Anthropology Research Topics And Writing Ideas For Students

anthropology research topics

Writing an anthropology research paper is in a lot of ways similar to writing an argumentative essay in other disciplines. Usually, the significant difference between these essays is how you support your idea. While you may use only literature to prove your point in an argumentative essay, you may need to employ textual proofs from artifacts, ethnographies, etc., in an anthropology essay.

Research in anthropology could be thrilling, particularly if you have many anthropology project ideas. Anthropology studies the evolution of human culture and therefore provides a wide range of anthropology essay topics that spill into history, biology, sociology, etc. Many anthropological research projects borrow from other social sciences. It is easy to feel that overwhelming grip on your chest if you’re unable to choose an anthropology research topic.

How to Write an Anthropology Research Paper

Are you worried because you don’t know how to write an anthropology paper? Writing an anthropology paper could be so much fun if you can nail the basics. It is not as bad as people paint it to be, especially if you get writing help from our professional writers. With the right anthropology paper format, anthropology research topics, and anthropology research paper examples, you’re set to go!

If you’re a big fan of doing lots of things in a short time and with fewer efforts, then you’re in the right place. This guide is full of the tips and skills you need to arrange your ideas properly. It also contains anthropology paper examples, anthropology paper topics, and other life-saving tips you may need. Ready to know how to start an anthropology research paper? Let’s delve right in!

Guide How To Write An Anthropology Research Paper

How do you get started on an anthropology research paper? Below is the most comprehensive list on the internet to get you home and dry in record time!

  1. Review the Assignment Guidelines
  2. Develop a Topic
  3. Outline your Paper
  4. Do some Library Research
  5. Write a Rough Draft
  6. Write the Paper
  7. Edit the Paper

We shall shortly expound on this list to help you better understand them.

  1. Review the Assignment Guidelines: your professor may give you some guidelines to follow. To avoid deviating from the instructor’s expectations, spend some time reviewing your assignment guidelines so that you know the exact things you need to accomplish. For example, confirm if there are any stated anthropology research methods and the likes. It is beneficial to have a writing schedule. If you have a lot of time in your hands before the submission time, spreading out the workload will help to ease some of the stress. If you’re naturally a binge writer, sit at your computer early and bleed!
  2. Develop a Topic: search for some anthropology research paper ideas and choose from the vast array of anthropology research topics available. Select a topic that revolves around a guiding question. This topic should connect on a deeper level to the theme of the course. The length requirement for the paper will help you know if your topic is too big, too small, or just good enough. For a short paper, you may want to focus on a particular culture or event in the context of a broader topic. Ensure that your thesis focuses on anthropology and that it draws from anthropological theories or ideas. Now, do a quick search to confirm if there are scholarly materials available for this topic. It is easier to write a paper with some available references.
  3. Outline your Paper: an outline is significant to the success of any writing. Outlines help create a guide that will make you work more efficiently by organizing your thoughts. A typical outline will look something like this.
    • Title
    • Introduction/Abstract
    • Body
    • Conclusion
    • References
  4. Library Research: now, start the research on your topic, preferably from course materials. A bibliography at the end of a relevant course reading is also a great way to get other related materials. Depending on the requirement of the assignment, feel free to search for other books or articles.
  5. Write a Rough Draft: during your research, endeavor to make proper jottings and references, which will form the rough draft of your essay. A rough draft will help you create dots that you will be able to connect later on.
  6. Write the Paper: the paper should look something like this:
    • Title: Usually on a separate page and contains the abstract.
    • Introduction/Abstract: A short paragraph showing the road map of your thesis.
    • Body: Leverages your thesis and presenting your research in a detailed and logical structure.
    • Conclusion: The conclusion is a short paragraph that summarizes your fundamental theme and substantiates your thesis.
    • References: A citation of the resources you used in your paper. Follow the referencing style which your instructor chooses.
  7. Edit the Paper: you may engage any of your friends to help you go through your essay. Make some final checks such as the length requirement, the format and citation style, spelling and grammatical errors, logical flow of ideas and clarity, substantial support of the claim, etc. Once you edit your paper, turn it in and accept an A+!

The Excellent List Of 110 Anthropology Research Paper Topics

Without further ado, here are 110 anthropology research paper topics for free! With 18 topics each from the six main subcategories of anthropology, you can’t get it wrong!

Physical Anthropology Research Paper Topics

  1. Eugenics — its merits and demerits in the 21st-century world.
  2. Human Origin: Comparing the creationist versus evolutionist views on the origin of man.
  3. Ancient Egypt: The preservation of their dead and underlying beliefs.
  4. Homo habilis: Investigating Contemporary facts supporting their past existence.
  5. Drowning: Clarifying the cause of drowning by examining the physical and anatomical evidence.
  6. Smoking and its effects on the physical appearance of humans over decades of indulgence.
  7. Physical labor: Exploring its long-term impact on the physical appearance of humans.
  8. The relationship of Kyphosis with human senescence.
  9. Aging in Western Culture.
  10. Skin color: Exploring the influence of the environment on human skin color across continents.
  11. Species and language: Focus on ways species evolve across the world and ways language acquisition affects and influences culture.
  12. Abiogenesis: Research about abiogenesis and how it affects human development
  13. Animal stability: How captive animals are different from those that live in the wild.
  14. Henry Walter: The ways Henry Walter contributed to the field of physical anthropology.
  15. Cephalization: The process of cephalization and what it entails.
  16. Genotype: The environment correlation study.
  17. Genetics: What does genetic hijacking mean?
  18. Altruism: Do people learn altruism or it is an acquired state.

Medical Anthropology Research Paper Topics

  1. Applying the Concepts of Ethnozoology in medicine.
  2. Critically Assessing the fundamental posits of critical medical anthropology (CMA).
  3. The 2014 Ebola virus outbreak in Africa: Evaluating the success of control interventions.
  4. Exploring the applications of Ethnobotany in medicine.
  5. Nuclear disaster: A research into the life of survivors of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster of 1986.
  6. HIV/AIDS: The reasons for prevalent societal infamy and the way forward.
  7. HIV/AIDS epidemic in Europe: Exploring the roles of commercial sex workers in the spread of the disease.
  8. Alternative medicine in China: A comparative review of its weaknesses and possible strengths in the light of Orthodox medicine.
  9. HIV/AIDS in Africa: A critical assessment of extensively troubled nations and populations.
  10. Depression in South-East Asia: Sheer social noise or severe threat?
  11. Adult’s onset diabetes: Research on how diabetes is a major health issue in aboriginal populations in The U.S and Canada.
  12. ARV rollout: The role of the ARV rollout and campaigns in Africa.
  13. Sexual diversity in Africa: Research on whether sexual diversity in Africa is being taken into account to help fight against AIDS.
  14. Chemicals and radiation waste: How the radiation waste and chemicals in the air are affecting people.
  15. Mercury poisoning: The effects of Mercury poisoning in Minamata, Japan, and the measures to help put the situation under control.
  16. Health: The health ramifications of adapting to ecology and maladaptation.
  17. Health: Domestic healthcare and health culture practices
  18. Clinic: Clinical interactions in social organizations.

Cultural Anthropology Research Paper Ideas

  1. Eugenics — its merits and demerits in the 21st-century world.
  2. Human Origin: Comparing the creationist versus evolutionist views on the origin of man.
  3. Ancient Egypt: The preservation of their dead and underlying beliefs.
  4. Homo habilis: Investigating Contemporary facts supporting their past existence.
  5. Drowning: Clarifying the cause of drowning by examining the physical and anatomical evidence.
  6. Smoking and its effects on the physical appearance of humans over decades of indulgence.
  7. Physical labor: Exploring its long-term impact on the physical appearance of humans.
  8. The relationship of Kyphosis with human senescence.
  9. Aging in Western Culture.
  10. Skin color: Exploring the influence of the environment on human skin color across continents.
  11. Growth: Difference between growth and development.
  12. Engineering: Genetic engineering and what it entails.
  13. Marriage: Marriage rituals in different cultures.
  14. Magic: Belief in magic and the supernatural.
  15. Mythologies: The effects it has on modern culture.
  16. Anthropology: How to use anthropology as forensic science.
  17. Heroes: Studies of heroes in different societies.
  18. Education: How education differs around the world.

Best Cultural Anthropology Essay Topics

Cultural anthropology discusses human societies and their cultural origin, vacation, history, and development. Here is a look at cultural Anthropology topics:

  1. Women in Africa: The various challenging roles that women in Modern Africa play and how they handle it.
  2. Homelessness: How homelessness affects and influences the culture and social landscapes.
  3. India: Methods and measures that India is taking to deal with the issue of homelessness and measures they have put in place to deal with social landscapers.
  4. Political science: Highlight and discuss the link between cultural anthropology and political science.
  5. Superstition: Research ways that superstition affects the way of life.
  6. Sexual discrimination: The evolution of sexual discrimination and its effects in modern times.
  7. African cultures: Investigating how different religions and beliefs impact African culture.
  8. Northern Nigeria: How the basic religious beliefs that influence forced nuptials among the children in North Nigeria.
  9. Gay marriage: The background on gay marriage and how it influences the cultural and social backgrounds.
  10. Racism: Explain racism and its existence in modern times.
  11. Religious practices: Ways how religious practices and beliefs affect culture.
  12. Culture shock: What it is and ways that people can work through it.
  13. Ethnocentrism: Ways that you can use to minimize it.
  14. Ancestors: A view of ancestors in African culture.
  15. Religion: Religious practices in a particular society.
  16. Culture: About the Rabari culture in India
  17. Definition of culture
  18. How culture anthropology links to political science

Biological Anthropology Research Paper Topics

  1. Alcoholism: Looking into the socio-economic and cultural history in Eastern Europe.
  2. Assessing the effects of radioactivity on populations affected by the nuclear disaster of 2011 in Fukushima Daiichi.
  3. Gay marriage: Exploring the biological aspects of same-sex weddings in North America.
  4. Minamata disease: A critical look into the origin, populations affected, and transgenerational impact of this disease on Japan.
  5. Asthma disease in Yokkaichi: A critical look into the cause, people affected, and transgenerational effect on Japan.
  6. Itai-Itai disease: A critical look into the cause, populations affected, and transgenerational effect on Japan.
  7. Nuclear bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki: An investigation of the transgenerational effects on the health of affected victims to this present time.
  8. Cocaine use in America: A critical look into the health impact on American cocaine users.
  9. Making Marijuana use legal in America: Possible woes and beneficial outcomes.
  10. Cystic fibrosis: Justifications for its preponderance in white populations in America.
  11. Biological Anthropology: Research on the meaning and definition of biological Anthropology and how it influences different fields.
  12. Paleoanthropology: Explore ways Paleoanthropology uses fossil records to draw biological anthropology compassion and conclusions regarding human evolution.
  13. Human social structures: Explain the development of human social structures using biological anthropology.
  14. Biological anthropologies: Research on some primary geographical locations where biological anthropologies used to research their work.
  15. Human language: Research how biological anthropology helped in the development of human language and communication.
  16. Body projects: The changes and the valued attributes.
  17. Political ecology: The Vector-borne and infectious disease.
  18. Clinical Interactions: What are clinical interaction and social organization?

Forensic Anthropology Research Paper Ideas

  1. Radioactive Carbon dating: A critical assessment of the accuracy of this dating technique.
  2. Human Origin: Pieces of evidential support for Creationist and Evolutionist views on the origin of man.
  3. Assessing the accuracy of DNA evidence testing and matching on criminology.
  4. Neanderthals: Exploring environmental influences and migratory paths on their survival and appearance.
  5. Dating Techniques: A critical review of current archaeological dating techniques.
  6. Ancient Egypt Mummification: A critical look at the effectiveness of the methods used.
  7. Nuclear disaster: A research into the impact of radioactivity on life forms due to the atomic catastrophe Chernobyl in 1986.
  8. A critical look into recent evidence supporting the existence of Homo habilis in the past.
  9. Crime Scene Forensics: Recent advances in the detection of crime.
  10. Postmortem Changes: Investigating the primary agents responsible for biological changes in humans.
  11. Criminal procedure: Research a case with a confession scenario and highlight unique features of the case.
  12. Criminal procedure: Do your research on the criminal proceedings in a given area and what makes them effective.
  13. Computer forensic: Ways that the computer forensic help in preserving electronic evidence.
  14. Digital forensic: Research about the history and features of digital forensic.
  15. History: Ways that Israel presents itself as a leader in computer forensics.
  16. Oncology: The latest archaeological dating methods.
  17. DNA: How accurate is DNA evidence in the matching and testing criminology?
  18. Crime detention: The recent improvements of crime detection.

So here we are! Fifty juicy topics that are all eager to wear some flesh! Ready to have an A+? Let’s do it!

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