80 Space Research Paper Topics: Ideas for Astronomical Grades!

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Why space research? The universe is replete with worlds apart from the planet earth. From our historical ancestors discovering fire to modern man exploring space, inquisitiveness has been vital to the innovation and exploration of our universe, and the survival and advancement of the human species. Space science has become increasingly popular over the years. With the study of outer space and space discoveries piling up by the day, it is essential to be able to write an essay on space. Writing on any topic about space will require that you are abreast of the latest space discoveries.

Writing a space essay would require that you have a working knowledge of other types of essays that we have described in our previous posts. For example, knowing how to write a descriptive essay will help in an article on the study of objects in space, while knowledge of how to write an argumentative essay will come in handy when writing an essay on controversial space topics. If you’re not sure you can do all this on your own, get college thesis writing help.

Coming Up With Great Space Topics

Before writing an article on space study, you need to choose the right space topic. Choosing appropriate space topics is critical to the success of your space essay as the right topic will give you the luxury of a better flow of ideas. For this reason, we have crafted 80 topics about space that will make writing a space essay easy. You can never get bored while working on these interesting space topics because you will learn to explore and study space as you’ve never done before. These 80 cool space topics will come in handy in any space essay you plan to write.

Space Race Topics

Writing a space race essay is an excellent place to start if you want to explore the events that lead to the explosive growth of the space industry. The space race was a competition between the United States and the Soviet Union to attain the capability of space flight from the period of 1955 to 1975. If you’re interested in going back in time to tell these space stories uniquely, these space race topics will surely land you on the moon!

  1. The 1955 Space Race: Its Pros and Cons on the Rival Countries.
  2. The 1955 Space Race: Its Enduring Impact on Modern Space Technology and Travel.
  3. The 1955 Space Race: A Battle for Supremacy.
  4. How the Space Race Transformed America.
  5. The 1955 Space Race: The reason the Soviet Union lost to the USA.

Space Research Topics

Space research has become popular over the last decades. It is an extensive research field that seeks to study outer space scientifically. Research topics about space are relatively easy to find considering the broad research areas, which include: Earth observations, Geodesy, Atmospheric Sciences, Space physics, Planetology, Astronomy, Materials sciences, Life sciences, and Physics. Space research paper topics must stimulate and birth inquiry and answer compelling questions. Are you ready to get on the space shuttle? Here are some space research topics to help you!

  1. 2000 – 2010: A successful Decade in Astronomy?
  2. The Theory of Relativity in Space.
  3. UFOs and Extraterrestrials: Fact or Fiction?
  4. Space Colonization: Reasons, Goals, and Methods.
  5. Big Bang Theory: The Birth of the Universe?

Space Exploration Topics

Space exploration is the investigation of outer space with the use of space technology and astronomy. While the study of space is carried out mainly by astronomers with telescopes, its physical exploration is carried out by both robotic space probes and human spaceflight. Writing a space exploration essay opens your imagination to the wonders of outer space. You sure need to be ready for the unexpected! Here are some space exploration topics to whet your adventurous appetite!

  1. The Need for Continuous Space Exploration.
  2. Space Exploration: Differences between the then and now.
  3. Space Exploration: Its Importance to the Knowledge of the Earth and Universe.
  4. Space Exploration: Operations and Future Exploration Plans.
  5. The Importance of Unmanned Space Exploration.

Space Topics For Presentation

Giving a presentation or seminar on space could be quite dicey. It requires that you can make complex phenomena appeal to the mind of your listeners. To be able to do this, you need to have a considerable amount of knowledge in any of the space science topics that you choose. A tip will be to choose topics that your audience will easily relate to, prepare adequately, and remember that you’re communicating with earthlings. Here are some space topics for a presentation that will earn you the respect of the extraterrestrials!

  1. The Earth and Universe.
  2. Getting the Big Picture from the Study of Dwarf Galaxies.
  3. History of Astronomy: A scientific Overview.
  4. What Exists in Space beyond our Solar Neighborhood.
  5. Future Space Missions: A look into what they should be.

Controversial Space Topics

Something as big as space study does not come without its controversies. Space exploration and travel are not without their risks and benefits. Many believe that robots, instead of humans, should man shuttles for space travel because of the risk space travel poses to humans. Many people also see space study as a sheer waste of time and resources and think it better to channel these vast amounts of money to more critical areas like health and education. All these different views and more, are what make space study a controversial topic. Here are some controversial space topics that will give you a hang of what to discuss in a space-related debate. Some of these topics could also be helpful in a space travel essay.

  1. Space Travel: At the Expense of our Health, Earth, and Future?
  2. Space Travel: A thing for Robots or Humans?
  3. Space Research: A Pointless Adventure and Waste of Resources?
  4. Earth and the Search for Other Habitable Planets.
  5. Science Versus Religion: The Big Bang?

Earth and Space Science Topics

Earth and Space Science or ESS, for short, connects systems by exploring the interrelationships between the land, atmosphere, ocean, and life on Earth. These include the water cycle, carbon cycle, rock cycle, and other materials that continually influence, shape, and sustain the earth. Here are some new earth and space science topics just for you!

  1. The Interactions between Weather and Climate.
  2. The Process of Rock Formation and Erosion.
  3. Plate Tectonics: An In-depth Exploration.
  4. Natural Catastrophes: Its consequence on the Ecosystem.
  5. The Moon and Sun: Effects on Ocean Tides.

Astronomy Research Paper Topics

There are two fields of study in carrying out astronomical research – the observational and theoretical fields of astronomy. Observation primarily deals with the study and monitoring of actual celestial objects in space like stars, planets, moons, and asteroids.

Theoretical dwells more on creating and studying models of astronomy that cannot be observed and haven’t been properly seen. Some astronomy research paper topics include;

  1. What happens during a solar eclipse?
  2. What are the major factors responsible for the solar eclipse?
  3. What should you expect during a lunar eclipse
  4. What lies beyond our visible universe
  5. Light and its dimension in space
  6. The lunar cycle – how does it function?
  7. Understanding solar system, sun, and the planets
  8. What is astrophysics?
  9. What are the different grand unification theories?
  10. The latitude and longitude of the earth.
  11. Fast mode, slow mode, and nonlinear effects

Astronomy Essay Topics

Celestial bodies like the sun, moon, other planets, and relatively closer objects in space are examined and comprehensively written upon under astronomy. Examples of astronomy essay topics include;

  1. How our planet came to exist
  2. How solar flares occur
  3. Our solar system, in broad view
  4. The effect of the moon on our oceans
  5. How stars are born
  6. What are the different types of stars in existence?
  7. Understanding molecular cloud
  8. How does the universe accelerate?
  9. Understanding cosmic acceleration and galaxy cluster growth
  10. Hubble constant and dark energy theories
  11. Formation, evolution, and destruction of clouds in galaxies
  12. What is the meridian and transit circle?

Space Arguable Research Topics

The mystery of what occurs inside a black hole is still up for debate, and so are other astronomical events. These form the bulk of space arguable research topics, which discuss things yet to be fully understood. Some space arguable research topics include;

  1. What is truly beyond the Milky Way?
  2. What is antimatter?
  3. Why does space keep expanding?
  4. How long does it take to travel the space?
  5. The physics behind a black hole.
  6. Is earth the most prominent of all the planets?
  7. How do people who live on other planets survive?
  8. Is Pluto an official planet or not?
  9. Should the journey to Mars be opened to everyone?
  10. What do astronauts eat while in space?
  11. Is Pluto a dwarf planet?
  12. A detailed analysis of the 2012 transit of Venus
  13. What are the best defenses against killer asteroids?
  14. Interplanetary matter and how to relate it to space activities.

Space Science Investigative Essay Topics

Space is so vast and mysterious that there’s a lot to uncover with events to monitor and investigate. Creating agencies like NASA and the first mission to the moon was born out of curiosity about our place in this vast universe. Some space science investigative essay topics you could present include;

  1. How does the sun affect our water bodies?
  2. Where do asteroids come from?
  3. Molecular Cloud: Molecules, Properties, and Distribution
  4. How do solar systems with two stars operate?
  5. Is there an earth-like planet in the nearest solar system?
  6. Would we ever discover aliens?
  7. Conducting exoplanet research
  8. What is interstellar extinction?
  9. What are the essentials needed for space travel?
  10. Beyond this realm – understanding extraterrestrial life.
  11. What is a deep impact mission?
  12. Understanding the structure of the solar chromosphere.
  13. An analysis of the Wilson-Bappu effect
  14. What is a color index?

So here we are! 80 awesome space topics absolutely for free! Hopefully, you’ve got the perfect topic for your assignment or project. Keep shining like the star that you are! If you need more ideas, please check the following graduate project ideas.

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