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There are many issues in society to write about, making social issue essay topics some of the most fun. However, choosing a social topic for an essay isn’t as easy as it sounds, especially when there are several social essay topics. The secret to choosing the best among the many social topics is knowing what makes the best social topics for an essay, the best.

This article will give you workable tips for choosing a great topic on specific social issues, argumentative essay topics, and social topics. We will also throw in 100 topics on social issues; they can serve as your social topic or inspiration for choosing.

What Are Top Tips for Choosing Social Topics to Write About?

When it comes to social problems essay topics, the list is endless; there are so many social issues to talk about. However, not all social problem topics will make a great paper, and the wrong social issue topic can reduce your grade. Below are the top practical tips for choosing social issues topics for presentation.

  • Choose easy social issues to write about – avoid trying to impress your professor by choosing complex social problems topics you can’t do justice to.
  • Choose social problem topics or social media research topics that your audience can relate to and find interesting.
  • When choosing from the myriads of social problems to write about, choose those with sufficient information. Also, you don’t want social problem essay topics you’ll have to walk miles to gather information on.
  • Pick as many good social issues to write about as possible; chances are you will change issues essay topics midway. You don’t have to return to searching for current issues to write about.
  • Source for articles that address problems in society to write about for an idea on how to write yours.

What Characterizes the Best Social Issue Topics?

The “best” social topics, like social commentary essay topics, are those you’re passionate about. It would help if you cared about the social issue ideas you’ve decided to write on to do real justice to the paper. Writing an essay on them will be torture if you don’t care or know anything about social commentary ideas. Also, if your audience is clueless about a particular topic, consider omitting technical and social significance topics.

Social Issue Topics List

Interesting social topics are not hard to find if you know where to look. We will give you a social issues topics list here, but you can still find social issues ideas all over the internet. Find our social topics list below containing interesting and uncommon social issues for a distinction-worthy paper.

Fascinating Research Topics on Social Issues

  1. Feminism
  2. Political polarization
  3. Racism in modern society’s healthcare
  4. Ageism: the new racism?
  5. The fairness of labor laws
  6. Fat-shaming in the corporate world
  7. Recovering addicts and social injustice
  8. Child pornography

Interesting Social Commentary Topics

  1. Prisoner rights violations: the types
  2. Making vaccinations mandatory
  3. Online education impact on obesity
  4. Increasing employment: the solution to poverty?
  5. Accessibility of healthcare in mobile clinics
  6. Women empowerment
  7. Social development in developing countries
  8. Overpopulation: a threat?

Interesting Social Issues on Social Media

  1. How social networks impact friendship
  2. Age restriction on Instagram
  3. Social media effect on dependency
  4. Business Facebook accounts and digital ethics
  5. Cancel culture and mental health
  6. Restricting children from social media
  7. How to stay safe on the internet
  8. Freedom of speech on Twitter

Ideas of Social Issues Essay Topics on Health

  1. High cost of medical procedures
  2. Obesity in developed countries
  3. Abortion: legal or illegal?
  4. Drug addiction
  5. Hospices: should they be free?
  6. Why HIV in seniors remains unrecognized
  7. Dying with dignity
  8. Pro-life movement origins

Socially Significant Topics to Write on

  1. The social acceptance of autism
  2. Effect of malnourishment on children’s psyche
  3. Fad diets
  4. Impact of fad diets
  5. Discrimination against older adults
  6. Acceptability of homeopathic treatment for children
  7. The scarcity of and state of available healthcare facilities in rural areas
  8. Poverty and health problems

Social Issues Research Topics for a Professional Paper on the Environment

  1. Ensuring global access to drinking water
  2. Implementing sustainable technology in agriculture
  3. Benefits of studying the environment
  4. Urban gardening and food security
  5. Deteriorating environment effect on labor conditions
  6. Oxfam
  7. Religion and nature
  8. Global warming impact on South America

Top-Rated Socially Relevant Topics

  1. Effect of racial profiling
  2. Prevalence of hate speech
  3. Discrimination against the LGBT community
  4. Modern feminism: the negative impact on society
  5. Pregnancy termination: morality vs. legality
  6. Food culture
  7. Emotional intelligence: impact on family life
  8. Harmful effects of financial illiteracy

Cool Social Issues to Research On Criminal Justice

  1. The perception of “Defund the police.”
  2. Evidence of structural racism
  3. The internet’s influence on human trafficking
  4. Legalizing prostitution
  5. Civil disobedience goals
  6. The consequences of restoring prisoners to society
  7. Influence of prejudices on criminal justice mechanics
  8. Prominent civil rights violations in developing countries

Social Problem Topics for College Students

  1. Gender blindness
  2. Gender dysphoria
  3. The Khmer Rouge
  4. Social media and racist bias
  5. Justification of human rights limitations during a crisis
  6. How governments can secure freedom of speech
  7. Can satire be harmful?
  8. Protection of stateless persons

Issues in America to Write About

  1. Can illegal immigrants be pardoned?
  2. War on drugs: the negative side effects
  3. The importance of bipartisan cooperation
  4. College loans: are they worth it?
  5. Fake news: a severe problem?
  6. Charter schools vs. public schools
  7. The Great New Deal: pros and cons
  8. Gentrification in America
  9. Ableism effects in the US

Argumentative Essay Topics on Social Issues

  1. Death penalty: a just punishment?
  2. Healthcare: a fundamental human right?
  3. The right to own a gun
  4. Does history repeat itself?
  5. Commercials in kids’ programs
  6. Fiction vs. nonfiction: which is the better read?
  7. Video games should be a sport
  8. Hot dogs: have they caused more harm than good?
  9. Eating dessert before dinner
  10. Homework: is it too much?

Unique Social Issues to Write a Research Paper On

  1. Should gym classes be required?
  2. The essentiality of feminism
  3. Free healthcare for everyone
  4. Exploring space: is it worth it?
  5. Parents’ role in childhood obesity
  6. Woman vs. man: who is more emotional?
  7. The effects of campaign finance reform
  8. Should illegal immigrants be granted residency?


With this list of social topics and others you’ll find on the internet, you can’t be short of social issues to talk about. Choosing the best social issues topics is essential for writing a great research paper,or write dissertation for me ranging from social change topics to social awareness topics. Considering the vast amount of community issues to write about, our tips on choosing from the best social relevance topics will come in handy. If you need professional writing services, you can contact our experts.

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