60 Best Senior Thesis Topics To Write On

Senior Thesis Topics

After completing your high school or college, you finally sense a sight of victory at the end. However, one more hurdle remains for you to conquer – a senior thesis paper. It will determine whether you graduate or not.

Many students struggle when it comes to selecting proper senior thesis topics. You receive pressure from your professors and supervisor to present a professional topic.

If you still feel unsure about what topic to use for your senior thesis, our expert writers have you in mind. You will find the right idea and motivation to get you started with your thesis from the list below.

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High School Senior Thesis Topics

  1. The role of the school administration in curbing bullying
  2. Pros and cons of giving students homework in high school
  3. What is the effectiveness of online learning for students in high school?
  4. The impact of policing in schools and the role of student participation
  5. How effective are group work assignments essential for students in high school?
  6. Does the teacher’s competency relate to his/her academic qualifications?

Political Science Senior Thesis Topics

  1. How third world countries are adapting to the emerging issues in political democracy
  2. The impact of the 2020 US presidential elections on world peace
  3. How do political ideologies affect freedom of speech in dictatorial countries?
  4. Using social media to advance political manifestos and campaign
  5. The role of political analysts in shaping public opinion
  6. How did Cambridge Analytica play a role in the US elections

History Senior Thesis Topics

  1. How peaceful protests have advanced over the years in championing civil rights
  2. The history of the immigration patterns on the US-Mexico border
  3. The rise of the birth of gay rights movements in the United States
  4. Sexual orientation in the US during the slavery period
  5. The history of the national flag and anthem
  6. The impact of the first and second World Wars affected the perspective of the world on unity

Graphic Design Senior Thesis Topics

  1. An investigation of how graphic design functions in marketing communications
  2. Similarities and differences between contemporary and conventional graphic design tools
  3. The evolution of graphic design in the technological era
  4. The role of graphic design in corporate branding and marketing
  5. An analysis of the use of colours in designing promotional materials
  6. The approach of women in design in comparison to men

Senior Thesis Topics Psychology

  1. How to moderate psychological and physiological responses to stress
  2. Evaluating the vulnerability to acute stress-induced anxiety and depression
  3. Examine the correlation between depression, sleep, and cardiovascular dysfunction
  4. How does the quality of sleep vary with executive functioning in adults
  5. How different sexes react to fear-conditioned behaviours
  6. The role of motivational speeches in enhancing self-esteem

Good Senior Thesis Topics

  1. How gender roles have continued to evolve in the 21st century
  2. Investigating the relationship between hangovers and work productivity
  3. Mapping the roles of supervisors in research projects and presentation
  4. How does loneliness lead to depression and anxiety among teens?
  5. How culture and traditions shape the moral aspects of a community
  6. The place of technology in preserving valuable cultural artifacts

Sociology Senior Thesis Topics

  1. How alcohol abuse among teenagers is affecting their performance in class
  2. What is the impact of life-time jail sentences on the victim
  3. How has female empowerment led to neglecting of the male gender
  4. Pains and struggles of a single mother
  5. The relationship between population pressure and increased crime rates
  6. Challenges facing women in a male-dominated workspace

English Literature Senior Thesis Topics

  1. Discuss the origins of Shakespeare’s novels
  2. The relationship between literature and the renaissance era
  3. How are fairy tales important in creating a narrative perspective in literature?
  4. The differences between criticism and symbolism in oral literature
  5. Evaluate the Gothic representations of gender
  6. How has technology shaped oral and written literature?

College Psychology Senior Thesis Topics

  1. Adjusting to physical illness through psychological therapy
  2. The relationship between self-esteem and egocentrism
  3. How to build your identity in modern society
  4. How interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships shape behaviours.
  5. The adaptability of the human mind to changing geographical locations.
  6. How eating disorders affect society’s productivity.

Criminal Justice Senior Thesis Topics

  1. Is capital punishment helping to reduce crime in society?
  2. The role of community corrections towards a moral society
  3. Are criminal courts serving their purpose to maintain justice?
  4. Criminal justice ethics in modern society
  5. The impact of technology in spreading war crimes and civil crimes
  6. Effective ways of preventing crime in schools and colleges

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