Global Warming Thesis Statement Topics & Guide On How To Write

global warming thesis statement

Global warming has increased globally over the last six years. With the melting of the ice rocks at the arctic and Antarctic poles, there is a need to worry. The frequent fires at the Amazon forest have also been witnessed in recent years. It is therefore impossible to miss a global warming thesis in light of all these developments.

What Is Global Warming?

It is a phenomenon of climate change characterized by a general increase in the earth’s average temperatures. These developments modify weather balances and ecosystems for a long time. Global warming continues to be the greatest challenge of the 21st century with the industrial and technological innovations taking place.

The impacts of global warming are adverse, and that is why it is a global pandemic.

How To Write a Thesis About Global Warming

A paper on global warming can be said to be one of the cheapest to write. The backing for this statement is the extensive research in this area. However, some students still have difficulties writing a climate change thesis.

So, what is a thesis statement for global warming?

It is found in the introduction section of the essay or research paper. A research paper has three parts:

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

Therefore, the thesis statement on global warming falls in the first section, and it expresses the main idea of your paper or essay. An impressive thesis statement for global warming has to meet the criteria highlighted below:

  • It must be specific
  • It should summarize what you intend to cover in your paper
  • It should highlight the scope of your study

The global warming thesis statement research paper appears in the last line of your paper’s first paragraph.

What Constitutes A Strong Global Warming Thesis Statement?

When writing a thesis on climate change, interrogate the following questions:

  • Does it answer the question? – Helps you remain focused on the question
  • Is my position on the topic debatable? – Are there opposing ideas to your thesis statement?
  • Have I specified my stance well enough? – Does it address a specific issue?
  • Does it pass the ‘so what’ question? – Ensure that it clarifies any penitent issue at hand
  • Do I have enough evidence to back up my thesis statement?
  • Does it answer the ‘how and why’ question?

Now that global warming is a large field with subsequent segments, ensure that you plan on what you specifically intend to cover beforehand. Your thesis statement will dictate the paper’s direction; therefore, make it as precise and manageable as possible.

Formula For Writing A Climate Change Thesis Statement

Most students prefer a template to have a good starting point for their thesis statement. Below are is a template you can use when thinking of writing a global warming thesis statement.

  • “Global warming is a leading cause of health-related problems.”

From the example above, you can note that we have mentioned the issue at hand (global warming) and the paper’s direction (health effects of global warming). Since global warming affects many spheres of life, it is necessary to narrow down one in your thesis statement.

A climate change thesis will require you to identify a specific area of implication, which you will tackle in the rest of your paper. Narrowing it down will help you major in one area and prevent you from wandering about in your paper.

Expert Tips For A Global Warming Thesis Statement

On top of considering the format of your thesis statement, there are other critical considerations for a thesis statement on global warming:

  • Position: It comes at the beginning of your essay paper. Its strategic position is in line with its purpose – to tell the reader what you will discuss.
  • Length: Depending on the number of arguments you will cover, a thesis statement can either be long or short. In most cases, a thesis statement is one sentence long that is concise. The number of words is approximately 30 to 40 words long.
  • Strength: Have an arguable statement for your thesis on climate change. It should not be apparent, or one that everyone agrees is true.

Below are global warming thesis statement ideas that you can find motivation from for your global warming thesis:

  1. Global warming is adversely affecting marine life, especially in the polar regions
  2. An analysis of climate change reveals one challenge facing Mother Nature: Depletion of natural resources
  3. High temperatures typically characterize global warming
  4. Global warming should be treated as a global pandemic to increase its awareness globally.
  5. To eradicate global warming, experts have to adhere to strict scientific ethics and principles.

Identify the purpose of your paper first (to persuade, inform, or argue) and then make it evident in the thesis statement.

Let us explore some global warming topics for the research paper:

Global Warming Research Paper Topics

  1. The role of UNEP is creating awareness and sensitization towards the adverse effects of global warming
  2. How industrialization is slowly depleting the ozone layer
  3. Increase in greenhouse gases: Are human activities the leading cause of the rising temperature levels?
  4. How exploitation of forests is leading to climate change
  5. The adverse effects of fossil fuels on climate change: A case study of gas, oil, and burning charcoal

Anti-Global Warming Thesis Topics

  1. How fungicides and pesticides are affecting the safety and portability of water
  2. The role of reliable waste management Programmes in reducing garbage levels
  3. Why the use of explosives in mining should be prohibited: An analysis of cyanide and mercury effects.
  4. Why stiffer penalties and fines should be imposed on offenders of climate change
  5. The need to create a multi-agency body specifically for monitoring the global warming situation and providing recommendations

You can consider the topics above to write on or further your research on global warming as a world pandemic.

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