Top 50 Marketing Topics For Your Thesis

marketing topics

Marketing is an essential sphere of the modern world and is, therefore, subject to intense research. The good news for researchers is that with this flood of data, writing a research paper should be easier. The bad news, however, is that with so much data, decision making may not be so straightforward. Therefore, you have to choose the right marketing topics among this many options.

Choosing marketing topics for your research may put you in a somewhat confusing situation. Although they are difficult to find, they needn’t be! Hence, this article focuses on hot marketing topics to write about. With our list of hot topics in marketing, you’ll have no doubt as to where to focus and what topics to choose.

From marketing paper topics to marketing blog topics, we have got you covered! Here are 50 marketing topics just for you!

Best Marketing Research Topics

Are you into any kind of marketing research, or do you need some marketing essay topics for a college assignment? Then relax! We refuse to leave you out in the dark. With our marketing topics for research, you’ll be on top of your game. No bluffing – these marketing topics for research paper spans across all forms of education. What do I mean? These marketing topics cover some marketing thesis topics, marketing dissertation topics, and marketing research topics for college students! Also, you can easily get qualified marketing thesis help from our experts. Are you ready for the list of marketing research topics? Let’s delve right in!

  1. How Internet Marketing Affect Pharmaceutical Marketing And Ethics.
  2. Gender And Its Effect On Buying Decision.
  3. Factors That Influence Impulsive Buying And How Brands Exploit Them
  4. How the Brand Extension Affects Brand Personality.
  5. Black Friday Sales: How Companies Use And Benefit From These Sales.
  6. Direct Marketing Strategies: Are Consumers Immune To Its Effect?

Social Media Marketing Topics

Social media marketing is no longer a new marketing concept. Many companies now use diverse social media platforms for marketing their brands and influencing people into getting hooked on their products or services. Here are some social media marketing topics that many companies will find interesting.

  1. How To Pick The Right Social Media Platforms For Your Business.
  2. Effective Communication Of Brand Image Via Social Media Marketing.
  3. Snapchat: Can This Platform Help Small Businesses Grow?
  4. Instagram: How Customers Perceive Brands Who Advertise On This Platform.
  5. What Makes People Want To Share Content To Their Friends?
  6. How Does Social Media Advertising Impact Consumer Behavior?

Sports Marketing Topics

Sports marketing is a trendy type of marketing. Here are some sport marketing research topics you should consider.

  1. A Critical Analysis Of The Effect Of Traditional Advertising On Ticket Purchases.
  2. A Study Of How Football Teams Use Social Media Platforms (Twitter) To Gain The Loyalty Of Their Fans.
  3. Olympics: A Comparative Study Of The Trends In The Market Of The Host Country, And Growth Ratio.
  4. Women In Sports: The Effect Of Female Athletes On The Brand Loyalty Of Sports Goods Consumers?
  5. A Study On How Small And Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Can Support Sports Marketing.

International Marketing Topics

Marketing is one of the strings that hold the modern world together. Here are some international marketing topics that will dig deeper into global marketing and interest most readers.

  1. Comparative Analysis Of International And Local Brands
  2. How Companies Create Brand Awareness Via International Event Marketing.
  3. How Manufacturers Can Market Their Products Internationally.
  4. A Critical Acritical Of The Steps To Magnificent Multilingual Marketing Campaign.
  5. A Study On How Businesses Can Be Successful At Localization.

Content Marketing Topics

Although most brands use content marketing, many are not good at it because it makes your business vulnerable. Marketers put their thoughts and ideas on the line hoping to see a good response. Here are some content marketing topics to help you study brands that got their content marketing right!

  1. Why Coca-Cola’s “Share A Coke” Campaign Was A Huge Success.
  2. A Study Of The Make-a-wish Batkid Campaign.
  3. The Idea Behind Hootsuite’s Game Of Social Thrones Video.
  4. How Velcro Made The Boring Fascinating.
  5. How To Companies Like Okay Use Influence To Spread Powerful Messages.

Controversial Marketing Topics

Controversial marketing puts brands in the spotlight. These ads do pay off! Here are some controversial marketing topics for brands that made famous controversial marketing ads.

  1. A Study On How Nike’s “Believe In Something” Ad Increased Their Stocks Prices.
  2. Why Burger King’s “Whopper Neutrality” Got Millions Of Views.
  3. Why Weight Watchers’ Partnership With DJ Khaled Increased Their Success.
  4. Why Gillette’s “We Believe: The Best Men Can Be” Was A Controversial Ad.
  5. How The Timing Of The Anheuser-Busch’s “Born The Hard Way” Ad Made It Controversial.

Digital Marketing Topics

Digital marketing is rapidly growing, influencing millions of people across the world. Here are five digital marketing topics and digital marketing blog topics you should consider.

  1. Search Engine Marketing: Critical Analysis Of Visual Keyword Tools.
  2. Traditional Marketing Versus Digital Marketing: An Analytical Comparison.
  3. ROI For Various Digital Marketing Strategies
  4. Targeted Marketing: Facebook Analytics.
  5. Coupon Code: Customer Preferences On These Promotional Activities.

Marketing Presentation Topics

Need to give a presentation on marketing? These five marketing presentation topics will enthrall your listeners!

  1. How To Use The Blue Ocean Strategy
  2. Fundamentals Of Marketing Management.
  3. Digital And Social Media Marketing.
  4. How To Effectively Manage Customer Service.
  5. Essential Creative Thinking Skills All Marketing Managers Should Have.

Marketing Plan Topics

Starting a business without a marketing plan could be suicidal. These marketing plan topics will help you preach the importance and place of marketing plans in the business world.

  1. Why a Marketing Plan is a Crucial Aspect When Launching Your Business or Product.
  2. Why you should have a strong marketing plan before launching your business.
  3. How to build a tactical marketing plan
  4. Marketing Strategy versus marketing plan: The differences.

Trending Marketing Topics

Trends! Trends! Trends! Here are some trending marketing topics that almost everyone will find interesting!

  1. The Era of Fake News: Why and How Marketing leaders should protect their brands.
  2. How to Improve Your Martech Stack Effectiveness.
  3. Why you should redesign your Websites to do what customers want.
  4. Why we should pay attention to artificial intelligence.

So here we are! 50 marketing topics! Make your pick of the marketing topics you find workable or check out our business topics. Good luck with your work!

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