187 Sustainability Topics For Research Papers In 2023

sustainability topics

If you are a student of environmental science or even technology, sustainability is a very important topic for your research papers. These topics help you study the impact of mankind on the environment and different options that are available to prevent further deterioration of the planet. There is a lot of scope for research on this subject, making it one of the most common topics for dissertation or thesis writing. Here is a list of some of the best environmental sustainability research topics that will help you get started on your research paper and project.

The topics below are practical and easy because you can find a lot of information about them. Whether you are writing an informative or argumentative paper, these topics are the perfect starting point for you.

Environmental Sustainability Research Topics

These sustainability research topics are suitable for in-depth data and analysis. They are ideal for lengthy writing assignments.

  1. Draw a comparison between different non-profit groups that are dedicated to improving sustainability.
  2. Can custom sustainable designs for classrooms improve learning?
  3. Is adding better natural lighting a sustainable way of saving on energy costs in large organizations?
  4. What are the different technological innovations that are focused on reducing environmental pollution?
  5. Does veganism help protect the environment?
  6. Are hand dryers instead of paper towels a good idea for public restrooms?
  7. How is pollution related to a country’s GDP?
  8. Why do developing nations find it difficult to start recycling programs?
  9. What are some political challenges that the environment faces globally?
  10. Is American politics affecting the environment?
  11. What are the benefits of choosing a vegan diet?
  12. Do developed countries have the responsibility of helping third-world nations become more sustainable?
  13. Are your current local environmental policies effective enough?
  14. Should high schools and colleges ban the use of plastic?
  15. How does food consumption affect the environment?
  16. Why is Sweden so different from other countries when it comes to protecting the environment?
  17. What are some technological advancements that help us reduce waste?
  18. Why have we failed to reduce food wastage across the globe?
  19. Is better recycling technology the solution to reducing waste in landfills?
  20. How are plastic straws a threat to the environment of the Earth?
  21. Can increased taxes items meant for single-use reduce waste from piling up in landfills?
  22. Why do some states succeed in banning plastic bags while others fail?
  23. How is overpopulation related to pollution?
  24. In the next fifty years, how will the population impact the environment?
  25. Do we have enough natural resources to support the exploding population across the globe?
  26. What role does the government play in improving food resources?

Easy Sustainability Topics For Research

These sustainability topics for research are commonly used by students because they are practical in terms of research and the availability of data.

  1. Is banning plastic a suitable solution to reduce environmental pollution?
  2. What are the options available to make cutlery sustainable?
  3. Should metros ban the use of plastic straws completely?
  4. Why is our ecosystem so dependent on sea life?
  5. Does any carbon footprint come from farm animals and how?
  6. Why is it the need of the hour to prevent waste from being dumped into oceans?
  7. How does getting fair-trade certificates to benefit university campuses?
  8. Why should we increase the consumption of local produce?
  9. How does supporting local businesses improve sustainability?
  10. Should food donation programs be imposed in cities?
  11. How has the emergence of farmers’ markets helped various communities?
  12. Is buffet-style dining beneficial or harmful for efforts toward sustainability?
  13. How can taxes be used to improve sustainability efforts?
  14. How can leftovers from hotels and restaurants be disposed of sustainably?
  15. What are the various benefits of food programs for the community?
  16. Explain the process of growing vegan produce and its effect on the environment
  17. How have sustainability efforts been affected globally as a result of the pandemic?
  18. Is zero-waste living ideal?
  19. What does sustainability mean in the 21st century?
  20. How is supporting local food markets sustainable?
  21. How does the greenhouse effect change as a result of less meat consumption?
  22. Does eating red meat improve the quality of the air?
  23. What are some benefits of switching to a plant-based diet?
  24. Should school cafeterias increase the options for vegan food?
  25. How do slaughterhouses impact the environment negatively?
  26. What if all restaurants switched to buffet-style meals?

Best Sustainability Topics For Research Papers

Looking for sustainability topics for research that can ensure better grades. Here is a list of some of the best topics on sustainability that you can choose from.

  1. Give a detailed plan for a sustainable restaurant.
  2. Why do large cities struggle with reducing air pollution?
  3. Should cities make it mandatory to reduce food waste in community gardens?
  4. What are some of the primary benefits of improving public transportation systems?
  5. Should rainwater harvesting become compulsory for large buildings?
  6. Has technology benefited or harmed the environment?
  7. Will reducing our dependence on technology help sustain the environment?
  8. Are smaller classrooms beneficial or harmful to the environment?
  9. How has the pandemic affected the environment positively?
  10. What is the negative impact of the pandemic on the environment?
  11. Can reducing the number of school days improve sustainability efforts?
  12. How do school campuses contribute to environmental deterioration? How can it be reduced?
  13. What are the best ways to teach children about non-renewable and renewable resources?
  14. What are some immediate changes that you can make in your life to become more sustainable?
  15. Create a detailed sustainability plan for your family
  16. Can maintaining a constant temperature at home reduce energy costs? Support your argument with data.
  17. Chart out a detailed zero-waste living plan that can be implemented easily.
  18. What is the relationship between community health and the environment?
  19. Case studies of the impact of pollution on the health of people.
  20. How do developing nations improve their access to water resources?
  21. Can government policies truly help the environment?
  22. Will creating better public spaces like riverbeds and parks improve sustainability?
  23. What are some measures that can be used to improve access to clean water in developing nations?
  24. What are some measures taken by Denmark to reduce food waste?
  25. Discuss Sweden’s efforts to use waste for heating and energy.
  26. How can we reduce pollution and improve the quality of care at the same time?

Environmental Research Topics for College Students

These sustainability topics for research papers are perfect for college students as they are most relevant and extremely interesting as well.

  1. What are the best ways to deal with medical waste?
  2. How has awareness about recycling improved sustainability efforts?
  3. Is global warming false as some world leaders claim?
  4. What are some ecological challenges that the US will face in the coming decades?
  5. Will green universities improve students’ mental health?
  6. How can growing your food help in improving sustainability?
  7. What are the best measures that communities can take to prevent waste
  8. What are the best ways to use landscaping sustainably?
  9. Is gardening around the house a good way of improving the quality of air amidst growing pollution rates?
  10. Should fireworks be banned?
  11. How can we raise cattle sustainably?
  12. How is the fashion industry impacting the environment?
  13. Discuss the importance of sustainable fashion in the world we live in.
  14. How can community gardens help cities become more sustainable?
  15. How can you measure the success of a smart city by the well-being of its inhabitants?
  16. What are smart cities? Can you provide examples?
  17. How can digitization be used to pursue a sustainability agenda?
  18. What are the various ecological dimensions of sustainability?
  19. Should governments provide more grants for research on sustainability?
  20. Discuss some sustainable measures that we can learn from our ancestors.
  21. What is the impact of America’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement?
  22. What are the Paris Climate Agreement and its important terms?
  23. How can changing policies from a macro level to a micro level improve sustainability efforts?
  24. What are the best measures taken by the UN to improve sustainability?
  25. Greta Thunberg: The poster child of climate change or a publicity stunt?
  26. The most impactful environmentalists over the last decade.

Sustainability Topics for All Levels

These sustainability research paper topics are perfect for you whether you are writing a high school paper or a college paper. They are versatile and easy to compile.

  1. How will our carbon footprint impact the generations to come?
  2. What are the different types of sustainability?
  3. What does sustainability education mean?
  4. How can your school or college improve its regulations to make the campus sustainable?
  5. Are there any sustainability programs that have been implemented in your school or college?
  6. Do solar panels on buildings help reduce energy costs?
  7. What are the benefits of including sustainability education in the school curriculum?
  8. How does non-plastic waste in the oceans impact the environment?
  9. How to prevent the greenhouse effect from agriculture?
  10. Should governments support and invest in more solar technologies?
  11. How can a home become energy efficient with solar energy?
  12. How does an improved ventilation system improve sustainability?
  13. What are the measures taken by modern schools and colleges in improving sustainability?
  14. How can modern classrooms make use of natural light for better sustainability?
  15. How can we save on energy by setting systems off when they are still idle.
  16. What are the various benefits of changing classroom timings to optimize the use of natural lighting?
  17. Is it possible to apply a game theory to manage challenges with sustainability?
  18. What is the difference between biocapacity and carbon footprint in various regions?
  19. What are some challenges faced by companies when it comes to conserving energy?
  20. Can you name some environmental groups that have been most effective in cleaning up plastic from the oceans and how they have achieved their goals?
  21. What are some positive effects of reducing computer screen brightness?
  22. Name some countries with the poorest environmental laws?
  23. A case study of the most sustainable nations in the world.
  24. The effect of plastic on the environment in detail.
  25. What are some effective measures of saving water?
  26. A study of oil spills and their effect on marine life over the last decade.

Environmental Project Topics

Have an environmental sustainability topic due? This sustainability topics list is all you need to present projects that grab the attention of your audience.

  1. What are some barriers and drivers of sustainability research?
  2. How does on-campus sustainable research help increase practical solutions for environmental sustainability?
  3. Provide a business case to install new lighting systems
  4. What are some lighting systems available today that are most sustainable?
  5. Needs luxury led to an unsustainable environment?
  6. What are the benefits of using electric cars?
  7. The most impactful evidence to prove that global warming is real.
  8. Do political agendas suppress sustainability efforts? How?
  9. What are some of the major threats of climate change?
  10. The importance of teaching children about sustainability
  11. What are some of the most common examples of wasteful living that you see around you?
  12. The relationship between undernutrition, obesity, and climate change.
  13. Why has ice loss across the Himalayas become rapid over the last 40 years?
  14. How quickly are we depleting natural resources?
  15. How does the medical industry contribute to global warming?
  16. What is the Lancet Countdown on climate change and health?
  17. Does climate change impact the health of newborn children?
  18. How has industrialization helped and harmed the environment?
  19. The use of heating and cooling systems and their impact on the environment.
  20. The harmful impact of the film industry on the environment
  21. Celebrities who have successfully endorsed anti-climate change campaigns
  22. KFC and the Amazon Rainforests: What was the chaos about?
  23. How has the fast-food industry impacted the environment?
  24. The contribution of the aviation industry toward global warming
  25. What is a carbon tax and how can it help improve efforts towards sustainability?
  26. Write about the development of waste streams over the last few decades.
  27. Are newspapers viable in times of sustainability?
  28. The importance of enhancing biodiversity to reduce environmental deterioration.
  29. Can improving safety regulations for cyclists contribute to sustainability?
  30. What are some of the most sustainable multi-national companies? Discuss their strategies.

Sustainable Development Topics

Development is a very important topic for research paper writing for students of environmental studies. Here are some sustainability topics for research related to development to help you get started.

  1. How has economic globalization impacted the environment?
  2. What is the relationship between autocracy, democracy, wars, and natural resources?
  3. How does a finite environmental capacity impact political and economic development?
  4. Changing human behavior and the use of natural resources.
  5. Adaptation and mitigation policies to solve environmental issues.
  6. The difference between the approach of a political institution and market-based requirements towards sustainability.
  7. How has the automobile industry taken steps towards sustainability?
  8. What are some effects of Green Technology on the economy?
  9. What is the advantage of using Green Technology in organizations?
  10. A detailed study of the Global Environmental Sustainability Framework to technology.
  11. How can digitization be used to improve awareness about sustainability?
  12. Is it practical to implement Green technology in developing countries? What are the best measures that can be taken?
  13. How can construction become sustainable?
  14. How can Green Thinking help improve sustainability?
  15. What is the perception of green energy and sustainability in multinational organizations?
  16. What are some sustainability policies that have helped developing nations?
  17. The impact of digitization on sustainability
  18. What are the current trends in Green Technology?
  19. Should builders receive incentives for constructing sustainable structures?
  20. Incentives for sustainability in industrial settings.
  21. The most effective option for disposing of electronic waste.
  22. How advancement in medical technology has impacted the environment
  23. The relationship between motorsports and the environment.
  24. Do large public events like concerts and sports events impact sustainability?
  25. The impact of styrofoam cups on the environment.
  26. Advancements in technology have contributed to sustainability.
  27. Scientists who have contributed effectively towards sustainability.

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