. Is math really important in school?
  4. Discuss the binomial theorem
  5. The math behind encryption
  6. Game theory and its real-life applications
  7. Analyze the Bernoulli scheme
  8. What are holomorphic functions and how do they work?
  9. Describe big numbers
  10. Solving the Tower of Hanoi problem

Undergraduate Math Research Topics

If you are an undergraduate looking for some research topics for your next math paper, you will surely appreciate our list of interesting undergraduate math research topics:

  1. Methods to count discrete objects
  2. The origins of Greek symbols in mathematics
  3. Methods to solve simultaneous equations
  4. Real-world applications of the theorem of Pythagoras
  5. Discuss the limits of diffusion
  6. Use math to analyze the abortion data in the UK over the last 100 years
  7. Discuss the Knot theory
  8. Analyze predictive models (take meteorology as an example)
  9. In-depth analysis of the Monte Carlo methods for inverse problems
  10. Squares vs. rectangles (compare and contrast)

Number Theory Topics to Research

Interested in writing about number theory? It is not an easy subject to discuss, we know. However, we are sure you will appreciate these number theory topics:

  1. Discuss the greatest common divisor
  2. Explain the extended Euclidean algorithm
  3. What are RSA numbers?
  4. Discuss Bézout’s lemma
  5. In-depth analysis of the square-free polynomial
  6. Discuss the Stern-Brocot tree
  7. Analyze Fermat’s little theorem
  8. What is a discrete logarithm?
  9. Gauss’s lemma in number theory
  10. Analyze the Pentagonal number theorem

Math Research Topics for High School

High school students shouldn’t be too worried about their math papers because we have some unique, and quite interesting, math research topics for high school right here:

  1. Discuss Brun’s constant
  2. An in-depth look at the Brahmagupta–Fibonacci identity
  3. What is derivative algebra?
  4. Describe the Symmetric Boolean function
  5. Discuss orders of approximation in limits
  6. Solving Regiomontanus’ angle maximization problem
  7. What is a Quadratic integral?
  8. Define and describe complementary angles
  9. Analyze the incircle and excircles of a triangle
  10. Analyze the Bolyai–Gerwien theorem in geometry
  11. Math in our everyday life

Complex Math Topics

If you want to give some complex math topics a try, we have the best examples below. Remember, these topics should only be attempted by students who are proficient in mathematics:

  1. Mathematics and its appliance in Artificial Intelligence
  2. Try to solve an unsolved problem in math
  3. Discuss Kolmogorov’s zero-one law
  4. What is a discrete random variable?
  5. Analyze the Hewitt–Savage zero-one law
  6. What is a transferable belief model?
  7. Discuss 3 major mathematical theorems
  8. Describe and analyze the Dempster-Shafer theory
  9. An in-depth analysis of a continuous stochastic process
  10. Identify and analyze Gauss-Markov processes

Easy Math Research Paper Topics

Perhaps you don’t want to spend too much time working on your next research paper. Who can blame you? Check out these easy math research paper topics:

  1. Define the hyperbola
  2. Do we need to use a calculator during math class?
  3. The binomial theorem and its real-world applications
  4. What is a parabola in geometry?
  5. How do you calculate the slope of a curve?
  6. Define the Jacobian matrix
  7. Solving matrix problems effectively
  8. Why do we need differential equations?
  9. Should math be mandatory in all schools?
  10. What is a Hessian matrix?

Logic Topics to Research

We have some interesting logical topics for research papers. These are perfect for students interested in writing about math logic. Pick one right now:

  1. Discuss the reductio ad absurdum approach
  2. Discuss Boolean algebra
  3. What is consistency proof?
  4. Analyze Trakhtenbrot’s theorem (the finite model theory)
  5. Discuss the Gödel completeness theorem
  6. An in-depth analysis of Morley’s categoricity theorem
  7. How does the Back-and-forth method work?
  8. Discuss the Ehrenfeucht–Fraïssé game technique
  9. Discuss Aleph numbers (Aleph-null and Aleph-one)
  10. Solving the Suslin problem

Algebra Topics for a Research Paper

Would you like to write about an algebra topic? No problem, our seasoned writers have compiled a list of the best algebra topics for a research paper:

  1. Discuss the differential equation
  2. Analyze the Jacobson density theorem
  3. The 4 properties of a binary operation in algebra
  4. Analyze the unary operator in depth
  5. Analyze the Abel–Ruffini theorem
  6. Epimorphisms vs. monomorphisms: compare and contrast
  7. Discuss the Morita duality in algebraic structures
  8. Idempotent vs. nilpotent in Ring theory
  9. Discuss the Artin-Wedderburn theorem
  10. What is a commutative ring in algebra?
  11. Analyze and describe the Noetherian ring

Math Education Research Topics

There is nothing wrong with writing about math education, especially if your professor did not give you writing prompts. Here are some very nice math education research topics:

  1. What are the goals a mathematics professor should have?
  2. What is math anxiety in the classroom?
  3. Teaching math in UK schools: the difficulties
  4. Computer programming or math in high school?
  5. Is math education in Europe at a high enough level?
  6. Common Core Standards and their effects on math education
  7. Culture and math education in Africa
  8. What is dyscalculia and how does it manifest itself?
  9. When was algebra first thought in schools?
  10. Math education in the United States versus the United Kingdom

Computability Theory Topics to Research

Writing about computability theory can be a very interesting adventure. Give it a try! Here are some of our most interesting computability theory topics to research:

  1. What is a multiplication table?
  2. Analyze the Scholz conjecture
  3. Explain exponentiating by squaring
  4. Analyze the Myhill-Nerode theorem
  5. What is a tree automaton?
  6. Compare and contrast the Pushdown automaton and the Büchi automaton
  7. Discuss the Markov algorithm
  8. What is a Turing machine?
  9. Analyze the post correspondence problem
  10. Discuss the linear speedup theorem
  11. Discuss the Boolean satisfiability problem

Interesting Math Research Topics

We know you want topics that are interesting and relatively easy to write about. This is why we have a separate list of our most interesting math research topics:

  1. What is two-element Boolean algebra?
  2. The life of Gauss
  3. The life of Isaac Newton
  4. What is an orthodiagonal quadrilateral?
  5. Tessellation in Euclidean plane geometry
  6. Describe a hyperboloid in 3D geometry
  7. What is a sphericon?
  8. Discuss the peculiarities of Borel’s paradox
  9. Analyze the De Finetti theorem in statistics
  10. What are Martingales?
  11. The basics of stochastic calculus

Applied Math Research Topics

Interested in writing about applied mathematics? Our team managed to create a list of awesome applied math research topics from scratch for you:

  1. Discuss Newton’s laws of motion
  2. Analyze the perpendicular axes rule
  3. How is a Galilean transformation done?
  4. The conservation of energy and its applications
  5. Discuss Liouville’s theorem in Hamiltonian mechanics
  6. Analyze the quantum field theory
  7. Discuss the main components of the Lorentz symmetry
  8. An in-depth look at the uncertainty principle

Geometry Topics for a Research Paper

Geometry can be a very captivating subject, especially when you know plenty about it. Check out our list of geometry topics for a research paper and pick the best one today:

  1. Most useful trigonometry functions in math
  2. The life of Archimedes and his achievements
  3. Trigonometry in computer graphics
  4. Using Vincenty’s formulae in geodesy
  5. Define and describe the Heronian tetrahedron
  6. The math behind the parabolic microphone
  7. Discuss the Japanese theorem for concyclic polygons
  8. Analyze Euler’s theorem in geometry

Math Research Topics for Middle School

Yes, even middle school children can write about mathematics. We have some original math research topics for middle school right here:

  1. Finding critical points in a graph
  2. The basics of calculus
  3. What makes a graph ultrahomogeneous?
  4. How do you calculate the area of different shapes?
  5. What contributions did Euclid have to the field of mathematics?
  6. What is Diophantine geometry?
  7. What makes a graph regular?
  8. Analyze a full binary tree

Math Research Topics for College Students

As you’ve probably already figured out, college students should pick topics that are a bit more complex. We have some of the best math research topics for college students right here:

  1. What are extremal problems and how do you solve them?
  2. Discuss an unsolvable math problem
  3. How can supercomputers solve complex mathematical problems?
  4. An in-depth analysis of fractals
  5. Discuss the Boruvka’s algorithm (related to the minimum spanning tree)
  6. Discuss the Lorentz–FitzGerald contraction hypothesis in relativity
  7. An in-depth look at Einstein’s field equation
  8. The math behind computer vision and object recognition

Calculus Topics for a Research Paper

Let’s face it: calculus is not a very difficult field. So, why don’t you pick one of our excellent calculus topics for a research paper and start writing your essay right away:

  1. When do we need to apply the L’Hôpital rule?
  2. Discuss the Leibniz integral rule
  3. Calculus in ancient Egypt
  4. Discuss and analyze linear approximations
  5. The applications of calculus in real life
  6. The many uses of Stokes’ theorem
  7. Discuss the Borel regular measure
  8. An in-depth analysis of Lebesgue’s monotone convergence theorem

Simple Math Research Paper Topics for High School

This is the place where you can find some pretty simple topics if you are a high school student. Check out our simple math research paper topics for high school:

  1. The life and work of the famous Pierre de Fermat
  2. What are limits and why are they useful in calculus?
  3. Explain the concept of congruency
  4. The life and work of the famous Jakob Bernoulli
  5. Analyze the rhombicosidodecahedron and its applications
  6. Calculus and the Egyptian pyramids
  7. The life and work of the famous Jean d’Alembert
  8. Discuss the hyperplane arrangement in combinatorial computational geometry
  9. The smallest enclosing sphere method in combinatorics

Business Math Topics

If you want to surprise your professor, why don’t you write about business math? We have some exceptional topics that nobody has thought about right here:

  1. Is paying a loan with another loan a good approach?
  2. Discuss the major causes of a stock market crash
  3. Best debt amortization methods in the US
  4. How do bank loans work in the UK?
  5. Calculating interest rates the easy way
  6. Discuss the pros and cons of annuities
  7. Basic business math skills everyone should possess
  8. Business math in United States schools
  9. Analyze the discount factor

Probability and Statistics Topics for Research

Probability and statistics are not easy fields. However, you can impress your professor with one of our unique probability and statistics topics for research:

  1. What is the autoregressive conditional duration?
  2. Applying the ANOVA method to ranks
  3. Discuss the practical applications of the Bates distribution
  4. Explain the principle of maximum entropy
  5. Discuss Skorokhod’s representation theorem in random variables
  6. What is the Factorial moment in the Theory of Probability?
  7. Compare and contrast Cochran’s C test and his Q test
  8. Analyze the De Moivre-Laplace theorem
  9. What is a negative probability?

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