100 Interesting Physics Topics For Research Paper In 2023

physics topics

Searching for a topic in physics can be one of the more difficult challenges for students at any level. Teachers and professors want their students to research and write something original. They also want students to challenge themselves by pushing the envelope and studying new areas in the field. This can be overwhelming for students and trying to come up with even a handful of physics topics might seem an impossible task.

Choosing Physics Topics For a Project

A good physics research topic should be broad enough to let you find plenty of material to answer all of the important questions. It should, however, also be narrow enough to fit within the parameters of your assignment. We can help you with that. Check out our list of physics topics that cover a wide range of areas within the field:

Physics Research Paper Topics for High School

  • How much are solar panels affected by dust?
  • What is the discharge amount from a pinhole on a water bottle?
  • Is time travel adequately explained in literature?
  • Why do some carpets have more static buildup?
  • How is light impacted when cast through a sugar solution?

More Topics in Physics High School

  • What is the effect of light on degradable materials?
  • How strong is the silk produced by a silkworm?
  • Which truss design bridge supports the most weight?
  • How much weight can nylon fishing lines maintain?
  • How much weight can human hair maintain?

Five Cool Physics Topics to Do Quickly

  • How strong is human hair of different thicknesses?
  • Can eggs withstand more force from certain directions or angles?
  • Can a metal pendulum accurately predict the sex of a chicken?
  • What factors impact the heat capacity of different saltwater concentrations?
  • How are projectile miniature rockets affected by temperature?

Physics Research Topics for College

  • What are the mechanics of a perpetual clock?
  • How does circular motion impact the rotation of various spheres?
  • What are the components and nature of various atoms?
  • How does weather affect gravity in falling objects?
  • What role does physics play in the health care industry?

Physics Topics for Paper Graduate School

  • What are the primary characteristics of the laws of motion?
  • What are the major principles of Lorentz force law in relation to electromagnetism?
  • How will quantum computing impact the physics of the 2020s?
  • Will gravitational waves prove that Einstein’s theories are incorrect?
  • How does rotational motion work when using different types of torque?

Special Topics in Calamity Physics

  • How are calamity physics different from chaos theory?
  • Do the concepts in Calamity Physics reflect reality?
  • How do physic professionals view the opinions in Calamity Physics?
  • Can Calamity Physics become a legitimate area of study?
  • Where did the author of Calamity Physics get her ideas from?

Physics IA Topics Ideas for Studying

  • What effect does temperature have on the speed of sound in a solid?
  • What impact does sugar have on water’s refractive index?
  • How does temperature influence the flight pattern of an item when fired?
  • In what ways does shade affect a solar panel’s power output?
  • How does the shape of a football affect its flight pattern?

Interesting Physics Topics for All

  • Are floating cities a reality in light of rising water levels?
  • Why was the 2020 Christmas Star such a rare phenomenon?
  • What impact will the development of superconductors have on physics?
  • How will the study of exotic materials be affected by superconductors?
  • Will new discoveries in physics lead to new green technologies?

AP Physics Topics for High School

  • How does one measure motion utilizing position-time charts?
  • How is a ball’s motion on its way down a mirror image of its upward motion?
  • How does one measure motion utilizing velocity-time charts?
  • What are the major principles of electrostatics?
  • Howe do simple pendulums and mass-spring systems work?

SAT Physics Topics Ideas for Studying

  • How do airplanes gather wing lift?
  • How does one measure the molecular sizes of various gases?
  • How do gravity and wind resistance affect the arc of a ball thrown in the air?
  • What patterns can be observed in an experiment involving paper airplane flights?
  • In what ways is an object in free fall affected by gravity acceleration?

Physics GRE Topics for Studying

  • How do magnetic fields in free space react to outside forces?
  • What are the major components of optics and wave phenomena?
  • How is a balloon’s surface area affective by weather?
  • How does sound travel in different environments?
  • What is the audible range of a human being?

MCAT Physics Topics Ideas for Studying

  • Understand the characteristics of average speed and velocity.
  • Understand how dimensions (distance and time) work in the Universe.
  • Explain what Newton’s first, second, and third laws state.
  • What is the law of Gravitation and what does it mean for the Earth’s physics?
  • How do weight and mass differ in the construction of buildings?

Five Fun Physics Topics to Do Quickly

  • How does kinetic energy help athletes improve performance?
  • How does caloric intake affect the energy humans generate?
  • What is the most effective way of optimizing a bottle rocket?
  • What is the difference between potential energy and kinetic energy?
  • How does the length and tension of a guitar string effect sound output?

Theoretical Physics Topics for Undergraduates

  • How can our understanding of physics help reduce global warming?
  • Why is physics essential to our society and how has it evolved?
  • What are the major principles of quantum mechanics?
  • What is the relationship between energy consumption and nuclear physics?
  • What are the major factors that affect the trajectory of a rocket going to space? Discover more space topics.

Interesting Modern Physics Topics

  • Why has the concept of cold fusion been contended by researchers?
  • Is cold fusion a legitimate physical science or is it speculative?
  • How can physics play a role in minimizing the effects of global warming?
  • Why have Nobel Prize-winning physicists been contradicted in recent years?
  • How is nanotechnology related to modern physics?

Great Physics Topics for Presentation

  • What are the major principles that make an atomic bomb acts?
  • How have the ideas for space and time explorations changed in the last 50 years?
  • What impact did Galileo have on the world view of physics?
  • What role did atomic particles play in building our universe?
  • Is the Hadron collider capable of starting a black hole?

Physics Regents Topics for Preparation

  • How much energy is expended when you go from walking to running?
  • What makes perpetual motion machines work?
  • What are the factors that affect drag in canoes?
  • What are the differences between conservative forces and potential energy?
  • In what ways is the conservation of energy affected by temperature?

Great Physics Paper Topics for a Short Project

  • What are the best ways to make a catapult with Popsicle sticks?
  • How to make a rudimentary prism at home?
  • What factors affect the rotational speed of a DC motor?
  • What characteristics lay within the concept of pyramid power?
  • How do sailboats convert wind power to move forward?

Good Physics Projects Topics for a Long Project

  • How much energy do solar panels input and output?
  • How much energy do solar panels lose over a day?
  • How did Stephen Hawking impact contemporary physics?
  • What is the difference between centripetal and centrifugal forces?
  • What are the measurement problems within quantum probability?

Physics Essay Topics Related to Everyday Situations

  • How does temperature affect different musical instruments?
  • How do you build a lawn sprinkler using a milk carton?
  • How do you minimize the risk of egg breakage in cartons?
  • Can light affect the shape and size of Jell-O?
  • What does Einstein’s theory of relativity state about our surroundings?

Physics is really hard. We understand this and have committed ourselves to assist students at all levels and dealing with all situations. Our experts have put together these physics topics to help students save some time. We can also help develop custom physics science topics to fit any assignment requirements.

Just give us a call, email us, or send us a message by chat. Our customer service team representatives are available to help with any physics project topics you need. An excellent custom thesis is not a problem for us. We’ll connect you with the most qualified experts and will lighten the burden of the most difficult assignments.

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