160 Hot Music Research Paper Topics For You

music research topics

Music has been part of human beings since time immemorial. As it evolves, everyone has a specific taste for a specific song, genre, or musical instrument. Some of the top genres include roots, reggae, hip-hop, jazz, and rock music. The evolution and popularity of music have made it become one of the important subjects taught in schools worldwide.

If you are in college, pursuing music as a career, one of the important tasks when writing every research paper is picking the right topic. However, selecting an exciting music topic has always been a challenge for most students. To help you with the problem, we have listed the top 160 music research topics. Go ahead and select any of them or tweak them to reflect your preference.

How To Select The Best Music Topics For Research Paper

The ability to come up with the right topic for your music research paper is an important skill that every student should develop. Here are some steps to follow when looking for the most appropriate music research paper topics.

  • Go for the research topic about music that is interesting to you.
  • Only pick the music topics to write about if they have ample resources.
  • Ensure only to pick interesting music topics that meet your college requirements.
  • Go for the topic that you can comprehensively write on.

Special Tips to Use When Selecting Research Topics About Music

If you want to enjoy every moment working on your research papers, it is advisable to cast eyes beyond what is easy and popular. This means trying to check interesting topics that will allow you to answer tough research questions about music. Here are additional tips to help you:

  • Brainstorm the current music topics.
  • Comprehensively research the subject of interest before starting to develop the topics.
  • Consider starting with music thesis topics and finally narrow to the one you consider the best.
  • Follow current affairs in the music industry.

Top Music Research Paper Topics

  1. A closer look at the evolution of music over the years.
  2. Analyzing the most influential musicians of the 20th century.
  3. Analyzing the relationship between music and dance.
  4. A closer look at the most lucrative careers for musicians.
  5. Music and health: What is the relationship?
  6. How does music impact fashion?
  7. Which music genre has impacted music more?
  8. A closer look at music marketing for different genres.
  9. Does music help learners concentrate when doing assignments?
  10. How does music affect clothing style?
  11. Evaluating the influence of music on culture in a country of choice.
  12. Analyzing the use of music for advancing political propaganda.
  13. How has production in music changed in the recent past?
  14. Drawing the connections between popular and contemporary music.
  15. Comparing music in the US with that of Latin America?
  16. In what ways are music and poetry related?
  17. Classical music: Does it still play a major role in music production today?
  18. Evaluating the main processes used in music production today.
  19. Analyzing the importance of music theory in music production.
  20. Music production: Why do some musicians ask others to write their songs?
  21. Pirating is one of the biggest threats to the growth of the music industry.
  22. Music can be a great rehabilitation procedure for inmates.
  23. The cost of music production is a major obstacle to the faster growth of the industry.
  24. Exploring the factors that have made Chinese music develop slower compared to western music.
  25. Evaluating the most important skills that an artist needs to produce a song.
  26. How does music compare to other types of media today?
  27. How does music impact the way people think?
  28. What are the most notable challenges in music production?
  29. How does creating music impact how people think?
  30. Comparing the roles of women in contemporary and modern music.
  31. What challenges do minority groups have in music production?
  32. What are the legal implications of downloading music?
  33. Music production: How does contemporary and modern music production differ?
  34. What role do social media platforms play in music distribution?
  35. Evaluating common traits of people who like listening to classical music.
  36. How does music affect teen behavior?
  37. Is music helpful in your daily activities?
  38. Analyzing music as a tool of advertisement.
  39. The future of music.
  40. Exploring the significance of music in education.
  41. Assessing the contribution of music to the US economy.
  42. What is the contribution of music to the US economy today?
  43. A closer look at the impact of pop music on people’s culture.
  44. What are the key differences between 21st and 20th-century pop music?
  45. How is music production affected by different laws in the US?
  46. Analyzing the ethical impacts of downloading music.
  47. Analyzing the evolution of symphonic music.
  48. A closer look at the use of classical music in the video production industry.
  49. Women who played significant roles in classical music.
  50. What differentiates Mozart music from other types of classical music?
  51. A comparative analysis of two top classical musical producers.
  52. The economic impacts of free music downloading.
  53. How does revenue from music and film production compare?
  54. Analyzing the main characteristics of country music.
  55. Exploring the relationship between drugs and psychedelic rock.
  56. A closer look at the merits and demerits of capitalistic perception of the music industry.
  57. Analyzing the modern approaches to songwriting.
  58. How has jazz impacted the American culture?
  59. Exploring the roots of African-American melodies.
  60. A historical comparison of hip-hop and jazz.
  61. What does it take for a musician to succeed today?
  62. Should the government fund upcoming artists?
  63. Which classical artist has had the biggest impact on you?
  64. The impact of the British music invasion of the US market.
  65. How is music used in war?
  66. Comparing high and low culture in the current music.
  67. Exploring the difference between music and poetry.
  68. Comparing the most lucrative careers in the music industry.
  69. What impact does music has on children’s cognitive development?
  70. Analyzing the history of American music education.

Music Argument Topics

Different forms of music exist that we learn in various genres. In many institutions, music argument topics are assigned to know a student’s response regarding their opinions towards a genre. These music types range from classical to country, pop, jazz, blues, afro beats, and rock music. Understanding each one and knowing examples will help students choose the right argument. Some topics include;

  1. Evolution of rock music in comparison with rap music.
  2. What is behind the various instruments and their history in creating a particular genre of music?
  3. How the merging of societies and cultures influence native music.
  4. Reasons why rock music was used in the cinemas for long periods instead of another genre.
  5. The effect of globalization on pop and jazz music.
  6. The prominence of jazz music in the US over a short time.
  7. How black women fought and argued over social injustice through jazz music.
  8. Does jazz music celebrate black culture or glorify oppression?
  9. Women or men – who have played more roles in the development of classical music?
  10. The prominence of rap music in the present generation. Result of depreciated quality of music or evolution?

Music History Topics

Music contains a broad history, with studies on performance, composition, reception, and quality over time. The history of music is usually intertwined with the composer’s life and development of the particular genre they create. Some music history topics include;

  1. History of pop music in America in the 20th century.
  2. Musical styles of England in the 21st century.
  3. The history of afro-beat and their development across West Africa and the rest of the world.
  4. Historical performance of music: the study of Beethoven’s works.
  5. History of Jazz and its development in the United States.
  6. Music in Ancient cultures: Native music
  7. The role of women in music development
  8. History of classical music
  9. Different types of music in the 19th century
  10. Important of renaissance music in history.

Hip Hop Research Paper Topics

Present-day hip-hop music developed its culture and lyrical pattern. The style has evolved and gotten more refined and flexible over the years. Going into its history, many facets inspired it to what it has become today. Some hip hop research paper topics include;

  1. The history and structure of hip hop music
  2. Hip hop and its ties with poetry
  3. Hip hop culture and fashion today
  4. Old school vs. new school hip hop
  5. Rap and hip hop culture
  6. Violence in rap and hip hop
  7. The evolution of hip hop and rap music
  8. The positives and negatives of hip hop and its culture
  9. Bland misogyny in hip hop music lyrics
  10. The role of hip hop in white and black cultures

Jazz Research Paper Topics

Jazz has a rich history in black culture and black liberation and its development led to major cultural shifts across the world. This music genre is refined and is deep-rooted in black history. It is music for the soul. Here are some jazz research paper topics;

  1. What is jazz music? An explanatory approach to its culture and relevance.
  2. History of jazz music.
  3. Jazz music and pop culture
  4. Jazz music and its listeners: Who listens to modern jazz?
  5. Why 1959 was a turning point in the history of jazz?
  6. The significance of jazz on the civil rights movement
  7. The history of jazz dances in America
  8. Some of the best jazz musicians of the 20th century
  9. Development of jazz music into the post-modern era.
  10. A study and review of the different dimensions of jazz.

Music Appreciation Research Paper Topics

Research topics on music appreciation mainly look into the reception and criticism of a given piece of music. This is achieved while examining vital music facets such as rhythm, performance, melody, and instrumentation. Here are some good examples of music appreciation research paper topics.

  1. The best generations of music
  2. The greatest musical icon: the life and times of Michael Jackson
  3. Music appreciation in the 21st century
  4. Music philosophy and its value
  5. Notable mentions in music evolution
  6. The theory of music and its importance
  7. The unique and different eras of music
  8. Music and its welcomed effect on the brain
  9. Music in different continents
  10. The love for opera

Music Education Research Topics

Music education is integral and important to enlightening younger generations about musical history, culture, evolution, and present significance to society. Without music to decorate our lives, time is just a dull passage of raw emotions and existence. Music knowledge and understanding is vital, and it affects our culture and way of life. Here are some music education research topics;

  1. Scope of music therapy
  2. The role of music in political movements
  3. Music and society
  4. Music business and management
  5. Functions of music therapy relating to intellectual improvement
  6. Significance of music education
  7. Contemporary music and its controversies
  8. Music and human emotion
  9. Technology and the evolution of music production
  10. The birth and prominence of music videos

Pop Culture Research Paper Topics

Pop culture comprises numerous categories, including music, fashion, social media, television, language, and many more. It has gradually become an integral facet of our society. It has its perks and criticisms, but it is here to stay and makes our lives a lot more interesting. Some noteworthy pop culture research paper topics are;

  1. What makes pop culture popular?
  2. Is pop culture bad or good for the present society?
  3. Does pop culture disrupt moral values?
  4. Modern technology and its effects on pop culture
  5. How does American pop culture affect the global economy?
  6. Technology and ethical issues in pop culture
  7. Pop culture and its educational benefits
  8. How is humanity’s development expressed in pop culture?
  9. Is it necessary to study pop culture?
  10. Pop culture and its demerits to the society

Rap Topics Ideas

Rap has become a mainstay in our music genre today. After its rocky start, it has fully become integrated into our music culture and lifestyle. Rap is an expression of life situations, love, religion, family, and who we are. Some rap topics ideas include;

  1. Rhythm and melody
  2. The art of flow and rhyme in rap
  3. Rap dimensions: tone and delivery
  4. Evolution and history of rap music
  5. The negatives and positives of rap music
  6. Contemporary rap music
  7. The role of rap music in black communities
  8. Does rap incite and encourage black violence?
  9. The history and origin of rap
  10. Rap as a means of expression

Fun Music Topics

Music will always be an exemplary form of self-expression and art. Over the years, it has progressed and transformed through various dynamics. Today, at least a hundred music genres out there are fun and beautiful in their diversity. There are many fun music topics, and some of them include:

  1. How music helps fight stress and psychological problems
  2. The most iconic musical instruments for creating music
  3. Which music inspires you and why?
  4. Music in the 21st century
  5. The most common and popular type of music
  6. Reflection of social issues in music
  7. A couple of reasons to listen to music
  8. What differentiates good music from bad music?
  9. Different dimensions of music
  10. Imagining a non-music world.

What Next?

After selecting the best research topic about music, the next step is writing your paper. This task is even more monumental than selecting the topic. Here, you need to craft an outline, have impeccable writing skills, and complete your task within the stipulated timelines. Is this too much? If you find it a challenge to write your paper, the best option is seeking writing help. The assistance is provided by affordable writing experts who understand how to create a good music thesis statement and have an impressive experience to craft winning papers. Do you want assurance of high grades? If “yes,” it is time to work with experts!

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