How To Write An Incredible Tentative Thesis (Simply)

Tentative thesis

If asked, any scholar would tell you how crucial and essential a thesis is to their research life at campus or college. Elaborate research comes with years and months of intense data collection. The researcher gives his all from the selection of the research topic, methodologies, and final findings. However, challenges may arise on the way forcing the researcher to realign some aspects of the project. Does it mean that all the previous work will be rendered futile?


There is light at the end of the tunnel. And what is this light? A tentative thesis. So, what is the definition of a tentative thesis?

Working Definition Of Tentative Thesis

Now, let’s picture the Eiffel Tower in Paris standing on its own without pillars to support it. Will it be able to stand? I guess it collapsed the second you started picturing it. What’s my point here?

A tentative thesis can is similar to the pillars that support all the weight of the article. In other words, it is like the skeleton of the material without which the flesh would come crumbling down any minute.

One can also define a tentative thesis as the pilot of the research paper whose main argument is solely the responsibility of you, the writer. The writer should, therefore, articulate it in an organized manner that is analyzed and reviewed befitting the related topic.

Many students find it hard to intertwine between the objectives of the tentative thesis to the purpose of the research paper. It thus explains why they opt for the tentative thesis examples to act as their guiding principle.

Steps to Writing a Tentative Thesis

As a newbie in the kitchen, I found it hard when it came to boiling rice. I would first place the dry rice in the cooking pan and wait for some minutes before adding in the water. You see, I would end up with burnt rice because of following the wrong steps.

So, to avoid having a “burnt” tentative thesis like my rice, here are some simple steps you can follow:

1. Identify gaps

Almost all topics have been researched, and some scholarly articles or books written on the same. But the fact is there is no monopoly of ideas, and some niches are not adequately covered as they should.

You can only come to such a conclusion by reading publications already at hand. Group discussions can also enable you to brainstorm on various topics that you can cover in your research.

2. What?

Yes, you read that right. It represents the question that you intend to tackle in your research project. From the first step, you will be able to identify a specific niche of the problem that you will be able to handle and present solutions to it.

Your thesis answers the question. Remember to create an item that you will be able to cover efficiently, not one that will leave you hanging on the way like a bounced date.

3. Answer the What

Let every detail that will be useful in answering the question be presented clearly and concisely. The reader should be able to see a connection between your items and the answers you present.

The answer should be as loud and clear as the “I do” in a wedding ceremony in the presence of many witnesses.

Crucial Elements of a Good Tentative Thesis

Even though a tentative thesis is not the final document, there is a need for it to be clear and precise. It will save you a great deal when writing the final dissertation.

A good tentative thesis should, therefore:

  • Be as short as possible
  • Follow the right writing style such as APA, MLA, and Chicago
  • Be in the introduction paragraph
  • Relate with the evidence provided
  • Have originality

A good tentative thesis should, therefore, be one that handles the question in a well-articulated, easy to follow manner.

Outline of a Tentative Thesis

After you have done your homework well according to the discussions above, it is now time to put it down in writing. A tentative outline is crucial in ensuring that your ideas e presented in the required format.

The structure of a tentative thesis is as follows:


It should be appealing and adequately cover the purpose of the assignment at hand. The background and thesis statements should appear in the presentation.


The body contains the main points and supporting ideas. Ensure that the evidence sufficiently explains or covers the questions raised.

A lot of caution is necessary when writing the body as it determines whether the reader will be convinced or not.


The conclusion refers to the thesis statement in the introduction. The writer gives a summary of the discussions made in the body without bringing in any new ideas.

Like all other essays, a writer can give his or her final comments in this section.

Writing Tentative Thesis Or Getting Help With It?

The tentative thesis mirrors the last thesis statement. Hence, you should ensure a strong foundation by having an interim concrete dissertation that will be able to withstand the storms on the way. Remember, we said it could take years to write a thesis.

Begin your adventure towards improving your tentative thesis writing skills today!

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