50 Best Nutrition Research Topics to Write About

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One of the first hurdles that students face when conducting a research project is coming up with a list of topics in nutrition that are original, interesting, and manageable. This list of 50 nutrition paper topics was compiled by our writing experts and is perfect for a variety of assignment types.

Nutrition Research Topics for Junior High School

This collection of nutrition essay topics is great for short junior high school projects. They challenge students to conduct research without being too much to handle:

  1. Are our junior high and high school students getting enough protein from school cafeteria meals?
  2. How much does poor nutrition lead to high obesity levels for children from lower-income families?
  3. How important are vitamins to the proper development of children aged 12 and younger?
  4. What are some of the habits of healthy eating that junior high schools need to develop to pave the way for nutrition improvement?
  5. What is the nutritional value of foods that are considered to be traditional in the United States?

Current Topics in Nutrition for High School

Five current nutrition topics ideal for students in high school taking health courses or looking to pursue a career in nutrition:

  1. Why is it important for people to know their individual health histories to eat healthily?
  2. Does a current shift in healthy eating lead to long-term positive effects?
  3. If you were allowed to create your healthy nutrition program, what would it include?
  4. Do students consume the appropriate level of water per day or are they falling below healthy levels?
  5. Are child obesity rates higher in the U.S. than in other parts of the world?

Nutrition Topics for Research at the College Level

These nutrition research topics for college students pursuing a post-graduate career in health and nutrition:

  1. Does healthy eating affect your mood in positive ways or do you feel the same?
  2. Considering all the healthy options that exist in first-world countries, why don’t people adopt a healthy lifestyle?
  3. In what ways does a parent’s nutritional lifestyle affect the way his or her kid(s) lifestyle?
  4. Do you think it is possible to transition from a meat-protein-based diet to a vegan-protein-based one?
  5. How often should college students indulge in treats as a form of reward for hard work?

Hot Topics in Nutrition and Healthy Dieting

Five nutrition hot topics that will inspire you to conduct a great research project on healthy dieting and living through proper nutrition:

  1. How many meals should a person eat per day to achieve optimal health?
  2. What evidence exists to back-up claims that healthy eating affects overall wellness in adults?
  3. How does healthy eating impact a professional athlete’s ability to perform in his or her profession?
  4. How does the U.S. nutritional diet compare to that of other first-world countries?
  5. Is it really important for people to hydrate with water versus sports drinks?

Nutrition Topics to Write About

Need nutrition topics for presentation? We’ve got you covered with these 5 great ideas that are sure to impress any audience:

  1. Nutrition versus exercise: which strategy is better for optimum health?
  2. How does a person increase the level of exercise when they are on a diet and getting fewer calories?
  3. In a self-evaluation, do you feel you meet the standards of a healthy nutritional lifestyle?
  4. How important is nutrient to overall wellness in adults over 40 years old?
  5. Do you feel you have the option to select healthy or unhealthy foods each day?

Highly Controversial Topics in Nutrition

The following controversial nutrition topics can be used at both the high school and college levels and can be applied for short or long writing projects:

  1. How dangerous are diets that are high in sugar compared to other diets that are low in sugar content?
  2. Are infants at greater risk of becoming obese when consuming certain brands of infant formulas?
  3. What is the biggest reason that fast food restaurants do not add healthier meal options for patrons?
  4. How dangerous is binge eating and how does it lead to long-term health problems?
  5. Is coffee bad for your health?

Top Trending Nutrition Topics for 2022

This is a list of the top 5 trending topics on the subject of nutrition for 2022. Use them as-is or modify them to fit your interests:

  1. What do patients who have been diagnosed with Gout or other types of arthritis have to deal with nutritionally to stay healthy and reduce the number of painful flare-ups per year?
  2. When it comes to properties that can fight cancer, which foods have been scientifically proven to be the best?
  3. Women’s health is greatly affected by the foods they eat throughout their lives. Which foods are the most dangerous?
  4. Why should children aged 2 – 5 eat healthier to promote a long-term lifestyle of health?
  5. Are carbohydrate deprivation diets effective ways for teenagers to lose weight?

Excellent Sports Nutrition Topics

These hot nutrition topics have been highly debated in the sports world in the past year and are relevant for 2020 as more research and evidence come to light:

  1. Should parents take a more active role in their children’s athletic diets at school?
  2. Should college universities take more effective steps toward introducing healthy diets for their student-athletes?
  3. Are vegans and vegetarian athletes at greater risk of developing health problems?
  4. Should athletes try to avoid fats (including healthy fats) to cut weight?
  5. How effective is the “moderation” diet in keeping athletes at competitive health levels?

Topics in Clinical Nutrition

These nutrition topics for college students are ideal for research papers of 10 or more pages and are sure to garner much attention from even the toughest professors:

  1. What research is there to support the belief that aggressive and argumentative behavior can be influenced by poor nutrition?
  2. Are vitamins and supplements adequate at replacing important nutrients from a healthy diet?
  3. Do people eat enough vitamins known to be essential to a healthy lifestyle?
  4. Should all fast-food restaurants be held to the recommended standards of a healthy diet in the U.S.?
  5. How many times per month should people eat alternative or unnatural foods?

Popular Nutrition Topics

The following interesting nutrition topics are great for short papers (about 5 – 8 pages max) and require just a few hours of research time at your local and school libraries:

  1. Should the United States take a proactive approach in rationing foods it considers unhealthy?
  2. What are the most common ingredients in foods that have the greatest health risk for people?
  3. Do you think it would be wise to limit advertisements from companies that sell unhealthy meals?
  4. Should restaurants be required to provide detailed nutritional information on all their menu items?
  5. If people were educated on the actual nutritional value of common food items, would they choose to eat healthier?

For more nutrition-related topics contact our medical thesis writers who can customize a list of nutrition research paper topics to suit your assignment needs. Give us a call, email, or chat with us today to get your nutrition topics within a few hours.

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